August 10th, 2008


I don't know what a web address is; also, what happens when your apartment building is sold

subtitle: What makes little Jens scream war cries.

As a preface: In the next three weeks, we will be closing on a house and I'm starting a new career. Things are already a little stressful.

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ETA: turns out my internet wasn't broken (big surprise!). Actually, the battery recall program was over, and the site had been taken down. so, not bad service: missing the recall window, that was my bad. bad service: being accused of a.) not being smart enough to go to a website, and b.) trying to get me to go to a website that NO LONGER EXISTED!
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tl;dr: Dell accuses me of not being able to find a website/tries to break my computer. Apt complex is bitchy and doubled the price of water.
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