July 15th, 2008


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More of a 'wtf' then bad service, but i thought it might make some of you giggle.

My brother was bitten by an unknown spider this morning and in true male "I'm so tough" style he of course went to work today, then promptly came home in pain and called one of the 'come to my home!' doctors.

What's the first thing the DR asks when he gets here?

Dr: "Now Luke, where do you work?"
Luke: "I'm a sound engineer and an AV technician"
Dr: "Excellent! Now, tell me, what is an MP3 and an MP4?"

Priorities ;)


Plain... Black... Iced... Tea...

Why is this hard?

The closest spot to grab a quick iced tea near work is a Starbuck's. I try to avoid when possible, but sometimes I'm in a rush - oh, well.

Lately, they've been getting "creative" about what a plain black iced tea means. Today took the cake - it apparently meant "sweetened, and also with lemonade." When I told the barista that no, I had ordered a plain, black, iced tea, she said "Oh, that's how we normally do it here."

No, it's not. 8 times out of 10 (sad, huh?) I've gotten a plain, black, iced tea when I've ordered one. Occasionally, a barista will ask me whether I'd like any syrup added to sweeten it. 2 times out of 10 they'll try to add syrup without asking. A couple times they've poured a tea latte for no apparent reason. But sweetener and lemonade??? How do you reinterpret a plain black iced tea as an Arnie Palmer?

I've ordered this at Starbuck's all over the country without any differences store to store, which is what you'd expect from a chain. I know darned well that the "official" version at this store is the same as the others. So why should it be hard to just pour the basic?

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I preface this with yes, I have some issues in some social situations, it is not everyone's business to know what or why but I wanted to mention this that I understand some of this is on my end.

I went to Starbucks to get a drink, a "caramel macchiato" but with soymilk and toffee-nut syrup instead of caramel. I ordered it as such "Can I please have a tall soy toffee-nut macchiato" and the girl cheerfully said "sure!" and that was the transaction.

So I wait for my drink. And wait. and wait. and wait. 15 minutes pass, which is a long time for a Starbucks drink. So I asked the girl making drinks (not the one who took my order) why customers who came after me are served before me, and she goes "OH I had to ask you about your drink! Did you want 2 shots of espresso or one?" I just replied "Whatever comes normally...?" and she gets a weird face and says "Do you know anything about this drink?" Which made me feel really awkward so I just said "yes, I've ordered this before" (true. just not at this location) So she says "well this is just like, foam on espresso." And I said "Um... I just want the caramel macchiato with toffee-nut instead of caramel" and she kind of rolls her eyes and says "OK FINE" and starts making it and I see she's doing it with milk (I cannot have milk), so I go over again and say "Excuse me, but it has to be made with soy." and she makes a really mean face at me and goes "FINE" again really snottily and sets that drink aside and kind of bangs around while she gets the soy. So I look visibly upset at this point because I'll be honest, I don't do well with things like this. When my drink is ready she hands it to me and say "Oh don't cry, it's just a drink." and I felt like shit and walked out.

It just made me feel really awkward and now I dread going there again, but it's the only one near my job. Lame.

I don't know if complaining will do anything in this instance as I guess I was being "weird" and may have come off as rude when in reality I was just uncomfortable.

Edit: I just popped back in and talked to the manager. I refused the offer of a free drink card, I just wanted an apology.
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Just when I thought I'd heard it all....

Friday night my BF and I went to the restaurant that's here where he lives (in a marina). Since he's a regular there, all the servers know him by name and so forth, which sometimes leads them to push their luck a little. (Serving newbies first because the regulars are sure to come back, that kind of thing.) It hasn't been too horrendous until now.

Well, Friday he and I stayed until closing time and ran up quite a tab. (Fifteen draft microbrews, one dinner and three mixed drinks.) He put it on his card and left a cash tip for "James", the barkeep. (Because, as we all know, cash tips are less easily traced and tracked.)

The next day he went up for a Coke while I was at work. The owner of the place came by his table and absolutely CONFRONTED HIM FOR "NOT TIPPING".

Let me repeat that. The owner of the restaurant felt it necessary to accost a regular customer for not leaving a tip.

My BF asked if Owner had talked with James.

No, Owner was basing this solely on an eyeballing of the credit receipt.

BF told the owner what he thought of him and left (without ever getting the Coke he'd sought).

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There is a local pet supply store (Pet Barn) that I often go to which carries small pets as well as supplies. I bought a Guinea pig from there and a couple of weeks after getting her I decided to go purchase another.

I picked out a very small pig (she was probably a month old at the time) and asked one of the employees to help me. He couldn't catch the pig (it seemed like he was afraid) so I grabbed her and held her while he went to go get a box. He came back and I placed her in the box and he grabbed the box. He immediately dropped the box and the pig squealed loudly, making all the other customers stare. While he stands gawking at the box, I quickly snatched the box up and checked on the pig to make sure she was okay. She seemed fine, and he took the box from me again (carefully this time)and then proceeded to try to STAPLE the box shut. I told him to please not do that, and he took the box up to the counter.

While I'm paying for the pig, he tells one of his coworkers how he dropped the pig. She proceeds to LAUGH and then tells him a story about how she dropped some other animals, the whole time laughing and joking about how she hurt them (seriously, I couldn't believe her). I almost decided to leave and not purchase anything because of how cruel she was being, but I didn't want to leave the pig behind.

It's been a few months since I purchased said piggy (named Phoebe). She is still very scared and jumps at anything, but I don't know if that's just her nature or because of her experience. I've gone back to that store a couple of times since then, but I haven't seen the woman who was joking about hurting animals. The guy who dropped Phoebe, though, still works there.

The Latest Christmas Gift

This may be long...

Edit: After sending a complaint email saying I am filing a complaint with better business bureau, I got an email and hour afterwards.  Hm...

Edit 2: The items arrived July 21st, and in excellent condition.  I can say I am rather giddy about how the turnout was ^_______________^

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