August 4th, 2008


So, a couple months ago, I sadly lost my wedding band. Since we were young and poor when we got married, I didn't really have an engagement ring either, so I started to look for something I'd like online. I came across From the Sky, from Lee Bell Designs, Inc. The make moissanite jewelry (look it up, it's cool stuff). I figured, hell, it's cheaper than a diamond, looks just like one, and there's no blood on my hands for buying it.

I found a design I liked and ordered it, for about $600. They offered free engraving as part of the deal, so my hubby made me close my eyes while he typed in his engraving because he wanted me to be surprised (awww).

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Lots of bad service lately

It's amazing how these things run in packs.

One of the selling points of Sirius satellite radio is the availability of traffic reports in hours other than 6-9 AM and 3-7 PM, M-F. This is handy for those of us who drive at other times.

I was driving back from a friend's house on Saturday night. I wanted to check to see if I-83 was backed on, or should I take another route. So I turn on the Baltimore & DC channel for traffic and weather.

DC: reports of some accidents, one of which the police hadn't gotten to yet. Baltimore: nothing but reports of announced construction on major routes, none of them I-83. So I get on it.

And run into one accident with a huge backup. And I get past THAT, and 2 miles down the road, run into another one (accidents, both of them, with police there). Finally, I hit the exit for the MLK expressway.

Where the mother of all accidents is. And the police are exiting the left and right lanes off to US 40 West. But they don't bother to see that there are many, many cars backed up between the two tractor trailers sitting in the center lane, who need more space to make that turn then they are likely to get until the accident is cleared. Guess which lane I'm in?

Fortunately, after 15 minutes of waiting with my turn signals on, a driver in the left lane takes pity on me, and allows me to cut in.

I don't know who supplies their traffic reports but maybe they need to start listening to police scanners or something?

I was clearing emails and discover that for 6 months Voicewing HADN'T canceled my Vonage service, as they said they would do when I signed up. And the notices about the automatic debits have been going to my spam folder. And Vonage makes it extremely difficult to cancel. And, no, Voicewing is not interested in reimbursing me for their inability to follow through.

I can appreciate that, if you work at CVS, and need to move a bunch of boxes from the front of the store to the back of the store, you'll use a shopping cart. And that it's tempting to pile the boxes high. And that you like to run while pushing. But I can assure you that as unpleasant as it was to hear my scream of terror as you charged toward me (and thank you for stopping just inches away), any sudden stops when I'm moving causes my knee, which has no cartilage in it, to go sideways and scrape bone against bone. I have a reasonably high tolerance for pain (two children, both of 9 lbs., both delivered by natural childbirth) but I am weeping from pain right now. Way to go, butthead.
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My First Post

We've all had our fair shares of Bad Service. I'm just rarely compelled to post. But tonight, I was drinking at dinner (no, this does not turn into a customers_suck, because I am a pretty happy-go-lucky and friendly drunk) and man, the service was awful.

My fiancé and I took his mother out to dinner tonight. We like to every now and again because she's a wonderful woman, we like to just take time out to talk when we all have the day off from work, and plus I wanted to drink and my fiancé doesn't drive, so we needed a designated driver. Usually when we take Mom out to dinner, we go to this restaurant, Mr. Pizza. We're regulars to the servers that have been there for a while. But lately they've been flying through new servers, and the new girls aren't quite as good as the one girl they replaced (who actually now works at Wal-Mart with my fiancé and I XD).

Mr. Pizza has a seat yourself policy when they're not terribly busy, and while we have a particular booth we like to sit at, we're okay sitting elsewhere. Or, well, we were. Until we realized that the servers who know us all work the sections on our usual side, and the new crappy people work the sections where we were seated tonight.

It wasn't bad to begin with. We arrived, we ordered our drinks and then our appetizers. My fiancé's salad arrived. Things are fine. She takes our order. Now, I'm a pretty picky eater. My digestive system is intolerant to foods that aren't usually allergens, and there are other things that make me ill. So I'm very careful about how I order, but I try to be as nice as I can, and I (almost) always tip well for their trouble. Tonight, all I wanted was a wrap with salami, cheddar and provolone cheeses, and mayo and mustard. With some mashed potatos and gravy. Not hard, right?

Our food was fairly quick. But this was where the suck started. Mom asked for a glass of water with some lemon (since she'd finshed her coffee) and we settled down to look at our food. Everything was fine, except my wrap had... mushrooms in it. Now. Mushrooms. Are not something I can eat. I pick them out of everything that they can be picked out of, and otherwise I just can't eat them. It's a combination of taste (they taste dirty to me), texture and the sheer idea of eating fungus that looks like they picked it off my front lawn. I know, I know. It's ridiculous. But I wasn't planning on being mean about it. I almost didn't want to send it back, because I try to be as conscientious as I can. The server is rarely the fault of screwed up food.

Except twenty minutes pass. And then thirty. This is a bit too long to wait on your server checking in on you regardless, but she also never brought Mom's water. Now I'm getting angry, fuming a bit, talking angrily below my breath. Whatever. Ten more minutes pass. Finally, our server comes back and looks at my untouched wrap with a kind of :/ face on. And I was about ready to rant a bit, but Mom steps in.

"She can't eat mushrooms... and therea re mushrooms."

The server doesn't apologise, she just says that she wrong on the ticket just the things I wanted. Well, I don't mind kitchen error, it happens. But I had been sitting with food I couldn't eat for FORTY MINUTES while Mom waited for a GLASS OF WATER. Which she mentions, and the girl apparently doesn't even notice. I also order another drink, because I was so annoyed that I needed some gin. My fiancé and I go out to have a cigarette, and when we come back, their leftovers are boxed, my new wrap is there and boxed, and my drink is there. But Mom STILL DOESN'T HAVE WATER. WTF?

Now, I'm gonna sit down and have the drink I ordered. But again, fifteen minutes of us talking passed before she brought us our check.

The bright side is that she gave me the wrap for free, but still. Mom never got her water.


And that is my bad_service experience tonight. *bows*

PS: Not bad service so much as just wtf, but I do not know this girl. I am not a regular to her, and indeed very few of the servers we do know were there, and I don't think any of them noticed we were there. I look, not gonna like, like a fifteen year old boy. But she never carded me. I wonder who else she's letting have drinks?
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Sarah and Me

Do I have a gravitational field for morons?

Tonight was our 3 year anniversary. (yay us!)
We went out to dinner at Anthony's. It's a chain type deal that serves really good seafood but it's a bit pricy and we only go there once a year.
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TL;DR Seated in the blackhole of a restaurant where light bent around us and made us impossible to be seen by our waiter. Slow service makes us miss movie. GRR.
Now updated with favorable results.

Student discounts only on one day?

Not the typical complaint you'd see here, but I think it's bad service that my local movie theatre chain stopped offering its student discount 6/7 days of the week. I know the economy sucks, but I don't suddenly become more wealthy on days other than Thursday. Not like the student discount was that much cheaper ($8 or so rather than $10), but still.

Is this happening near you?