August 13th, 2008


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So, this evening I went out to eat at a soup and sandwich place. I special-ordered a sandwich due to allergies and all, and the cashier (who turned out to be the manager), said it was perfectly fine.

I got the sandwich, and the bread was wrong. Whatever, I let it go. The bread was fine enough anyway. So I started eating and realized, very quickly, that it was the wrong cheese. I went to the counter, explained what happened, and the first man (B) said he'd get them to fix it. A second employee came up, listened to what I said, and told me I was wrong. That my sandwich was right. Then he turned around and walked away without saying a word to me.

I went back to my table, told my girlfriend, and we both went to the counter again. We explained, again, that it was wrong and I wanted the right sandwich. B nodded, told Employee #2, who sighed, and said (in front of us) that I was lying and there was nothing wrong. He continued to talk about me, in an annoyed and incredibly rude manner. B was great, but the other guy...

Honestly, it just put me off. I usually like the place, but Employee #2? Fine, I pissed you off, whatever. Why would you think it's okay to complain about me in front of me and tell me I'm wrong about my own dinner?
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Licensed professional homeless contractor

This story takes place yesterday. I'm not mad, just weirded out by the incredibly avoidable situation.

My girlfriend moved into a new place (upstairs apartment / converted attic) about a month and a half ago. The neighbors downstairs were supposedly evicted and when their place was opened up there was much OMGWTF about the place, which dealt a lot with plumbing, insects, and years of nothing being done to renovate or keep the place in order (it wasn't just the tenants that let that place go to hell though).

So currently there are no tenants in the place and there's a remodeling team that showed up at 8am yesterday and started working on the place, replacing windows, hammering things while I tried to sleep but shouldn't have been sleeping, etc...

Me and the G left for work, I came back over about 7 last night and the walkway was littered with 3-5 inch shards of glass from a window they had broken out. We went out for a walk noticing the broken laundry room door / entrance to her apartment was still broken. When we got back about 8:30 the laundry room was about 100 degrees and there was a load running, which I thought odd since it's the downstairs neighbor's, and there were none.

I looked in the dryer and shut it off, it was a big sleeping bag and it was very very well dried so I shut off the machine, in the washing machine were a ton of clothes. I went back outside and there was no vehicle there so I was a bit concerned but didn't think too much of it.

About half an hour later we smell smoke and I wander back to the laundry room to see if the washer and dryer have exploded or something and there's nothing in them (except for socks, lots of socks in the washer), the door to the downstairs apartment is open and there's a bike in there that had not been there before and all the lights are off and there's a radio playing.

I tiptoe back up the stairs and the woman is on the phone with the landlord who tells her to call the police. I had just called a friend of mine who's a lot closer than the police are (and also a police reservist) and told him the situation and he tells me to call the cops and lock the door / he'll be near in case something happens but he does not want to be on the site holding a weapon when the uniformed police show up unless our lives are at risk, which is understandable because, well, they might shoot him. Again.

I start to call the police and her phone rings, it's the landlord who just got through to the contractor's company, it's the guy they sent out and he's decided that it was not safe to leave his tools at a job site that he can lock up, nor inform the owner that he was going to stay in the house, nor inform the people upstairs that he was going to be downstairs in the dark smoking something that did not smell like cigarettes nor weed, it smelled like an electrical fire.

The contractor's boss called up the contractor and bitched him out for playing his music too loud (it wasn't) and smoking in the house, we mention that the music was not too loud nor was the smoke overwhelming that we just wanted to make sure it wasn't some nutjob psycho killer burning down the house.

I mean really though, who expects that a rather big-name contracting company is going to drop off a guy on a bike who's going to live there and use your ac/washer/dryer/power without telling you before hand "oh yeah, our guy is on a bike and will be living there for the duration of the remodel"
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An incident that happened awhile ago

Last year during the first month of the new semester, I was ungodly sick with a flu/bronchitis strain. Needless to say, when I coughed, felt like my head would fly off and combust, thus causing my right eye's blood vessels to pop. So for a few days, I hid in my apartment for being sick and I looked like I had the T-virus (hope some of ya have seen the movie I am referring to lol). Well one day, when I finally had the appetite, I decided to go to the Subway a couple minutes away, mind you, still with the bloody eye. I go up and ordered my usual roasted chicken breast sub and all through it, a worker kept staring at my eye. I looked at her and said " It's not contagious, just blood vessels popped" as she looked like she wished she had a biohazards suit on. Then as she is working on my sandwich, the following dialogue happened. I remembered it due to, being treated like this is hard to forget.

Subway Worker: "Oh my God that looks painful!" *stare-stare*

Me: "Erm yea...I want also green pep-"

Subway Worker: "Oh I can't do this...ewww, I can't stop looking at her eye" *fret-fret-frets before pointing at her co-worker" You do this! I need to not wait on her. HER EYE!"

And yes, I was embarassed and it hurt too much to tear up as I already felt pathetic enough, but didn't realize a perfect stranger would have the audacity to not want to do her job all because she was repulsed by my eye. A couple weeks later, I noticed that she was no longer working there, whether she was fired or not who knows? Alright, that was my bad service post. Ciao!
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The post about the Catholic church issue made me decide to post this story. The very short version: At 13 I joined the church. 8 days later, I was excommunicated, along with my whole family.

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Wow, that got even longer than I expected. Sorry!


Update to:, Dell and apartment water bill.

First up: Water bill
Had time yesterday, made a call, visited the office. Turns out now we're being billed by our square footage, not usage! Okay, that's all fine and well, but was it so hard to put that in the notice of change? Apparently I wasn't the only one upset, so the new corporate is "working on it". Oh, and the companies were changed because the prior biller only worked with prior corporate. Go figure!

Next, Dell!
As Kayfox so nicely pointed out in the last post, THE WEBSITE IS STILL UP! is it Nope. Thanks Kayfox, for finding something that Dell employees couldn't find! My new battery is ordered and should be here in 20 days =)

Finally, Fidelity.

Is it so hard to get my money? Yes, the money is in a custodial account under my dad's name, but both he and I have wasted 2 weeks trying to get the money so I can, I don't know, actually have my downpayment at closing? He was told he needed at various points 1.) my birth certificate, 2.) the exact number of shares in the account, and no, the amount on the last statement would not be good enough, 3.) a pin number from 15 years ago, 4.) The exact date the account was opened (again, over 15 years ago). Finally I gear up to do battle, go to my local Fidelity (we live 300 miles apart), and find out he needs NONE of that. All he has to do is go down to his local Fidelity, 20 minutes away, show is drivers license, and sign a paper to wire the money to me. Was that really so hard to tell him!?!

As a note, the Fidelity near him opened only a couple of months ago, and he (or rather my mom, she keeps track of all that) honestly didn't know it was there, and it didn't occur to her to check since for 15 years they'd done everything by phone. While that mitigates a little of the bad service, did no one really bother to mention it to him? Supposedly the money should be in my account tomorrow, but I'm not holding my breath.

bad_service at Gino's

Okay I don't know if this place is WV only or what but it's a small fast-food kind of Italian food place- they do pizza, spaghetti, sandwiches and salads. There is a location two doors down from my workplace, so my coworkers go there all the time, frequently enough that they have a small discount available for employees of where I work.

Tuesdays is their big day because it's the "Two-for" Tuesday-- buy one and get one free. My coworker and I decide that we'll both get baked spaghetti with garlic bread. If we order it ahead of time and tell them when our lunches are, they will have the food ready for our lunches.

So the story begins at 6:15. I have my 15 minute break, so i go down to Gino's and i order 2 baked spaghetti plates with garlic bread, one for 8:30 and one for 9:00 for pick up. It comes out to $7.73 (this is why Tuesday rocks). I pay with my credit card. I sign the slip, I put my copy of the receipt in my purse cause my coworker is going to pay me back for half. Satisfied, I go back to work.
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We'll be calling the district manager.
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I'm posting a bit on behalf of my sister, but really it's my entire family that's been having problems.

We met this dentist through our church; the bad service is not with him - he was kind, gentle, and understanding, and charged reasonable prices. However, when his son took over the business after he retired...

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I work in a grooming salon as a "professional" bather, and more then a hand full of times owners have told me about a certain vet in the area. My coworker has also mentioned this vet as well.

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TL;DR : Vet telling patients that the stiches/staples in their pet is disolvable when they're really not.
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Why I won't use Dunkin Donuts drive-through anymore. -.- Not OMG UNFORGIVABLE bad service, but I forgive a lot if people are NICE/POLITE, and these people were NOT.

My mom asked me to run and get her an iced coffee (aka The Drink of Life) from Dunkin Donuts, since she's waiting at home for a repair man to stop by. So, I hop in my car and head through the drive-through.

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