August 17th, 2008

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Who DOES that?

My boyfriend and I went to a B&N so he could look for a book, and after we found it we decided to go to the cafe to get something yummy to drink. We got in line behind three groups of friends, and a few minutes later some lady gets in line behind us. There are two guys working and, in an effort to speed things up, the guy making the drinks starts asking what people want before they get to the cash register. So after he finishes the order of one group, he asks the group behind them what they wants as the first group is still paying at the register with the other guy. Make sense?

So the group in front of us tells him their order, then a moment later moves up to the cash. He works on the drinks for a sec, peeks out and looks at the line, works on drinks, looks at the line, back and forth a few times. Then he waves at the lady behind my boyfriend and me and asks her what she wants, and to top it off she gives him her order without looking at us.

I say to my boyfriend, "So do you feel like going someplace else? Because I suddenly feel like going somewhere else." We went and paid for the book and left for a Starbucks down the street.

My guy thinks that he was trying to get our attention by peeking around the machines at everyone, but he wasn't trying to catch my eye or anything (I was watching him make the damn drinks, FFS, I would've noticed). I don't think he could've thought we were part of the group in front of us because it was a gaggle of tween girls with a mom, and I don't think he could've thought we were with the lady behind us because she was clearly with another group that was already sitting down. Not to mention that we're lazy looking college students and she was a 30-something businesslady with her co-workers.

Partially I want to complain, but mostly I keep thinking that it must have been an accident because... Why the hell would he intentionally skip one of the groups in line? I mean really? I didn't say anything to the guy 'cause I know I would've ended up saying something nasty and then felt bad about it later-- it was not a good end to an already shitty day.

++Eh, okay, this is an overreaction. It just REALLY got under my skin for some reason (bad day?). I still think it was annoying service, but not enough to be worth complaining about. I realized how silly this complaint was just a little while ago when I went out to dinner and got what was seriously some of the worst service I've ever had. I actually saw the waitress get scolded as we were leaving O_O; So... This suddenly seems pretty stupid. Nevermind me.
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Bad restaurant service

So the husband and I were out shopping, taking advantage of Texas's tax-free weekend, and we decided to get some Japanese food for lunch. We stopped at a new Hibachi & Sushi bar.

We walked in, and the hostess asked if we wanted hibachi or sushi. We were a bit confused, because we had no idea what the menu was like. We figured that it was one or the other, so we said hibachi, since hubby doesn't like sushi. They sat us at a hibachi grill with another couple, and we were handed menus. Upon looking at the menus, we realized that they had other items on the menu, such as noodle dishes and hubby and I decided to order Yakisoba (noodle dish) with sushi on the side for me.

The waiter came back, and upon taking our order, paused.
(Waiter) you aren't getting anything from the hibachi?
(Me) Well...we didn't know there were other things, so no. We can move if you'd like =D
(Waiter)'s okay.
(Me) Are you sure? We don't mind.
(Waiter) No, it's cool. *walks off*

So all is good, we thought. We sat for a while, and suddenly a young lady came over.
(Lady) I'm sorry, but you can only sit here if you're having hibachi. We have to move you.
(Me and Hubby) *shrug* Okay-
(Hostess/Manager) *runs over* Oh, no, they can sit here JUST THIS TIME...but next time, they have to sit somewhere else.
(Lady) *looks confused*
(Me) *ditto* Uh...Really, we can move if you need us to.
(Hostess/Manager) NO NO, IT'S FINE =D =D

Okay, so now we're mildly annoyed, but no biggie. We then begin to notice that our waiter is COMPLETELY ignoring us. He walks by us and helps others, but not us. Then, when our food arrives, he has completely forgotten my husband's side of rice. We finish our meal without him showing up even once, until he brings the bill.

...The side of rice is on the bill. Husband walks up to the hostess/manager, and she takes the bill from him.

About 15 minutes later...

(Waiter) *thrusts bill at husband* Here you go. *walks away*
(Husband) ....

No "sorry about that" or anything. Just...dropped the bill and walked off.

We have never been to a place and not left a tip, but this time, we did. We were ignored, and we have a feeling it was all because we apparently took up precious hibachi space DESPITE offering to move THREE TIMES. We will never go back.

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These are from work - bad service from one of our contractors. Just for a bit of background, I work in hospital security. We have devices called card readers set up at a lot of doors throughout the hospital. Every employee has a badge with an access card - the access cards get programmed for what doors an employee is allowed access through, and the readers at these doors are what an employee hold their ID up to in order to get through.

We've been having a problem with one of the medication room card readers for the past week. To make things even worse, it was the med room in the psych unit. I called our installers and told them that there was a problem with the reader and they said they'd get someone over.

One of the guys comes in and checks something in the computer before deciding that we're having a problem with the panel. He reboots the panel as says we should be fine in about an hour. 3 hours later, the reader was called in again for emergency (after-hours) service. They come out and supposedly fix it again.

I come in the next morning to...another complaint of the card reader not working. I call it in for service again. They come in the morning, it works for a couple of hours, and then stops working again. I call the company back and tell them that we're still having the same problem and that I think the card reader is bad. The tech comes in, checks things out, and says that I must've changed something in the system because the reader is fine. He gets it working again, I leave.

That was Thursday afternoon. I went back to work this morning (Sunday) and found out that the device was called in AGAIN on Thursday night and on Friday morning. They had to call for it again Friday night, and it was finally fixed for real on Saturday afternoon. You know what was wrong?

There was a problem with the card reader. Just like I'd said on Thursday, when they told me that no, I must have screwed it up.

And while I'm posting about this company anyway - it also really pisses me off when I call at 8:05, 8:12, 8:17, 8:25 on a weekday morning to get a voicemail message saying "Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, 8 am til 5 pm." ANSWER THE DAMN PHONE!!!


I know you're a lawyer but pick up your phone!

I was injured at work and had to talk to my work's lawyer (to finish things up and make sure they were legally responsible to pay for my medical bills). To explain I was lifting 24pks of pop along with other heavy items and as I was putting a light bag into a customer's cart, I twisted wrong and strained my back (customer's like to lift heavy items onto the belt even though they don't have to and expect me to lift it for them; I have now learned and have them lift it for me). I knew something was wrong and they sent me on my break (thinking it was temporary). Well at the end of my 15 min. break I was still in pain and asked to file an accident report. I was also offered a doctor's visit because of how severe the pain was. I went to the doctor and that was fine. I even got things settled with their worker's comp. company. Now flash forward to the end of my healing (mid-end July) and I've been calling a few times to get a hold of the lawyer. The lawyer is NEVER in. She does not answer her phone, I keep getting her answering machine AND leave messages. Within a week I called her about 20+ times (anywhere from 8am to 4pm). I get a letter in the mail saying that they're going to cancel paying for my medical bills thus I'd have to pay for visiting the doctor if I didn't get a hold of her by Aug. 11th . This isn't flying as I don't have the money. I try calling her [what seemed like a million times to me] and still didn't get a hold of her. This was back around the end of July and I was finally able to reach her August 13th. I just don't get why I was given a time frame and yet she wouldn't pick up her phone.

PS: I resolved it by talking to my HR guy and he said as long as I left messages all was well and I ended up smoothing things out with her.