July 8th, 2008

other peoples personal lives dont concern the employees at walmart

I know this is probably the dumbest thing that can ever be posted but i had gone to my home town for a weekend get away from the city and had to stop by walmart, and as i had worked there once, the employees knew me. my ex also works there.

so having grabbed the things i need, i went to garden center to check out since lines were miles long and it was also close to where i parked.
i saw this nice blond cashier and we're kinda acquaintances and then this old bag pushes her aside just so she can get in my face about how my ex is having kids now.

well hey i dont give a fuck i think people who spend money on themselves before other people shouldn't have kids cuz they'll never get over the whole selfish thing. which is what my ex is. selfish and money hungry.

but this lady kept insisting on making me uncomfortable in front of my boyfriend and nonchalant family making it unbarable to stand there.

im not sure if i should wait for them to harass me again, or go to home office for walmart, and complain since thats my old job from my home town, and they might think i want to cause trouble if i go to the store manager.
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so this was a ball of suck

To start, I look younger than my age. I am 24, and easily look 15 (I'm very small in both height and build, and have a high voice. Annoying now, but I'll love it when I'm 40 I'm sure). This is relevant, unfortunately. I also had not one, not two, but three legal and valid forms of ID with me: my passport, my MA Liquor ID (a photo, state issued ID), and a non-photo driving permit (which in MA is paper, but still a form of ID).

The other night I went out to dinner with friends to the Cheesecake Factory. I have eaten at various locations and have always enjoyed it. Well, this time was one of the worst experiences I have ever had at a this restaurant chain.

I was with six friends, all of them older than me (26 years +), and all of us order glasses of wine or cocktails. The waitress asks to see everyone's IDs. No problem, standard procedure. She then takes my MA Liquor ID and scrutinizes it for far longer than anyone else, occasionally glancing up at me in an awkward way. She hands it back to me and says she cannot bring me a drink, my ID is fraudulent. This is not true, and I hand her my passport saying that I have another form of ID that can prove I am 21+. It's not a big deal if I can't have a mojito, but it was unfair that I was being singled out. She doesn't even open the passport, just hands it back saying she refuses to serve me and walks off.

I immediately go to the hostess and ask for the manager, who comes quickly. I explain what happened and he just flat out says, without looking at either ID I offer him, that it is "her right to refuse me beverage service." Excuse me? I have two government issued valid IDs in my hand. Keep in mind neither person has checked my passport yet. I calmly explain that I feel slighted here, and feel that I am being discriminated against because I appear young. Both IDs are valid. I offer my permit as well, showing I have THREE government issued IDs that state I am of age, and at this point I just feel like I am being picked on. Yes, I was taking it personally, but it was also embarrassing to me as I just wanted a nice meal with good friends, and the fact I was singled out made me uncomfortable and I wanted it rectified.

Again, he refuses, doesn't even look at the IDs, and tells me if I ask for alcohol again I will be asked to leave. So I return to the table, and by now everyone has their drinks. I don't want to ask people to leave since I know they'll be charged for their drinks since they've already arrived. So I suck it up and have a glass of water and the waitress returns to order my food.

This time she takes my order last, and it was a dish that contained one item I do not eat. I requested no peppers, and she nods and says alright, but rather curtly. Fastfoward to my pasta arrive and, surprise! It's full of peppers. Now I am really upset. I don't understand why she was being so rude to me. Perhaps because I went over her head? It was as if she was ignoring me. We hailed her back to the table and she is really apologetic and says she'll get me a new dish. 20 minutes pass, no new dish. Everyone else has finished their meals. She comes back and I tell her I do not want my dish, and to please strike it from the bill. She says it will be right out, I again insist I don't want it, I just want to leave. My friends are as aggravated as I am. We request the check, which she brings out, and see that I was charged for the dish I never received.

Not going to lie, I flipped out. I told her this was unacceptable and demanded a new check, and at this point I went outside to wait for my friends. They paid and left an appropriately diminished tip (as in, roughly 2%, because I feel leaving no tip just speaks poorly of us, but a poor tip speaks poorly of her), and left with the bottom part of the check that had the corporate number.

I called this morning and left a message on a comments line requesting someone get back to me. I have the server's name and store location, as well as the manager's. I hope they do something because the entire meal just made me feel awful and picked on and I don't understand it. All I wanted was a simple drink with a meal, and instead I was punished? It was so messed up, I have never been so disrespected in a restaurant in all my life

To: fast food workers

To almost all fast food chains that operate in any of the four or so cities I've lived in in California plus the city I live in in North Carolina, as well as the cities I've traveled to or stopped for food in while traveling:


Here's some hints: when the customer says "No cheese", and "No cheese" (or "- cheese" or "minus cheese" or some variant) is printed on the electronic board, the receipt, and whatever ticket system the drive-through order-taker uses to communicate with the fry cooks - this means DO NOT PUT CHEESE ON THE BURGER.

It's not that difficult.

Also, protip: when the burger has two kinds of cheese, and the customer says "No cheese", that doesn't mean "no jack cheese, but American is ok" - it means NO CHEESE.

Funny looks are not an acceptable response to a custom order. Asking me (in a sit-down restaurant, no less!) "well, are you allergic?" is also not needed - it doesn't matter, I don't eat cheese and I ordered no cheese and you gave me cheese on both the burger AND the salad. I'm not going to eat it, regardless if I'm allergic or not.

This is why I've taken to ordering chicken sandwiches. Except the ones that come with cheese.

18 years of my life I've hated cheese with a burning passion because the first two years of my life it made me violently ill. I grew out of the allergy, thankfully, because otherwise it seems I could never eat out. Cheese on pizza is ok, and chinese food doesn't usually have cheese, but burgers... I've never eaten at a single chain more than a handful of times without them trying to slip me some cheese. What, is there some kind of conspiracy?

I'm not lovin' it, I don't have it my way, I don't got it, I'm not thinking outside the stupid bun, and it's not waaay better than fast food. It's nasty and I hate it.

Had to get that off my chest. First post, yay.

EDIT: Oh, ok, I forgot, some people are so allergic they have to make sure whatever it is doesn't get on the spatulas or anything. I see. It just freaked me out because I was worried he was going to condemn me for being a pain if I'm not allergic. Mea culpa.
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Brave Little Toaster

Can my apartment be fixed, please?

ETA - talk about timing - the maintenance people finally came, I texted Brian, who told me he had just been sitting down with the person at navy housing.

So everything is taken care of, my apartment is mold-free, and I'm a happy camper.


This is an update / continuation to http://community.livejournal.com/bad_service/1751128.html

First of all, thanks to everyone who replied last time. I do know I have to be more assertive =/.

if anyone ever decides to move to Virginia Beach, stay away from Chapel Lake apartments. Collapse )
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More ID issues

So, I'm 22. I'm told I don't look my age; the lady at my bank literally did a double take when I told her I was over eighteen, but a visitor yesterday thought I was thirty, so I'm not sure what age I'm supposed to look, exactly, but it ain't 22. I'm also the youngest person in my division at work. We often go out together, as it's an hour to town, and we all like to drink, sometimes heavily. And, yes, I am going to order a drink.

But, lovely waitresses of southern Oregon, none of this means I am trying to drink underage.

I understand that you have to card me. Please do- anybody damn dumb enough to try to drink in public as a minor is too damn dumb to be trusted with alcohol in the first place. You can have all the ID you want, with my compliments. Yes, I'm from Mississippi. Yes, it's very far away, isn't that interesting? Really, I don't mind at all.

But... why do you have to look at me with that triumphant look?

It's not every waitress, and it's not every time, but it does happen way more often than it should. It's that "I just caught you" tone of voice, coupled with the cat who caught the canary expression. You have to follow the law, I know that. What you don't have to do is treat me like some punk kid in front of all my friends just because I don't look like you think I should- as if 21 should be stamped on my forehead somewhere. I'm paying just as much money as they are to eat here, and I'm not doing a single thing wrong. I'm polite and respectful to you; could I please get the same?

It'd be a terribly minor little thing on its own, but this has happened three out of the last four times I've gone out, at three different restaurants (possibly because the city has just started a new anti-drink campaign). I'm just going to start drinking at home. In the closet. With the lights off. While I cry little emo tears.

TL;DR: I am a grown ass woman. Please treat me like one.

All the allergy talk...

All the talk of food allergies made me remember a bad_service from a few years ago.

My gf and I went to Ruby Tuesday's. I ordered ribs, and got fries and baked beans as my sides. I asked the server at the time I ordered if the baked beans had onions, and he said "oh, no, no", so I got them.

Guess what... onions.

I didn't say anything. RT doesn't have a great selection of sides anyway (and one of them happens to be those damned onion straws... this matters in a moment). I just sat the beans aside and forgot about it. It wasn't going to affect the tip and I wasn't going to make a big deal out of it.

So, I get about 3/4ths of the way done with the meal, and the manager comes by. He tells me they changed their rib sauce and would like my comments in a survey, so I agreed to it. Sauce was fine, I couldn't tell much difference. Then, at the end, he said "is there anything else I can help you with?"

I proceed to tell him about the baked beans, emphasizing that I wasn't trying to stir up trouble, I just thought he should tell the server about it for future knowledge. I also told him right then and there that I was allergic to onions. Nothing big.

Manager (rightfully) offers me another side and lists them verbally. Last one he says... "onion straws." I dropped my fork and my gf was trying to hide in the booth because she knew I was about to explode. I felt that the manager didn't listen to a damn word I said and it was rather insulting. He said "is there a problem, sir?" I told him that he wasn't listening to what I said and that it was an insult. He comped us dessert (which wasn't my goal, I was so pissed I couldn't see straight).

The original server came by to get the dessert order and he apologized profusely for not knowing about the baked beans. He was very honest... he said "at my house, they didn't have them and I had never seen onions in them before." That was impressive, he didn't have to explain all that, but did anyway.
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security deposits - i hate them

On June 11, I moved out of my old apartment into a new one. I come back from a trip home - about two weeks or so later on June 24 - and no security deposit in the mail yet. Fine, I understand. They have 21 days to send it (and that apartment was spotless so no reason to keep it). Another week rolls around and I get a phone call from (current management) apartment lady:

Lady: We're trying to finish up the security deposits and I can't find any record that you paid January rent...
Me: Uh....I paid it. ::I think I would notice an extra $1300 in my bank account::
Lady: Well, neither we nor the old management has any record of it.
Me: ::aaargh:: It's check #blahblah. I paid it.
Lady: Ok...

Another week, nothing. I finally call again and get the same spiel: no record that you paid rent! Ack, I send an email with my bank transactions through January and finally I'm going to get the security deposit.

But no! "It'll take up to another 30 DAYS for them to mail me the check." ???!! Ugh, I'm so pissed. I'm a dirt-poor student and I'm desperate for this money. And due to both companies incompetency I probably won't see it until mid-August. ::sigh::

ETA: I live in California.
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Lazy much?

I buy a lot of diet soda. I hate hate hate it when a cashier says (always in a super snotty tone) "you know you don't have to put all of the 12 packs up here" because hello, I was a cashier and I know that if you are doing your job correctly, you are not supposed to use the quantity button when the products are different - ie you can do a quantity 2 for 2 12 packs of diet coke, but you shouldn't for a 12 pack of diet coke and a 12 pack of fresca. It doesn't work that way. So no, I'm not going to assume that you don't want to do your job correctly.

Well tonight took the cake. I went to the grocery store and got about 5 items - one of which was a 24 pack of bottled water. A little hefty but not really that bad. The cashier, while she was handing the person in front of me their change, sighed REALLY loudly and exaggerated and said "You didn't need to put that up here, you know." I was like ooooookay...So then the woman stares at the water and sighs again very dramatically and says "do you want to put that back in your cart? I can ring it up without it"

I was like wtf, but whatever, I didnt say anything and put it back in my cart. She then sloooowwwwly proceeded to flip through a book of bar codes until she found the right one.

Seriously? I realize it was late and she was probably tired but I fail to see how being rude and lazy is at all appropriate. Scanning items, even if they are a little heavy, is part of your JOB.
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