August 9th, 2008


Bad_Service or Customers_Suck?

We went to Outback last night for my husband's birthday. We were handed a beeper and told that there was a 40-45 minute wait. We decided that we'd rather wait while doing something, and went literally 2 doors down from the restaurant to a clothes shop to pass the time (which apparently was too far for their beeper's range).

We come back at the assigned time, to find that we've been passed in the queue. We are handed a *new* beeper, and told to sit down. Figuring that they need to find us a table, we sit. Half an hour later than that, we hand the beeper back and go to eat at a fast food place.

They'd put us back into the queue at the bottom, and were not accomodating at all.

I know that we violated their little rule, but at going on nearly 1.5 hours before being *seated*, I would have ripped the hostess'/waitress' head off because my blood sugar was low, if I'd spoken. At this point, it had been at least 3 hours since I ate anything, and I've been following the hypoglycemia recommendation of eating every 2 hours to keep myself healthy.

I understand why they wouldn't want to reward line-jumpers, but when they took the couple sitting next to us instead of us? I saw red.

Mind you, we didn't say anything but "we're tired of waiting" when we handed the beeper back. Didn't demand a manager, or spit epithets. We just went somewhere else to eat. My husband told me that for his replacement birthday dinner, he'll go "Anywhere but Outback".