July 30th, 2008



This one needs a tiny bit of backstory:
I live in Canada. I am moving to England next month. There's this awesome visa that allows a citizen of a Commonwealth country unlimited clearance to live and work within the UK for 5 years. (This makes becoming a Naturalised citizen easier.) One of the requirements to obtain this visa is proof of heritage, i.e. your grandparent's birth certificate that proves they were born in England. No problem.
There are limited cities in which one can apply for this visa, VACs are not available everywhere.

I am staying rent-free with a friend whilst I accrue funds and get together my papers for this visa. There is someone else moving in September 1st, so my due date for departure is August 31st. I have no place after that. Coolio, I can handle this time limit, whatevs.

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It is the 30th of the month today, over a month since I ordered the thing, and I have received NOTHING. No certificate that I paid OUT THE ASS for to get QUICKLY, not even a fucking e-mail, no phone call, NOTHING to even assure me that the thing is on its way. I need this certificate quickly because the visa in itself takes time to process and I am running on a very limited timeframe! Do I have to be aggressive? Do I have to be rude to get things done? Do I have to be loud and ignorant and cause shit? This isn't fair. I want to be a nice person, but I absolutely cannot stand being ignored like this. It's caused me so much stress worrying about my timeframe. Being forced to sit on my ass like this because of someone else is just infuriating.

So today, I horked up more cash and purchased another, express delivery and service, from BMD. Within 2 hours, I received an e-mail detailing the certificate they had found that matched my description and that it would be mailed the next day, as well as confirming my address it was to be shipped to. They gave me the service I deserved.

So should I ask for my $120 back from Vital England?
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If you value your money...

Do not spend it at  DW's Irish Pub that is located inside the Marriott Marina (that's right next to the Convention Center in San Diego).

During the convention we were late getting out the door to a Thai place we wanted to go to. Resigned that we needed something quick we went down to DW's.

I was unsure of what I wanted to eat so I said I'd get the tomato bisque and think about something else. The server walks away with our drink order (only one of us had a coke- the rest had waters). He comes back and takes the rest of the table's order.
My one roomie got a chicken salad and the last girl with us, Jenna, orders a cheeseburger.
I say I want just the soup. And the guy acts like he never heard me order the soup the first time he was at our table.
Ugh fine. I let this go.

Now I don't know what land Cheeseburger= BACON cheeseburger but at this place the Bacon is automatically applied since I asked for a cheeseburger at the pool later on in the week.
Somewhere Luke Ski is a happy man.

The burger is delivered with bacon to my dining partner and before she can send it back he's gone.
After five minutes we flag him down. Jenna explains that she hates the very SMELL of bacon and wants a new burger.
She keeps her fries and continues to eat with us.  Our water supply goes down and the minutes tick by.
Also my soup can not be classified as Bisque since it's watery and more tomato soup than anything.
The burger is brought back, dropped off and the guy hurries off. Jenna opens the bun and discovers that the cheese has a very bacon-y smell and in fact there is still a small piece of bacon on the burger. The guy is again waved down. We explain this is the SAME burger.
We want a NEW one that has never been touched by Bacon.
It's brought back to the kitchen. Our waters are now empty. I flag a near by server with a water pitcher. "All of our waters are empty can we get a refill?" I get a refill. No one else.
Two lady's are sat down nearby by our waiter and remark that the table isn't clean.
He comes back with Jenna's burger... except it's on two plates with new fries and it's split in half. She checks it. Same burger.
The waiter is told that the table is dirty. We flag him down and ask for his manager.

Finally 20 minutes after this escapade started we get results and within 10 minutes we have a new burger to Jenna's specifications.
The Burger is comp'd and 20% is taken off the rest of the meal.
The people at the dirty table have by this point (20 minutes after the manager came by our table) gone up to the manager to complain about the dirty table and the service.

The place wasn't that busy. The service was just as incompetent as the kitchen.

We left two pennies and our disgust at the table.

Final update!

To this saga.

At 9:00 this morning, before I was even out of bed, Elaine knocked on my door with the lamp. She was extremely apologetic and gave us a larger lamp than she was going to (it's a floor lamp).

So that ends that, finally.
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Parcel Delivery Bad Service

I'm a bit sad I've had reason to post so much in here lately!

I have had issues with my postman for a while, and also with the parcel delivery contractor who works my area.

My postman keeps folding my mail to put it in my letterbox, even if it has DO NOT BEND written on it. He's bent gift cards, wedding invites, photos, you name it. Until now I haven't said anything because I have a suspicion the mailbox for this house isn't regulation size, and I didn't want him to kick up a fuss and ask for it to be replaced. However, I live in a rental property and yesterday, after he bent another gift card, I figured if he asked for our letterbox to be made to regulation standards, the landlord would have to do it anyway.

The parcel delivery contractor keeps just leaving cards in my mailbox instead of knocking on my door and, you know, actually trying to deliver my parcel. Again, I hadn't said anything up until now because although I was 90% sure I was home at the time, I figured there was a chance I was asleep and missed him, or had popped out. But it happened yesterday, and I was up from 07:30 onwards, because I was expecting a much-anticipated parcel. I went out to the mailbox at 12pm and there was a card in there, so I snapped and thought I'd report it.

A little note: I worked for Australia Post for two months last August. It wasn't long, but I worked in the complaint call centre, and so got very familiar with processing complaints exactly like mine above. What happens is, the details of the complaint get forwarded to the relevant delivery centre, and then addressed with the postman/parcel delivery contractor. They usually deny it, and their response is put into the complaint case, then it's shut until another complaint is received against that same postman/parcel delivery contractor. Another reason I've been holding off so long with complaining is that I know it usually doesn't do anything, but I thought it was worth a try.

So I called, got an old colleague, and made my complaints. No bad service there.

However, at 08:30 this morning, someone banged on my door extremely hard. Now, this is how the parcel delivery guy knocks, so I hop out of bed, all excited (because the parcel I picked up yesterday wasn't the one I was looking forward to so much) and open the door. Indeed, it is the parcel delivery guy - and he is PISSED. He started off straight away by saying, in an aggressive tone, that he rang the doorbell twice yesterday and knocked once. Bear in mind that I've just gotten out of bed and I'm not terribly awake. It took me a moment to connect what he was saying with my complaint. He continued on, saying I complained about him. I asked him what time he knocked, etc - he said 07:40. I said I was awake then. He said he didn't care, that he rang the bell and knocked. I told him the bell didn't work, but I said I understood he didn't know that, so I didn't mind that, but I never heard him knock, and my bedroom is right next to the front door (and he always bangs like he's trying to smash the door in). He told me to tell Australia Post my doorbell doesn't work. I told him there was nowhere for them to store that information. He started ranting again, very aggressively, that when I complain he gets a slap on the wrist, and he didn't do anything wrong, blah blah blah. I told him that I didn't appreciate him coming and harassing me about a complaint I made when he doesn't even have a delivery to make at my house, said goodbye and shut the door, because he was making me feel very intimidated and he was raising his voice a lot.

Now, I'm terrified that I'll never get my parcel, because my Mom has always told me never to upset the people who deliver the mail because they can make life very difficult. Also, I think it was extremely inappropriate that he came to my house and spoke to me like that - the reason there is a call centre is so you can complain to a third party, who manage the complaint for you. This is so you don't have to potentially get into an altercation with the mail delivery people.

Btw - I have now stuck a piece of paper over the doorbell, that says "Please knock." Tbh, I forget we even have one because we've been here over a year and it has never worked.
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When Dentistry Goes Wrong

Hello, new poster. *Waves*

The most important part of this story is that I'm terrified of dentists. Also, I went through about 2 years of depression and taking the best care of my teeth was pretty low on the list.

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I've moved on. I have a new dentist who reshaped her shoddy work (for free!), told me she had no reason to suggest a root canal, and numbs my gums (haha, it rhymes) with a numbing gel before numbing it completely with a needle.

But...any thoughts? I don't have pictures because all the numbing stuff they shot into my gums made me really sleeping and sick to my stomach for almost a week. My friend may have taken pictures, but I barely remember that week at all.
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