August 12th, 2008

Young Justice Robin

It's just a coupon!

Wal-Mart cashier suck. It affected me by making me wait in line for ages, but it directly happened to the woman in front of me.

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TL;DR: Cashier holds up the line for over ten minutes looking for a lost coupon, long after the woman whose coupon is in question tells her to stop and just check her out.

Bad_Service, meet Managers_Suck, Managers_Suck, meet Bad_Service..

A post in another community for a credit card fee reminded me of this gem.

A few years ago I was working in a corporate office with a cafeteria. Besides the facts that the cafeteria was in our building and was mainly used by our employees, this cafeteria had NOTHING to do with our corporation.

My friend and I went down to eat lunch when it first opened and they had a sign that there was a minimum credit card purchase and/or a fee for smaller charges. Most of their sandwiches fell under the minimum purchase and my friend/co-worker (admittedly) got very angry at the cashier for this convince charge. While he was not disrespectful, he was vocal about how it is a violation of the merchant agreement between the cafeteria and the credit card company.

Technically, the second part is more of a managers_suck/bad_service tag team,because unknown to my friend the cashier got his name off his badge and contacted our manager. Our manager wrote him up for his "bad" behavior. YES! His behavior while he was off the clock in a cafeteria that has nothing to do with our corporation.