August 14th, 2008

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 So I got to Dunkin Donuts, and I want a delicious iced coffee. I go up, order, the whole schpeal.  I'm in a rush, and it's super fast, so I'm happy.
I get my coffee, pull out, take a sip, and it's totally wrong.

Versus going through the drive through again, I just go in- communication will be easier face to face versus through a tiny static box.

Me: Hi, I just got this, and it's totally wrong. It's supposed to be french vanilla, and sweet, it's dark, and...some kind of berry flavoring?
Employee: Oh, no problem, I'll fix it right away, this has been happening a lot today?
Me: Oh...?
Employee: Yes. The guy working drive through does not speak English.
Me: At all?
Employee: At all. None.

I was so shocked at that moment, I got my (correct) coffee and left. WHY. Would you EVER put someone who does not speak English (at all) taking orders? Especially if it was happening 'a lot' that day? 

Edit: I called corporate for some kind of explination/anything, and they simply replied that they are an equal opportunity employer. Which I agree with 100%, however...there are many more jobs in a DD than taking orders.
scarlett and rhett

I have the worst luck at grocery stores

I decided to try somthing besides Krogers because the customer service there has really fallen. I went to Tom Thumb. I went to check out my groceries, started putting them on the belt, and noticed the belt wasn't moving. I looked, there was noone in front of me, and the cashier was there, but not scanning the groceries. Why, you may ask? Well let me tell you...
She was sending a freaking text message on her cell phone. I stood there for a few seconds thinking maybe she just hadn't noticed me, or the pile of groceries on the belt. She finally looked up, grabbed a few things, scanned them, and went back to texting. This is how we did the whole entire order. 120 dollars worth of groceries, a few items at a time. Finally, I got fed up and said "Ok..are we working or texting?" She put her phone down and finally started working.

The guy bagging the groceries was obviously on another planet at the moment. He was just throwing things into bags, not even looking at what they were. He had some bags with one box in it, and then some bags that were so heavy they broke when he tried to put them in the cart. He was dropping things left and right. He thought it would be a brilliant idea to put the bread and eggs in front seat of the to my toddler who promptly grabbed the bag and threw it out.

When I got to the car to put the groceries in, all of the bags that were thrown in the cart had fallen open, and I had to rebag practically everything. At the very bottom of the cart, underneath a bag with about 50 canned goods, were my peaches and bananas, which had turned to mush.

I was so angry, I waited until today to write my complaint letter..not that it will do much good. Why can't I find a good grocery store? Are my standards just to high?