July 10th, 2008

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Twice a week in the morning, I buy a parfait (yogurt, granola, strawberries and blueberries) and an iced coffee. This morning, I bought one and when I sat down I noticed the consistency was totally different. The yogurt was chunky, warm and more solid. All of the liquid had drained to the bottom. Usually, it's nice and smooth (and cold!). Anyway, I tasted it and it was disgusting. It also smelled off. I brought it up and told the woman working there that something was wrong with it and she brought it back to her manager. The manager came out with her and our conversation unfolded like this:

Him: Have you ever had it before?
Me: Yes, many times.
Him: Oh because it's always nasty and if you aren't used to having it that would explain it..
Me: No, I've had it many times and it has never tasted like this.
Him: It always tastes like wallpaper and if you've never had it before, that's why...
Him: Well, we can give you another one but it was made with the same yogurt as that one.
Him: This is the way it always tastes.

The woman offered to refund the money to me and when she came back over with it she said she agreed with me. She said that when she saw the consistency of mine, it was definitely chunky and not smooth like usual. RIdiculous. I hope other people complain throughout the day. But, I'm shocked that they are just leaving them there.

Scary Haircut.

So, I'm pretty laid back about my hair. It's thick, it's curly, relatively easy to style. I wanted a newer, shorter look, so I went to my local Supercuts. (First bad decision, I know.) The girl absolutely butchered my hair. It's uneven, it's way too short, and it looks awful. I didn't pay, but both she and the other girl on duty refused to give me corporates number. I went home and looked it up, and I've been talking to them.

They have been insanely helpful and nice, the entire time. What I'd love from you guys, is to let me know what you think I can ask for. They are offering a gift card to one of their nicer sister salons (Regis), but the amount is 'negotiable'. To make this relatively short, I'll just post pictures.
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So, the gift card would cover a hair cut to even it out and some products, at the very least. But after doing a few searches online, apparently when a haircut is really bad, sometimes they will offer cuts/services for a few months until your hair is back to a decent state. I'm not looking for some insane amount, or anything silly like 'pain and suffering', but I do want to be fairly compensated. Advice?
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Surprise kitty

Dont buy from Fabrics to Dye For

I'm into tyedying and such, and when I needed to stock up on some soda ash, I shopped around for the best place and came to Fabrics to Dye For.com. Not only did they have the soda ash at a great price, they had a lot of other things that I was interested in. However, I decided to be smart and only order the soda ash and see what happens from there.
So, I ordered on May 31st. On June 18th, I called them and explained that I had ordered this and not recieved it and wanted a refund. They were really sweet and the women was like "oh, we just moved our store, so we dont have that brand anymore! But i'll send you the Jocard (the brand i REALLY wanted) instead, and it'll only be $x.xx more!" And I was like Umm...and she was like "oh, you know, I just wont charge you extra since you already paid" And I was like, okay, I can handle that.
Its July 10th, and I still have recieved a DAMN thing. And now, they wont even answer their phones. Im so glad I save EVERYTHING, especially reciepts.


It's not omgworstevar service so much as.. curiously inept. NB: I do not live in a small town and the pharmacy I go to is not a small pharmacy.

I wanted to switch one of my prescriptions onto auto-refill and take one of them off auto-refill. So I called up the pharmacy and asked how I would go about doing this.

Pharm Tech: Oh, we can just do it over the phone, no problem! What's your date of birth?
Me: 1/23/45.
Pharm Tech: And which prescriptions?
Me: I want to take Pill A off auto-refill and put Pill B onto auto-refill.
Pharm Tech: *long pause* Neither of these prescriptions are listed on your profile. Do you use more than one pharmacy?
Me: No, just this one. Neither of those are on there? Because I picked both of them up yesterday afternoon and they both have refills left.
Pharm Tech: *pause* Well, the only ones I see on here are Medication C, Medication D, and Medication E.
Me: ... I don't have a prescription for any of those.
And then it finally hits me
Me: Um, you never asked for my name or address or anything. Are you sure you have the right person?
Pharm Tech: Is this not Amanda Johnson?
Me: No. This is My Name.
Pharm Tech: Oh my gosh, are you serious? You two have the same birthday! How weird is that?! Okay hold on, let me pull your profile up.
and the rest continued without incident.

But seriously? Are you shitting me? This store probably has at least a thousand customers and they're pulling up entire profiles and discussing medical histories based on birthday alone?? Without even checking to make sure they have the right person? Not asking to verify a phone number, address, insurance carrier, nothin'. Wow. Color me surprised if this is the first time this sort of mix-up has happened.

Bizzaro World

A few nights a week I grab Burger King for my husband before  pick him up from work. I've gone to the same Burger King so often that they pretty much know who I am when I make the order at drive through, even the new staff has realized that I am fairly clock work about orders. Sometimes being to familiar is not a good thing.

Last night I pulled up to drive through and place my order, nothing seems out of the ordinary. I get to the window and the new cashier who has always been a bit of a spaz looks at me with this wide eyed/crazed look and the conversation goes like this.

DL=Drive through  Lady

DL: They are about to drive me nuts tonight!!!

Me: Rough night of customers?

DL: (says something I can't make out) I just know that if they try and call me in tomorrow because I'm off I am telling them Hell Fuck NO!! (DL now looking more spazzy and wide eyed)

Me: O.O....maybe they won't try and call you in..

At this time I'm just really hoping she tells me to drive down to the door to wait, but no such luck she comes back to the window and makes comments about how she is about ready to snap on her manager because "that stupid bitch let the cooks off to early and it's not my damned fault the food is going out slow, if the bitch had been smart she would have kept more people!" and again my reaction was pretty much wide eyed shock and really wishing my food would get there.

Drive through lady again comes back to the window and asks if I have kids, I tell her no just nieces and nephews and kinda waiting to hear the how her kids are driving her nuts cursing but she just walks off and holds up kids toys asking if I wanted them. I quickly shook my head no and nods ok back to me, putting my order together and bringing it to me. She then informs me that she through in an extra Whopper Jr with cheese for me, on her.  I tell her have a good night and drive off quickly.

I swear it was like bizzaro world of C_S, everything was opposite of what you read, I wasn't cursing towards or around the employees, I wasn't demanding free food but having to refuse it and I was the perfectly sane one while the worker was I think going mental.

Good Vibes dot com annoyance - NSFW

Placed an order with **NSFW** them on Monday evening, after hours. All but one item was listed as "Ships same business day", so I selected the option to "ship available items immediately, ship other items when available (may incur additional shipping costs)".

No brainer, right?

Except its now Thursday afternoon and according to my account - nothing has been shipped. So I call today and after a whole lot of "hmn, this doesn't look right" she manages to tell me that it likely hasn't shipped, despite my wishes, because its such a large order. WTF? Eight items (mostly books) is a large order that requires three days to gather together? I'm told to check back this afternoon to see if tracking information is posted because the system has told her that the invoice has been printed, which means the shipping department "most likely has it". Oy.

I've sent them an email requesting an upgrade in shipping at no cost to cover this delay. No word yet. Yes, yes, I'm whining about the lack of a vibrator. Hubby is deployed in the US military and the Hitachi died.

Update: After 4 hours with no communication, I called and asked to speak to a supervisor. I mentioned that I was hearing a lot of complaints about the lax shipping and that folks were holding off orders to see how they handled this. Expedited overnight shipping on their dime if the box hasn't left the store. Yeah, baby!
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Minor but annoying suck!

Scene : Extreme Pita

Thanks Ms. Clueless cashier for not only making me feel like I had three heads, but for giving me so much faith in people in general. I am well aware that beef is well... beef. I'm also aware that my body cannot break down the enzymes in something in it, and causes me to become violently ill to the point of hospital visit within 15 minutes of eating it. Therefore, me asking politely if I can substitute a meat should not garner a blank stare, a smirk when I explain an allergy and a look of disbelief.

It's possible, and I kinda hope one day it happens to you so you learn some damn respect for your customers.

Extra brownie "f-you" points for staring at me for 10 seconds when I asked you to change your gloves, NICELY. Screw you, I'm never eating there again.
if only

tmobile hates me?

this is a copy of my post on a cell phone community, originally submitted there because i'd like tmobile employee opinions, however i i think it's also more than appropriate for BAD SERVICE.

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sigh. anyone else here have service with tmobile??
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