August 1st, 2008

A little Walmart suck

So I have not complained yet but this is just something that pissed me off today.
I went to walmart and got a planner thing for my boyfriend. Not sure if he was going to want it I asked the cashier to print a gift receipt for me. (Yes I know they do this, I worked there before (never again!)).
She did not know how to do this. OK, that is fine, understandable if you are new. So she asked the cashier behind her how to do it. A little bit more frustrating is that she did not know how to do it either so they asked a CSM. This took the cake. The CSM did not know how to do it. I said never mind because the guy behind me with his milk was getting huffy but damnit, train your employees. Especially since now is when they start hiring for Christmas season and that is kind of necessary for that holiday.
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Tonight I was getting gas after having gotten off work. So I was leaning against my car next to the pump, while it was filling up. About $45 worth of gas later, I felt something wet gushing all over my work pants. I look down, and it was gas. So I shut off the pump quickly, and walk over to the attendant. I tell her what happened.

Her: Oh, yeah. It's been doing that all day. We should get it fixed tomorrow.
Me: O_O. Well, that doesn't really help me. Is there any way you can at least refund me for the gas that didn't wind up in my gas tank?
Her: No. We don't give refunds.

I'm a pretty nice and sympathetic person. I usually give the people working somewhere the benefit of the doubt. I understand that it was almost closing, but she didn't even apologize or look upset. And there was no sign warning that the pump was out of order. That is something that could be very dangerous. I wish I had done more about it, even just put up a sign myself warning it was out of order, but after the day I had at work, I just wanted to go home. But that's a different story. So now my work uniform (and car) reeks of gas.

Wasn't the worst service I've had but it really annoyed me..

1. We ordered Cosmos, said we didn't need water. No big deal, you brought it anyway. We didn't care but I hope you at least heard we didn't want it to begin with...

2. Our food arrives, you ask if we want cheese and pepper. We say yes. It never comes.

3. We are almost finished eating but another waiter/busboy comes up to us and rudely asks if we're finished. We hand over our trays but we're a little offended.

4. We watch you as your go around the restaurant, all smiles, putting cheese and pepper on other customers' food.

5. It takes about 15 minutes before someone offers us a desert menu. We say we'll look at it.

6. We wait half an hour. By this time, all three of you are all over this one table who ordered fancy bottles of wine. Our entire service nobody has asked us if we needed anything, if we wanted our check, if we wanted desert, etc.

7. You come back and ask if we want the receipt. We say yes.

8. When we ask to speak to a manager you explain you're understaffed and it wasn't intentional. Trying to avoid us from speaking to your manager the entire time. I've been understaffed before at my work, everyone has. But why be so nice to other people and just ignore us?

Not as easy as pie

I realize working graveyard shift is lousy, but I do not take that as an excuse for essentially ignoring your customers.

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TL;DR: We were kept waiting at our table an inordinate amount of time; the waitresses stood around and chatted instead of taking our orders; we had to flag down a different waitress and re-order our drinks after the one who'd taken our order went to the other side of the restaurant and sat down.
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I think I've stumbled upon my most annoying bad service yet. Getting service for something you said you did not want to begin with.

I'm the office manager at my father's plumbing shop. We are small and only advertise by word of mouth. We are busy enough with just that. We do not and never will advertise any other way. Yes, this is important. It is also important to know that I have learned to document every single call we get during the day thanks to an insurance fraud case with Consolidated Workers Association.

About a month ago, June 30th to be exact, we received a call from Maria with She was offering us a free trial for one month and then we would have to pay for it. I told her no thanks. She then insisted that she needed to get me to sign up. Her job was on the line. She would get fired etc. I said no thank you again and hung up.

Yesterday I while I was running errands we received another call saying that since we hadn't asked to stop our service that we would be getting a bill for $40. I called them back and had a long chat with customer service. Got them to take us off and get rid of the charges. That wasn't bad at all. Thankfully.

I had the guy look for the recorded phone call and sat on hold while a supervisor listened to it. A hugh apology and a promise that Maria would be taken care. I don't usually hope someone gets fired when mistakes happen. But this time I do. This was no mistake. This was blatantly using our business without our knowledge.

I am very thankful I am thorough with my note taking. tried the same thing, but I have to wait until the "discontinuation" notice comes in the mail to bitch about the $700 charge they are trying to stick us with.

Seriously, no means no. Not well go behind my back and do it anyway.
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Shopping at Lane Bryant.

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It's by no means the worst customer service that I've ever had but being talked down too? I could do without. I get the companies want to get the most money they can but restricting half of the store is more than just a bit insane.
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I never thought I would post here but I am ready to tear somebody's eyeballs out.

I work for a small but busy company and we have a Lanier color copier/print/scanner. A big fancy expensive thing that has given us nothing but trouble. We bought it from a company called Ricoh who we paid a maintenance contract to for service and repairs.

So this morning we called Ricoh because the thing jammed not matter what we tried to copy or print. Please note we had the same problem about a week ago. I myself am sitting on several projects I am unable to complete because I can not print. At 2pm we had not seen ot heard from them so I called back for an updated. They said they would page the tech to call with an update. At 3:30 I called back since I still had not heard from anyone and we close at 4pm. I told the girl my service ticket number and explained the deal. While she was reviewing the note our other line rang. I asked her if she would mind holding a moment in case this was their tech calling. She said sure. It wasn't and I rush back to her only to find I had been hung up on. I waited a few minutes then called back. Then I got the truth. They had not even issued out ticket to a repairman. Why? Because our address was wrong but one number in our zip code. Our mailing address zip ends in a 6 while our physical address zip code ends in a 7. But everything else was correct and the repairman has been out here 3 times in the last month anyway so I am sure he knows the way.

So we have an office full of pissed off people who can not get their work done and no repairman in sight and we close in 15 minutes which means we will have to start this whole thing over again on Monday.

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At work today, my co-workers and I decided we wanted Papa John's for lunch. We got our order together, and placed it at 11:00am. Our pizzas weren't too difficult. Two larges, one with pepperoni and sausage, the other with sausage, bacon, and green peppers. They give us our total, and tell us the estimated time is 45 minutes, and that it will be here at noon at the latest. No big deal. We munch on my stash of wheat thins, and get back to work.

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tl;dr pizza place told us expected time of delivery. Didn't show up during estimated time. We call place us curious to where pizza is, they tell us it hasn't even been started on. Manager tells us we'll get a discount, but when pizza finally get delivered theres no discount on it. Manager swears he gave us the discount, but the total is the same as our previous one. Finally get to eat our pizza around two hours after we placed the order.