July 20th, 2008


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The last post about the tattoo reminds me of some bad_service I received from a tattoo artist. Luckily, nothing got messed up with my tattoo because well, I never got my tattoo.
My boyfriend took me to this place neither of us had heard much about, but they do custom work, and it's close by, so we thought we would check it out...
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tl;dr: I was going to get my first tattoo, but couldn't because the tattoo artist flaked out on me.

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I went to a bar last night and a couple things that the bartenders did just annoyed me.

I ordered a cocktail and as much as it tasted pretty good it was obvious that they had not trained the girl in making them. It was the wrong glass and wrong amounts of alcohol.

Another girl who had been there for a while nand a chef was talking to her about the cocktail. After the cocktail was finished and I had paid for it it was still on the bar as I was putting my money way in my bag. The two girls were still talking about and the girl in the chefs uniform got a straw and drank some of my cocktail.
I gave her a look but I don't think she noticed, and they walked away, I just stayed there. when they finally noticed that I had not moved the girl who made it came over and asked what was wrong and I said that was not impressed by the other girls actions for drinking some of my drink seeing as I paid for it. She looked sheepish and made me another one(I did not ask her to)

I am not scared of cooties or anthing but I just thought was damn unprofessional of the girl esp of a chef.

A couple of hours later I went to order a special mixed drink that a friend had bought and I thought was pretty awesome so I when in to order and lo and behold they had no idea what I was talking about. I told the name of the drink and what it looks like. A girl that did know came over to me so I asked for it and I thought she would not know so I described it and I got attitude right away. She immediantly said
"Yeah I know what is I am not fucking stupid"

After it was all done I took of with my drink and walked away.

Needless to say I am not going back there

kitty adoption

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tl:dr: Cat adoption center doesn't let you see the cats unless you commit to adopting immediately; tells us we "wasted their time" because we decided to wait until next week to adopt. Very unfriendly.

I know there's a lot of pet workers and volunteers in customers_suck, so if you guys are in this community too I'd appreciate hearing your take on this.

Here we go again...

Part 1 http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1609825.html

Part 2 http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1610901.html

tl;dr - Dr. goes out of town...I get screwed on pain med refill...

Guess what happened again? Yup. I called last week to get my refill...they call me Friday to tell me that my doctor is out of town and won't be back for several weeks. He didn't leave any signed prescription forms for his nurses to use in his absence....

My only option at this point is to go in Monday, which means I have to take off work early (which I can't ask my boss until Monday morning because he was out of the office on Friday) to go see a PA at the office.

I asked if it would be possible to sign a records release form or something so my OB can handle it if this happens again. The nurse told me no! What the hell? Last time I checked, they were my medical records.

I go see my OB on Thursday, so I'm going to ask her to put in a request for my records or something. When my doctor gets back into town, we're going to have a VERY long discussion about this crap.

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So, having pasted here before, sharing stories from my sister, I finally have my own bad_service story of my own. Nothing as terrible as what has been posted here in the past, but...

Dad and I went out for a drive today and stopped at Dunkin Donuts to get a coolatta (or however that's spelled. While he went to the restroom, I ordered two coolattas, and paid, only to have the woman at the register lean over to the woman next to her and say, looking directly at me, "Doesn't she look like a cockatoo?" And then mimicks head bobbing.

I didn't know what to do except smile awkwardly, but the woman she said it to did thwap her on the arm. Really, people...is it too much to ask to wait until I'm gone before you make fun of me?

ETA: I've added pics of myself...with the same hairstyle I had when I entered Dunkin Donuts.

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Minor bad_service...

I'm, admittedly, a Starbucks junkie. I live in Indiana for most of the year, but I am back visiting my parents in California for a couple of months. I go to the local Starbucks probably once every other day, and even though there is staff turnover, they do recognize me. Tonight there was a new girl making the drinks.

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I know it's a fairly minor thing, but it just annoyed me that she gave me so much attitude. I'm always there, I made a pretty simple request... I thanked her profusely for her trouble. What's the big deal? Anyway. Thanks for reading the rant. :)
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Wendy's Suck

Dear Wendy's,

I know you have your ninth-stringers working at 9:00 on a Sunday night. It's cool. Everyone screws up sometimes. But your degree of fail was really uncalled for.

We ordered two sandwiches (one ordinary classic burger, and one bacon cheeseburger with just ketchup) and a medium fries at the drive through. Good thing my boyfriend's the sort to check the bag before we leave, because we had one sandwich -- a bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, but no ketchup -- and no receipt.

So off to a parking space with us and in we go. There's no-one at the registers inside. We can hear that you all are back there -- and from the sound of the conversation, it seems that no two employees speak the same non-English language -- but we cannot see you. Fail! There are two or three other folks in the queue here besides us.

Also, there is some sort of water -- cleaning water? -- filled with suds and trash and fries, flooding onto the floor. It's coming from under the "Employees Only" door, and it's now covering the entire area between there and the entry door. It's also flowing around the straws / napkins stand and over to where the customers are waiting in line for the non-existent employees at the register. More fail.

Eventually an employee in knee-high rubber boots and carrying a floor squeegee came out and dealt with the mess. My flip-flop clad self was grateful. (The boots say to me that you did this on purpose. Except that you close at 1:00 a.m. It's 9:00 p.m. Why now?) And another came out to deal with the line. Wahoo.

No-one was rude to us, but that might be because no-one actually spoke with us. We got some, "oh," and and word that might have been "yes," and after a while, left with a cold quarter pounder.

Also, I would totally have ordered it sans mayo if I had known that it came with mayo in the first place! Who does that?

No love, and going to the McD's next door next time,


(P.S. -- I'll give you credit for the fries being fresh. I'm just sad that by the time we got my burger and got home, they'd gone cold. The BF has written to your franchisee.)