August 11th, 2008

Graphic Animatronic Sexual Displays

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Earlier this year, I was in a private hospital in St Leonards, Sydney. I was a patient there for one month, and for the last two weeks of my stay I was able to leave the hospital to walk around the local vicinity, which included several fast food outlets, a smaller supermarket, a news agent and several hair salons, one in particular which was called Xquizit Hair. One Saturday , in order to lift my mood, I booked an appointment at Xquizit Hair to get my hair tidied.

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tl;dr: Hairdresser dyes part of blonde hair dark brown, splashes dye on me, dyes part of my hair bright orange and does not offer any discount or apology.
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Burger King suck

This happened quite some months ago, but I thought I'd post about it anyway.

So, I work at a music/DVD store, and sometimes on my lunch breaks I would go to the Burger King across the street and have some chicken fries. After a while I was a "regular" and as soon as I got there the cashier there would already have my order in the system, which was awesome.

Then, one day I get there and the woman that was usually there wasn't, and it was a teenager and some other guy.

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Doctor's Office Suck

I don't know about everyone else, but I've stuck with pretty much the same doctors my parents have taken me to since I was about 6. It's just easier, even though I'm on my own insurance now and could go just about anywhere I wanted. I generally LIKE these doctors. But this blows my mind.

My mom and I go to the same psychiatrist (no crazy jokes, this shit runs in the family). I started out going there on my parents insurance, but I haven't been on their insurance in almost 6 years. I still live at home, to help out and get on my feet so that I never have to move out and then move back in six months later. So my address hasn't changed.

Two days ago my psychiatrist's office sends my parents a bill. It's an itemization of all services and charges, what's been sent to insurance and what insurance isn't paying, etc etc. Complete with social security numbers.


Now, granted, yes they just sent my info to my parents. It's not like they sent it to someone else who has my name (I have a common name, it's happened before). However, anyone heard of HIPAA? I could slap them with a lawsuit if I was really vindictive. Luckily, I'm not.

So, my mother calls up the office, tells them the problem. And what do they say? "No, we separated those out. I know because I told Dr. So-and-so that that's what I did." Well, congratulations honey. No apology, no nothing. Just flatly telling us that what we're seeing with our own eyes is completely wrong. I work in medical billing. I deal with it every day. If I pulled that sort of crapsuckery, I'd be fired on the spot. We ended up faxing them what we'd received and still haven't gotten a response.