July 21st, 2008

Psycho gum-cracking employee at my college 7-11.

Another day of amazing service at the 7-11! Just kidding. Because this might be tl; dr: Collapse )

Teal Dear: You're out of luck. I'm lazy.

*EDIT* - I didn't say anything to the manager, because I wanted to ask him if he'd carry some soymilk. I didn't want to come off as a bitch, because she was so nasty that I figured she'd lie to cover her ass if she was spoken to- I've seen that from co-workers many times. It was annoying, but the soymilk was a bigger deal to me than the rude employee, and I guess I didn't feel like I could do both in the same convo and still be as polite as I wanted with the soymilk.

I was really pissed off... now that I think back on it, I could've been really nice about it and just said "___ didn't realize there were baskets available- it might help her if you showed her where they were". But I didn't think of that then.

I'm too nice.
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Scary lady at Lincraft

I'm learning to sew and yesterday I bought my first pattern and also some fabric to make a skirt. I took it to the counter and told the lady that I've never used a pattern before and that I don't know how to read it to tell her how much fabric I need, but that I only want to make one of the skirts. I pointed out which skirt I wanted to make.

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Because I obviously don't know what I want

This is an old bad service post that I just remembered from when I was about 10 or 11 and I wanted to post it. The bad service occurred at a hair salon that we have been going to since we first moved to our current location when I was nine. I'm still going to the hair salon since there are some really great stylists there, it's just this woman who isn't. The bad service unfortunately is a paragraph since I don't really remember the dialog being so long ago.

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Stylist wants to hack off my bangs even though my mom said a trim and I like my bangs. Mom talks her out of it though the stylist is none too pleased. Find out later from my main stylist that the one who wanted to hack off my bangs is immune to firing because she had either one or two kids by the owner's son.
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Extended Stay America

I want to preface this with a few things. Like I am very shy and it takes a bit for me to work of the nerve to complain in the first place. Also I am not 'directly' paying for my room. I am here because work put me here for a month because I am doing some training away from home and it's too much to pay me or expect me to to drive this far.
So I am already quite a bit out of sorts, I'm in a place where I don't know where anything is, and already feel like I have limited control over my accommodation because I'm not paying for them (they ARE being paid, just not by me.)

The one good thing I'm getting at the moment, is free internet. When I checked in it was hinted it wasn't doing so well so the gal gave me the pass code without charging me or the company they is putting me here. I was willing to pay she just brushed it off and gave me the code.

Now for two weeks, the internet is at best, crappy. At times it will drop the connection for a few reasons. Some are the routers just crapping out, another is that where I am I am at the farthest point from the routers so it's just a crappy connection to start with and mix in high traffic at night and the router drops the weakest connection (me) the moment it does not get a 'pong' back from it's 'ping'.
My laptop is the only thing that seems to even be able to hold a connection longer then 5 mins at a time, and there have been nights I won't have it for hours. Between work and a few other factors I've just ended up frustrated but dealing with it. My desktop on a wirelss card never holds a connection more then 5 mins, this is an issue because some of the stuff I want to do only my desktop can handle. So I've had to cope, but rather then be a pest I just faught with it until this last few days where the connection craped out. It's impossible for either computer to get a decent connection without me sitting upside down with one leg up, one leg down and one hand under the bed (alright I might be eggagrating but that's what it feels like).

So on the advice of a few friends I sucked it up and went to the desk to see if I could be moved closer to a router or something..

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TLDR: 3 problems, guy at the desk accuses me of lying and acts like I dont' know what I'm talking about. Leaves a note, after claiming there was no note for the manager and doesn't even promise to resolve the problem just to leave a note and tells ME to deal with it tomrrow with the daytime staff or something... I being quiet and meek take it, and walk off.