July 22nd, 2008

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Newbie here! *waves*

I'll start with something that happened to me a few months ago at Subway...

I went up to the counter and requested my usual, a six-inch turkey sub. As I did so, the guy just stared at me, face full of horror.

"Ewww!" he said, quite loudly. "You like TURKEY?? That is SO. GROSS. How can you EAT that??"

The employee was fairly young, and I think he thought he was being funny or something...but WTF?! It wasn't like I ordered turkey slathered in peanut butter and dipped in Slurpie. If he personally doesn't like turkey, fine, whatever. But why on earth would he feel the need to comment on my order? (I'm sure that turkey is probably one of their most common orders, so he must be telling people that all day long...)

Can you imagine a world in which employees commented on customers' purchases? "Sir, that is the ugliest shirt I have ever seen! I certainly hope you aren't planning to pay actual money for it..." LOL

penn station suck

i went to a local penn station today. i ordered a sandwich, and the guy rang me up and then immediately started making my sandwich without any gloves or hand-washing.

he started getting the [raw] bacon out for my sandwich, and then the phone rang. he answered it and kept touching the bacon without using any hand sanitizer. there was another employee helping him, who rang someone up and then also touched my sandwich without any hand sanitizer.

so, i didn't say anything, because i'm non-confrontational and didn't want to make a scene. as i made my way home, though, i kept getting angrier. so, i called the corporate number. the lady there was very unhelpful and basically told me that i was wrong. she asked me if i had washed my hands before i ate the sandwich (what the fuck?) and told me that they probably used the sanitizer and i just didn't see it.

i may call the actual location and speak to the manager, but i will probably just never go there again. the nastiness of the resturant combined with how rude the corporate lady was really turned me off. maybe i'm overreacting, but i really don't think so.
cat mask

Joys of Car Shopping

My sister got into a car accident on Saturday, and her car was totaled. Insurance will be sending her a nice big check to the tune of $13,000, so we went today to car shopping. We wake up nice and early, get some coffee, and head out to the main strip in town where many car dealerships are. We stop at four or five places, until we get to the last place.

It's Verdi Motors, a smaller dealership that sells all kinds of cars, for all kinds of budgets. I've been here before with my boyfriend, and I know the guys who work here aren't very friendly, but whatever. We like a few cars in the lot, there's a large variety, we pull in and park. We're walking about looking for about 15 minutes, waiting for someone to come out. Every other time I've been here, one of the guys has come out, and tried to help us. We were hoping someone could come out to talk to us so we could be let into the car, and not have to remember off the top of our heads which cars we liked.

We walk into the office. The same guy who helped my boyfriend is working. He doesn't recognize me. He asks us about which cars we liked. We tell him which ones we liked: a Honda Civic that is a standard, an Acura TSX that's automatic, and an Audi A4 that's stick. We ask if we can be let into the car, and take it for a test drive. "How old are you? 15 or 16?". My sister is 18 and I am 20. Obviously we didn't walk here, and you have to be at least 16 1/2 to be able to drive where we live. She says "I'm 18, and she's 20". Guy laughs "Haha wow! I thought you were older! You're taller!". Ugh. Story of my life, but RUDE. I reply "How old do you have to be to test drive?". He says "21. But it doesn't matter because you guys can't drive a stick, right?". Actually...we both know how to drive stick. I then reply with "You were going to let my boyfriend test drive a car here, but he couldn't drive stick, and he's the same age as I am". He looks kind of embarrassed. I realize he doesn't want us to drive his cars because he doesn't think women can a) can drive a stick, and b) can drive at all. Why would he let my boyfriend drive his car, and not me? We're the same age.

It's not a major thing, but it's something I see happening a lot. My sister and I will be on the lot looking at cars, and no one will come out to help us, but if a young or old male comes in looking, the car salesman practically fall over themselves to help them out.