July 25th, 2008

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JC Penny

This is my first time posting, and this may be small, but it really irritated me to no end.

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So, in summary, JC Penny is stupid and doesn't know how to sell/return markdown items, apparently.
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I started seeing my dermatologist when I was at the tail end of being covered by my father's insurance. I saw the derm monthly from January to July. By February I was under a different insurance plan. I presented my insurance card, the secretary made a photocopy of it and entered it into the system.

Every single time I went back they had the wrong insurance information, and sometimes even quoted me a different co-pay. Every. Single. Time. And every time we went through the same routine: I told them the information was wrong, they took my insurance card, did whatever they needed to do to supposedly enter it into the system, and the next time I came they would quote me entirely different information than the last time.

At my last visit I even told them that my information was different every time I came in, after they told me for the sixth time that my insurance information was incorrect.

How does this happen? I worked with about three different secretaries. Is the computer system just stubborn or did they all neglect to erase the outdated information?
Not giving a shit (DLM)

DHL -- maybe "why bother" service or small bad_service

Last weekend, I ordered a package of toys from an online shop and selected DHL ground as my shipping method because it was cheap and I didn't really care when the toys arrived (basically, I ordered a bunch of toys that may be given to the child for certain reasons over the next few months, up to and including Christmas.)

The shop e-mailed me and gave me the shipping information + reference number. I clicked on the link and it took me over to DHL's site, which showed me the shipping status and offered me the opportunity to sign up to be e-mailed about various information/events. For example, when the package went out for delivery, when the package was delivered.

I signed up for both those options. Since my area is in the middle of it's "thunderstorm most afternoons" cycle, I figured that if it looked like it was going to be a rainy afternoon, I could call my neighbor when I received the e-mail and have her bring the package inside for me. Most of the toys I ordered were wooden, and I didn't know how well moisture-protected they'd be inside the cardboard box.

We came home 2 days ago, and the box was sitting on the front porch. The sky was just starting to drip a little, so we got it in before it got too wet. I never received an e-mail about it either going out for delivery or being delivered. I figured: hey, must have been stupid and mis-typed my e-mail address.

Well, I just got the "out for delivery" e-mail, stating that the package had gone out for delivery on July 23. I checked the headers which seem to indicate that the DHL servers generated and sent this message today, not that the message was generated/sent on the 23th and spent a few days lost in wild backroads of the Internet.

I'm kind of wondering if I'm going to get the "delivered" message sometime this afternoon.

This all kind of seems . . . useless. I guess if the package had been stolen or something, it would be nice to know that they think they delivered it 2 days ago, but that doesn't seem to be a really useful purpose for these alerts.