August 5th, 2008


Very minor funny suck

At Home Depot, there are self-serve checkouts and full-serve checkouts. Because of the type of items we had, the full-serve checkout was easier to use, plus there was no line.

The over-friendly checkout lady was confused about our purchase, which is normal for Home Depot, but when she got to my last purchase, a small box of nails, she said "okay honey, now you can just scan that yourself there!" and pointed at her scanner.

a) You called me HONEY. 
b) This is a full-serve checkout, which I thought meant FULL SERVICE, i.e. I don't have to scan my own items through.

She babbled on and on about the Olympics while I used the debit machine, and didn't offer to bag my smaller items.


Surly =/= "a character"

So there's this little Vietnamese restaurant about three blocks from my house that I'd never been to, but several extended family members said was excellent. They loved the food, and thought the owner/server was a real "character". A fun place to go, right?

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TL;DR version: surly restaurant owner apparently hates his job and gets mad when we order, frustrated when we need utensils, annoyed when we try to tip, and put out when we want to leave.
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Firefly - Not All Who Wander

Mexican food cafeteria that's not Qdoba

I go to my local Chipotle pretty often--like twice a month or more. I love their food, and the lack of additives--especially added sugar--really makes me happy (unlike Qdoba which has HFCS in everything): The service at the one I go to is nothing short of superb, 99% of the time.

But today... well, today they really let me down. Today made it that 1% less than 100%.

I called ahead to place my order--one lonely burrito--because I was three exits and a freeway 'interchange away from them (which translates to about a 7 minute drive in normal traffic). I was going on my lunch break and since we get paid breaks with the understanding that we stay in sight of the counter and jump up if our coworker needs us, it's sort of frowned upon to go elsewhere for your break unless necessary. This was so not necessary, I just had a craving.

So I called my order ahead, and said I'd be there in about 5-10 minutes*. They said they'd have it ready for me, and just to head straight to the register and pay and pick it up. GREAT I thought. Exactly what I wanted--save time!

* WTF service here: I ordered a PORK burrito, with pinto beans, and they went out of their way to inform me that the pinto beans have bacon *and something mumbled* in them. When I asked after I got there what the mumbled something was, they said oh it's just bacon, we just tell people in case they are avoiding pork. Uhmm... didn't I just say I wanted a pork burrito??

Anyway so I get there and.... my food's not ready. They forgot to make it. So they're making it, I pay... and they put on corn and blackbean salsa, which will make me sooo sick, so of course I asked them to fix it. The girl tried to argue with me saying my order said corn salsa. and I'm just like ok the order sheet may or may not, but I did not order corn salsa, in fact I specifically said NOT corn salsa and the person on the phone confirmed that I wanted salsa verde. So she sighs and says she'll make me a new one.

Meanwhile they had a few customers in line and the other guy on the line is sort of helping make food, but then in between two customers, he just WALKS AWAY, leaving her burrito half finished, and the other girl is trying frantically to finish mine which I've now already paid for. The woman whose burrito is sitting there, after a couple minutes, asks the girl to ask the other guy to please finish her burrito so she can eat. He does so, and that's all worked out, but she was sort of ticked and rightfully so.

So then the girl making my burrito says they'll take care of my guacamole which is usually $1.50 extra. I'd already gotten free chips because I forgot to have her ring them in and she was like nah, here, it's not worth my time to ring them up. And I didn't want to wait for them to refund some of my money and not all of it, because, well, I was kind of IN A HURRY. Which is why I called it in to have it made before I got there??

Totally didn't sit there to complain because I didn't have time. But it still ticked me off.

Maybe I'll go in there with my freeze ray. that'll show 'em.
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