August 3rd, 2008

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Panera WTF

A week or so ago, my friends and I were looking for a place to eat around 8pm on a Sunday night. We decided on Panera because they have comfy chairs where we can relax and shoot the shit and get nummy food all at the same time.

So we pull into the Panera's parking lot and head up to the doors with a couple of other people, also obviously heading in for some nummy food. However, when we try the front doors, they're locked.

Now we're confused. The parking lot is full, there's someone purchasing something at the counter inside, why are the doors locked? One of the strangers who was coming in at the same time went and tried the side door, but it was locked as well. We look for the hours posted - if they're closed, they're closed and we'll get on with our lives, but there are no hours posted. Anywhere. There's a menu taped up inside the glass, but no hours listed on it, either.

We tried the door one more time, and someone in line at the register inside turns and gives us a dirty look. So we shrug it off and go elsewhere.

The fact that the Panera was apparently closed (despite the fact there were people buying food and the parking lot was full) isn't the suck, the fact that 'if they're going to be closed, why the hell don't they have hours posted anywhere' is the suck. The fact that there were no hours posted irritated the crap out of me, and if it wasn't a 40-minute drive back out there from where I'm at now, I'd be tempted to go point out to someone that not having hours of operation posted is a serious fail. We're not all psychics who know when a store closes without being told, thank you very much.