July 26th, 2008


Update to furniture suck

An update to this situation.

As predicted, Elaine did not deliver the lamp on Friday evening. We were home all the time, so I know we didn't miss her. I have looked at Fantastic Furniture's website, and it states if you can't resolve your complaint by calling the store, you should email "Mr Furniture". As demeaning as that is, I have composed and sent an email to the mythical "Mr Furniture", so we'll see how that goes. I'm unsure whether to leave it until I get a reply, or to go down to Fantastic Furniture over the weekend and retrieve the damn thing myself.

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service at starbucks--not terribly bad, just a little annoying

As I said in the subject line, I wouldn't consider this bad service, but just kind of annoying. Now, I've never been a barista but I've had my fair share of coffee drinks. I went into a Starbucks inside a Barnes and Noble today and looked at the menu. One of the drinks was a "Cafe breve," which I've never seen before at any Starbucks. I asked the cashier what it was and she said it was an espresso beverage with half and half instead of milk. I figured, eh, why not try something new? So I ordered it, only to have her give me a weird look and say, "Um... it's just half and half instead of milk so you'd add it yourself......" I then pointed out that it was right on the menu and she looked back and said "........oh." Then I think she repeated that you make it yourself.

Whatever, it didn't sound too great so I then ordered a cafe con leche. Starbucks used to list this as a menu item but it's been pulled off. She then proceeded to tell me that they didn't have the proper materials to make it. I didn't really think much of it so I just ordered a mocha, simple enough. As soon as she told me that, though, I had a feeling that she probably didn't know what it was, since I thought a cafe con leche is just coffee with milk (I like getting it iced since it's pretty cheap and good). I just looked it up online and yes, it is a coffee drink with milk and sugar added. So wouldn't the cafe have, well, coffee, milk, sugar, and ice? Unless there's some special way of making it that I'm not sure about? Even though I know I can order an iced coffee and add milk and sugar myself, somehow the amount of milk that they add to the drink is just right, which is why I wanted to order it in the first place.

Going to the movies

I don't really think this was bad service, but it really made me mad.

I went to Movie Tavern a week ago with a friend to see Hellboy 2.  My friend was in line before me, and bought her ticket, no big deal.  Then I went and asked for one ticket to Hellboy 2, and the lady asks to see my ID.

Now I'm eighteen years old.  Getting carded for a PG-13 movie is pretty damn insulting, if I do say so myself, especially when your holding car keys and a pack of cigarettes in your hand.  I don't look very young either; people always tell me I look and act older than I am.  I asked her why she needed to see my ID, and she didn't give me a reason and asked for my ID again.  I could've at least got an excuse, because l've never been carded for a PG-13 movie, not even when I was thirteen.  I then proceeded to ask the question again, and get the same answer.  I was offended at this point, but not wanting to cause a scene, showed the woman my ID.  She then proceeded to sell me my ticket without another word.  Not even an apology.


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Paper Lanterns

Old Bad Service

This is from a bit ago- but I didn't know about this community back then!

I was with my high school's Science Club (We were proud nerds.) in Boston. We had planned a big trip to go to the aquarium and then see a shark iMax movie that was playing. We go through the aquarium, love the fishies and penguins. When it's about an hour before the movie starts we head to the imax box office to give them our internet confirmation numbers to get our actual tickets to the show. We give them the numbers, and they take forever with the computer. They call the manager, they look things up. All the while not answering us(well, the teacher/chaperone) when we asked what was wrong, etc. etc. Finally a manager tells us that they had over-sold the movie, and there were no more seats available. Thankfully, they offered to give us coupons for free passes to any show in the next month or so. We take the passes (which have a handwritten expiration date and the manager's signature on it.) and go on our merry movie-less way home.
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Last night my boyfriend and I went out adventuring. His intention was to find a keyboard for his Macbook. So we went to the place with all the fun electronic stuff that now has an Apple section and we waited and waited for someone to notice us and help. There were two salesman in the Apple section that were attending to other people so boyfriend lingered while I played some Mario Kart. A few minutes go by and one salesman has disappeared and the other is still helping. Then that guy disappears without asking my boyfriend if he needs help. More minutes go by and we see him again. Boyfriend asked about the keyboards as they only had the wireless sitting out and the salesmans response was "I don't know, go look in the other keyboard section."

...ok then. I guess they didn't want his money.
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RCA 46in LCD TV Debacle

You hear a lot about bad service and companies, and this tale is mixed. Long story short, I bought a RCA 46in LCD TV, the TV had problems, and RCA was a pain in the ass to deal with. RCA subcontracts everything to local mom and pop repair shops. The closest repair shop they subcontracted to is a whopping 2 hours away and is open 8-5 (and I work 8-5), making it very hard to get things done. The repair shop took a month and a half to fix my TV because RCA had issues getting the parts to them. One part was the main controller board for the TV, and the other was the stand (since it was bent). RCA didn't want to replace the stand because its a "cosmetic defect." During this ordeal, I learned that RCA does not give a flying shit about its customers and their concerns. I talked many times with the consumer relations department at RCA (there is no higher level to talk to), and they flat out didn't care about helping in my situation. Oh, and in case you guys were wondering, after I finally got the TV back, it had the same problem of the picture cutting out, only worse. The guy at the repair shop mentioned to me that he sees these TVs all the time, and has had at least 20 come through his shop. Then again, he didn't know what a "dead pixel" was either.

If you are thinking about buying a RCA product, just be prepared to grab your ankles if you ever have to get anything repaired.

So I decided to call up Walmart's corporate office. While Walmart's system isn't the greatest to deal with (you call the 800 number, and then your case gets reviewed by management, and they call you back) it is effective. After dealing with corporate for a week and a half, I got a call back from a manager saying I could bring the TV back and exchange it for any other one I preferred.

So I paid the $41 dollar difference and I got a 47in Philips LCD TV. Its working great, so the story ultimately has a happy ending to it. Walmart really stepped up to the plate when RCA didn't give a shit. The end.


This is my first, and hopefully last, post...
Tracfone gave away my phone # !!!
I have had Tracfone for about 10 years...It works for me because I very seldom use it...I have about 180 minutes that expire in 2011...
Last Wednesday, my hubby called my cell and another woman answered it....So when I talked to him, I figured that I would call to check my voice mail....It said, "Welcome to America Roaming Network, ...blah, blah, blah"...
So I called my cell # and 'Gloria' answered...
She had just gotten that number that day through Radio Shack........After I told her that ,'We have a problem because this has been my number for about 4-5 YEARS', she went back to Radio Shack to tell them what happened...Radio Shack called me, told me they called TRACFONE and got 'Gloria' another #, but I would have to call TRACFONE to get my original # back...
I have been on the phone at least 5 times with TRACFONE, entered countless 'codes', and have been told, '48 hours', at least 5 times...
I want to know how to get in touch with someone who has the authority to actually DO SOMETHING!...(I REFUSE to be an EB and blame the person answering my call...They have already tried, and it hasn't worked...)

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