July 24th, 2008


Today just seemed to be a day of bad service all around.

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ETA: Neither cabs were metered. The price was based on distance from point A to point B so there was no extra charge when it took longer than usual to get where we were going. The base price for cab #2 was $13.50 and that's what it stayed. It was just annoying.

tldr; Cab driver #1 doesn't listen to directions or forgets them in 30 seconds. Movie concession line doesn't move but the vending machines don't work. Waiter in restaurant ignores us. Cab driver #2 takes long route and gets huffy about it without trying to alter his course.

Bad Vet Service

So, this is really hard to write about, really, but something today really was the last straw in this saga, so I really need to vent.

I used to have a cat, Holly...

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Edit: Wow, thank you everyone for your kind words and comments - the vets was the Oundle Vet Surgery, which is in Oundle, near Peterborough, UK.
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Lowes. This is long, sorry.

So, last month my washing machine finally bit the dust. It was about twenty-five years old and we decided to buy a new machine. We had seen the television commercials that advertised Lowes having the lowest prices on appliances and we went there. After looking around for about an hour, a salesperson met with us and helped us decide on a machine. We picked out a $1,300 Samsung Energy Star 4.0 Cubic Ft. Front Loader (a blue one) and since we were there already, we picked up the matching $1,300 dryer. We also picked out two accessories for the machines: two $300 drawer pedestals.

The salesman told us that we could get delivery the very next day and that everything would be installed in full. Our old washing machine would be taken away and our old dryer would be placed outside for someone from freecycle to pick it up. We asked if we could schedule our delivery time and we were told by the salesman that someone would call us the next day. So, I had errands to run but I stayed at home and waited for the call. At 2pm, after not hearing anything, I called the store and got passed around the phone system until I finally got to speak with a sales manager. He told me that the salesman could not have possibly told us that we could get our machines the very next day because it had to be ordered and it would take two weeks. It really ticked me off that I was being called a liar, but I let it slide and agreed to wait the two weeks.

Now, for the record, I have a one year old son. I cloth diaper. I need access to a washing machine and I wouldn't have purchased the machine had I known it would take two weeks to deliver. There were much less expensive machines I would have picked instead and had them ASAP. Now that they were ordered though, I was excited about them. Again, I let it slide and I went to the local laundromat two times a week during the two-week waiting period and literally spent $20 a session just to get my diapers clean enough that I could re-use them. It was a big hassle. Two weeks to the day after my original delivery date, I went to the store to purchase the pads to protect my ceramic floors from the machine vibration. This cost me $70 but the original salesman told me that they were necessary. While I was there, I decided to check with the appliance department to see what the status of the order was. Afterall, it had been two weeks. I spoke with a salesman and he went into the back of the store and looked for a really long time (fifteen or twenty minutes) before he came back out and informed us that he couldn't find our order. After some computer searching, he found the order but for some reason it had been filed or entered under a different surname which is nothing like ours. Okay. They hadn't been on the truck but they were supposed to come in in four days. They told me not to worry, I would get a phone call to schedule the delivery.

Four days later I finally got a phone call for delivery. We set it up for Sunday (over three weeks after my initial order) because we were planning to be home most of the day. They couldn't give me a time over the phone that they would be at the house and I was told that we would get a phone call between 7:00am and 10:00am. Fine. I woke up early and waited for the call so that my husband could sleep. At 11:00am, after getting no call, I called the store. Again, after being passed around to a million people, I finally got in touch with another manager who told me that the delivery people had called but no one answered. I asked him to repeat the phone number, and it was incorrect. It was correct on my copy of the transaction though, so someone on their end must have transposed it incorrectly. At noon, I finally got the phone call from the delivery people. They told me that they would be there between 2:00pm and 6:00pm, but maybe earlier. So, given the window of time I had, I couldn't really leave the house or anything.

We waited. By 6:45, I was wondering what had happened, so I called the store. Someone from Customer Service took my name and number and told me that they would figure out where the delivery people were and have someone call me. At 7:30pm, we got a phone call. It was a manager who asked if we were the people who were supposed to get a delivery of a washer and a dryer. I said that we were and he said that we wouldn't be getting it today. I asked why and he informed me that the driver of the delivery truck had attempted to drive the truck under an overpass that was too low for clearance. For the record, I know where the accident happened- the height is posted right on the bottom of the overpass! Anyway, the accident happened around 1:00pm, but no one bothered to call us. At no point in time did the manager apologize for the inconvenience. We inquired about the condition of the driver and everyone was relatively uninjured but the truck, we were told, had been totaled and the State Police had never seen such a bad accident without injuries.

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Mild furniture suck

Recently my husband and I got our tax money back, and it was quite a bit more than we were expecting. I've wanted a three seater couch for ages, because our two seater was secondhand, falling apart and really uncomfortable.

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tl;dr - we order a couch, they stuff up the delivery day and offer us a free lamp which never appears.
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