August 7th, 2008

apartment woe update

(This is the old story )

Kier Management NEVER wrote me back but.....
A few weeks ago they finally came and dug up my foundation to seal it. It rained the other night and.... my carpet was DRY!!! So that is one good thing.

My toilet seals were replaced so now it is not leaking and when I flush I do not have to hold the handle or flush twice anymore.

My tubs wall is now fixed and the edges got caulked BUT it is starting to rot the wall again so I am thinking that it is a pipe problem and not a shower-splashing-out-of-the-tub problem.

And yes I am moving before my lease is up but not just to a different apartment complex but to a different state haha.

They still want to charge me the move out fee though (because the things got fixed so my house is now fine/liveable bullshit). And I asked if I could take my lease from 12 months to 6 and they said no because I already signed it. I tried to get things organized in my favor.

I should ask them for more money though or something as my carpet in my bedroom STILL has mold on it. Yeah when I steam clean it I am sure it will get better but damnit that is not my problem it is theirs.
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