July 14th, 2008

Kindly STFU, dude.

Dear cafe-working friend A,
yes, you hate friend B. Yes, I am friends with friend B, and she's come in to the cafe with me. Why, oh why did you think that just because you know us, you could be a Special Snowflake and let your professionalism fall to the level of bitching her out loudly? You're an idiot. The manager doesn't give a fuck about your teen drama. Express your hate some time when you're not at work, k?

..But, to the guy at JayJays who wrote his MSN address on the back of my reciept and then wrote 'pretend im giving you my phone number', dude, that was so immensely cute. It made my day. Thanks a bunch.
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When in doubt > Taylor

Both on the Minor side

The first happened on Friday evening in Columbus Ohio. My mom and I were visiting my Grandma and took her out to dinner both nights we were there. First night was a woooooonderful Italian restaruant called Luce, and the 2nd was at El Vaquerros (sp?) on Friday night. I think, actually, these are in Powell, OH but since I'm from Colorado I'm not entirely sure.

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And then Malones, here in Arvada Colorado.
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Edit to add:

On a previous occasion at this restaurant I found a hair INSIDE my burrito, sticking out of the edge (longer than my hair and darker than anyone's at the table), and the server didn't even ask if there was anything she could do to make it better. And my mother made me eat the meal anyway

And I split some nachos with a friend there for lunch, and we found a bandaid inside. It didn't look like it was a used bandaid in that there didn't appear to be blood or pus on the pad...but it was a bandaid! Ewwww! The best the server could do was take $1 off the total.

In regards to due dates and the like.

This is just a mild bad service/annoyance.

I just returned yesterday from an unexpected trip - my uncle died in a tragic accident on the 3rd, and I had to drive down to IL (from MN) to be with the family.

My roommate had oh-so-wonderfully stacked all of my mail neatly on my desk (I love her to bits!), and as I was sorting through it I found a bill from the Park Nicollet Clinics, for a recent appointment. Yay!

The postdate on the envelope was 7/10/2008. When I opened the bill to see when it was due, the due date was listed as 7/12/2008 (SATURDAY!).

Please, Park Nicollet Clinic, if you want your bill to be paid on time, send it more than two days before the due date, and also make sure that the due date is a business day. Thank you!
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Amazon suck

I recently ordered a book through Amazon. It was a brand new copy of Everything is Illuminated.  Now the version I ordered was the edition with the original cover. It also stated in the description that it was brand new.

The book arrived within the two weeks stated, albiet the last few days. When I opened it, I discovered to my dismay that it was the movie tie-in edition, NOT the original. Not only that but the cover was scuffed, like someone had lightly rubbed a brillo pad over it before shipping. I left negative feedback on the seller's page and have since recieved three emails asking me to remove my negative feedback. I've sent them an email back every time stating that the feedback will stay and to not email me any further. One more email and I'm filing a harassment claim with amazon.

Am I overreacting?

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Dear Head Shop Employee,

All I did was ask for a job application because I saw your "Help Wanted" sign in the window, so if you could maybe refrain from looking at me like I just asked you to help me punch a sack full of baby rabbits in the middle of your store, that would be really awesome.

Also, I would like to remind you that your store sells BONGS, not the cure for cancer, so if you could additionally refrain from treating my best friend and I like we weren't worthy of even looking in your general direction, that'd be great, too.

The out-of-work college student who wouldn't have even asked for an application if she wasn't in desperate need of some cash.
Bad Kitty

"Butcher" Shop

This is minor but it has been bothering me way out of proportion and I'm hoping writing about it will let me forget it.

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tl,dr: A butcher shop “butchered” a special order roast either through shear incompetence or because they made an honest mistake then tried to cover it up instead of owning up to it.

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  Seeing the post below about people  not spelling your surname right.  i thought of an old tale related.  Now i know people below  commented, that no harm can come from getting the name wrong... well... wrong. 

 My brother and I  went hiking on a pro- D day off from school.  long story short, I fell 100 feet off a clif, and my brother tried to save me , but fell too and died on impact.  I was in a coma and never thought that i would wake up.  The newspaper wrote a story about it, but got our Last name wrong.  My mum went into our family doctor and asked for some pills to sedate her. Guess what the Doctor said- " No, those where not even your kids, they had a different last name." 
 The doctor would not give my mum some pills, and thought she was making it up that her son died and daughter was on deathbed just to score some valium.  Hows that for bad service ?

 lets just say we never went back to him.

 But moral of the story- some times  misspelling  surnames can cause problems... 

to those that think this story is fake-- here is a link top my story which was also in the canadian 2008 Jan. issue of readers digest.

 Edit Part Two-  Yikes, some of you are sleuths in training. I know the story  sounds insane,  hell, its my life and i still thinks its far fetched, like  the perfect tv movie to be made on lifetime, with tori spelling playing me. 

 but I am the real Natalie Lachowicz- here are two photos taken   today, with me,  showing my story in Readers digest. Here and Here.