July 18th, 2008

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Yesterday I went shopping at a well-known retail store that specializes in apparel for teens. It also happens to be the place I recently got a job. I went in to pick up my schedule and found a tank top I wanted.

Now this place has an "adult" store and a "kids" store that sells different sizes of clothing. I work in the kids store, but went to the adult store. When I went to the counter to pay I pulled out my debit card. Note that I am seventeen, and with the bank I am with am not allowed to have my name on my debit card, so my stepdad helped me to set up my account. The debit card has his name on it but it is actually my account. I realize that some stores are not allowed to let me use the card because I have no proof I am his daughter. In these cases I usually ask them to please hold my purchase while I trudge to the ATM to get cash.

I have never been asked for ID at this store before, not to mention the fact that I work NEXT DOOR.

The girl at the checkout asked to see my card after I swiped it, then asked, "Whose card is this?" 

"Mine. It's in my stepdad's name because I'm not old enough to have my own debit card."
"...this isn't your card."
"...yes it is."

The girl was VERY SNOTTY.

After a long pause she allowed me to complete the transaction, where I put in the pin number etc.

Please note that it wasn't the fact that she questioned the card was mine. She could have simply said, "May I see your id?" then "Sorry, but I have to have an ID -smile-" in which case I would gladly have gone to get cash.

Ugh. I don't know if I'd be justified in saying anything to my managers though? What do you guys think?


Sears Hell

We had a hell of a time purchasing a house and then we had a hell of a time purchasing a damn refrigerator. Here's the uncut story as told by Gimel (my fiancée). It's rather long so prepare yourself.

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