July 12th, 2008


Victorias Secret

This happened awhile ago, but Im bored so I thought Id share.

It was after Christmas and I had gotten a lot of VS giftcards. I was saving them for the semi-annual sale. I got up early and went a few minutes after they opened and shopped around.

While I was being rang out, I noticed that a hoodie I had chosen priced at $15.99 from $34.99 had rang up at the $34.99 price. I thought maybe the price would correct itself in the end and it would be fine. So I dont say anything, but I check my receipt after I left and notice that yes indeed I had been charged full price.

At this time, I was working retail and I know how it is when customers get bitchy over things, so I didnt want to make a big deal out of it. The hoodie WAS marked with a sticker priced at $15.99. So heres where the bad service comes in.

I go back in and go to a different cashier. I explain politely what happened and was hoping they could just put it back on my giftcard.

The woman I went to took one look at the hoodie and said

"This isnt on sale. Somebody just stuck that there"

I told her there were other ones right next to it that were marked the same and she kept repeating the same thing.

At this point Im getting really upset because all I want is the difference and the least she could do was go check.

Finally she gets the manager and the manager comes back and confirms that YES the hoodie was infact on sale and to do the price adjustment.

After she corrects it she takes the hoodie and throws it on the counter behind her. She stands there staring at me and I say Can I have my hoodie back please?

And she throws it on the counter. I didnt get an apology from her or the manager either.

I emailed Victorias Secret and let them know, but I went to the same store a little while later and nothing had changed.

(no subject)

Yesterday afternoon I went to grab a bite to eat with my mother. I ordered the turkey sandwich, which comes with tapenade smeared on the bread.

nomnomnom *crunch*
I bite into an olive pit.
nomnomnom *crunch*
I bite into another olive pit.
So now I scrape off the rest of the tapenade, and find two more olive pits.

The server comes around and asks if he can get me anything else.
"Well...I found a pile of olive pits in the tapenade..."
"Four -- that's quite a few for so little tapenade."
"...you should probably tell the kitchen."
"Oh yea...sure", he rolls his eyes, "...I guess I'll tell the kitchen."

And that's the last that was said about that. I got the impression that there were supposed to be pits in the tapenade. o.O I would have told the manager, but I had a hard time talking to her without being distracted by her tits and ass peeking out of this really thin, really short dress she wore.

Hairdresser WTF.

My hair, when I don't straighten it, is.. not quite curly, not quite wavy, just.. weird. Pretty much exactly like this with some sticky-up bits (and as a result, everybody I know calls me Beckett).

I went in to get my bad, self-done layers evened up, because they look awful unless I straighten my hair and I want to stop straightening it daily, which I explained to the chick doing my hair. She chopped a bit, then straightened my hair. I assumed this was so she could.. see if it looked okay straightened and if she needed to fix anything. Or something. But then she did the rest of the cut. And as I was leaving, she informed me that 'to keep it looking even you'll have to straighten it daily'.