July 3rd, 2008


Chicken woes

So My boyfriend and I got off work after working the evening shift and bring ing coworkers home decided to go and get food. What's open at midnight that we wanted? Chicken! of the Kentucky sort. It's open till one, we get there at 12:10 or so, and there's no chicken. She informed us that it'll be about 25 min before it's cooked, we decided that we'll wait, we paid and went out to the car to wait since, the dining room was closed, that late it's take out only. Chicken comes out of the frier, sits about a min or so on the rack, and the worker puts the chicken in one of the flimsy boxes that the normally put at or 10 pieces, we ordered 15. We thought she would put it in the bucket, but oh well, we take the food and head home, having to stop at one stop light on the way.

We then get home, having find everyone in the household in bed, so we take the chicken into our bedroom. We take out the fries and much on them then he goes to take out the chicken. The bottom of the box procceeds to fall out, and HOT fresh chicken proceeds to go everywhere, on clean laundry, on the floor, and on him, where he burns his hands.

So yeah, we call the resturant right back. my boy friend informes her of what happened, and tells her that we will be driving right back there, it's about 15 min until close. it's a 5 min drive at the most to get back there. she then informs us, that it's too late to put down more chicken, she's not doing it, and by the time we get back there she will have the doors locked. My bf tells her flat out that was extremly rude. And the thing is, the area where the resturant is, is surrounded by residential areas she had no idea where we lived which of course gave us the impression that she was going to lock the door right after she got off the phone with us anyway.

So my bf says can you leave a not for the opening supervisor we will be coming in to talk to them when you open in the morning. She flat out refused. So where does that leave us. Pissed off and hungry with grease stains on clothing that we have to scrub to get out, burned hands because their containers fell out and not even an attempt made to give us our money back, so we're $30 out. And will probably have to spend half as much that again, to haul the laundry to the laundry mat and feed change into the machines.

And the thing is, witht eh job we work at (phone support) if we did that to a customer, "Oh, I'm sorry sir/ma'am, you're internet and phone isn't workign and all you have is a cell, well it's 5 min to close and it's going to take longer than that to fix it, you'll have to call back tomorrow" We would be walked out the doors without a job.
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This isn't actually bad service, per se, I just want to get an opinion from this community. When you request a refill on a prescription from your doctor, what, in your opinion, is a reasonable amount of time for it to be filled? Lets say you call as soon as the doctor's office opens and the medication is something like an allergy medicine that the doctor doesn't need to see you for, they just need to call the refill in to your pharmacy, how long should the wait be?  

I called as soon as they opened and they said they may not be able to get to it today. I understand my meds aren't really high priority, but it sucks that I may have to wait til Monday because of the long weekend and I've been trying to get this since Monday. (I called Monday, they called it in Tuesday. Called the pharmacy and checked the price out of curiosity and it went up by $40 ($70 vs $30 for a teeny weeny bottle of eye drops) Called my insurance and had them give me a comparable medication that was cheaper, by the time I was able to get in touch with the right department at my insurance this was on Wednesday. I have a 9 to 5 so I have limited time to get in touch with people during business hours.  Wednesday the doctor's office was closed, so I'm trying to get it by today and I'm just wondering if this is normal? Does the kind of medication matter, like since it's just allergy medicine it's not that important? My eyes are driving me NUTS and OTC stuff never helps. ;_;

I hope this isn't against the rules.

ETA: So I called the pharmacy around 4pm to see if my medication had been called in. Pharmacy girl is surprisingly nice and suggests that I call the doctor and let them know it's REALLY important, I explain that I did that but that the receptionist said there was no guarantee. She says she is going to call the doctor for me. I call back when I'm out of work at 5:30 and the pharmacy says the doctor did not call in the script. *sigh* on the plus side, I bought the Zaditor and we'll see how it works....it would be much easier to try something OTC then have to wait every time I run out of the presciption stuff.

ETA: So I get home and have a message from the doctor's office. Apparently I need to come in for a change of medication. I can't imagine why this would be the case, since I'm not changing the drops due to any medical problems but because I can't afford the price hike (which I explained over the phone). I guess it's their policy but this is becoming such a huge pain, I'll have to miss work, fork over money for the co-pay for a doctor's visit plus the money for the new brand of drops. *sigh*
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German Consulate in Chicago

I'm involved in an exchange program (International 4-H Youth Exchange/International Farm Youth Exchange), which sends me to Germany to stay with several host families for a total of six months. When they accepted my application they told me I'd need a visa, and that I could either get it taken care of in the States, before I left, or I could wait until I got to Germany to apply for it. I figured it would be smarter to get everything done at home so I would have less to worry about when I got there, and got all the information I needed from IFYE and the German Consulate website, and since you can only apply for the visa in person, I went to Chicago in mid-March.

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On an unrelated note, and more of a pet peeve than bad service - what the hell is it with telemarketers hanging up on me when I tell them something they don't want to hear? I swear, the minute they ask if I'd like to sign up for whatever, and I say, "No, I'm sorry, I'm not interested/unable to do so/not the homeowner/not old enough to own a credit card/whatever," I barely get the first word out before I hear a *CLICK*. If you're trying to sell something, shouldn't you be polite to people, even if they don't want your product? Word of mouth is a pretty powerful thing, y'know.

Minor irritation

Dear Mr Taxi Driver,

Pulling into and driving up my driveway really slowly so you can get those extra 40 cents on the metre? That's really obvious, especially when your hand hovers over the 'pause' button for several moments. Don't do that. I'm not going to get annoyed at you because I have to catch cabs from the shops home around four times a week and I have had you before and will probably have you again, but really, it's just bad manners. I would've tipped you1 if you hadn't been a dick about it. Please try harder next time.

Thanks in advance,


1Obligatory note for Americans: I am not American and this did not take place in the USA. Tipping is not expected here - gratuity is paid only by the grateful.
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Sightless Eye v2.0

Dear flight attendants,

Before I start: I'm fat. I freely admit this. I also fly at least twice or thrice a year to visit my sister and her family.

I only ever ask two things of flight attendants:

1) Please give me a seatbelt extender--I'm perfectly happy to wait until after the safety briefing, but I really do kinda need it before the plane is cleared for takeoff.

2) Don't treat me like I'm dirt because of my size. This includes telling me to fasten my seatbelt because the plane is about to take off (and then ignoring me when I say for the fifth time "Ma'am, could I please have an extender? I really do need one"), then finally dumping the extender in my lap like it's a chunk of radioactive waste after another passenger comes to my aid and politely reminds you that I'd asked several times for an extender.

A little respect would be nice, flight attendants. So what if I'm twice your size? I pay for my seat--I even pay for an additional seat if it's going to be on a small plane, so that I don't have to worry about anyone feeling "crowded" because my thigh is touching theirs. I don't cuss at you, I don't treat you like you're subhuman because you're a "servant", I don't beat you over the head with my status as somebody with a shitload of Frequent Flyer miles with your airline, and I sure as fuck don't get rude with you. I treat you like a human being who is worthy of respect, and I'd appreciate a little respect in return. I don't think it's too much to ask.

And if you can't manage that, then don't be surprised when I make a beeline for the counter at the gate (if it's occupied) so that I can politely ask how to get in touch with customer service after I get off the plane.

I cordially invite you to masticate my prodigious posterior,
The fat chick on the St. Louis-to-Raleigh leg of her last trip.
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Staring is not good manners.

I'm sure I have more, but these two happened in the last five hours.

Exhibit A:
Staring In Disgust.
-Yes. The person you're ringing up is a guy. Yes. That is his boyfriend. Why, yes, they do have matching rainbow heart pins (and that's cute, I might add). Lol, yes, they're buying lube. Put on your big-girl panties and deal with it instead of waiting until they were maybe sort of out of earshot and going "ughh, that was TMI". You work in a Priceline-esque shop that has basically all of your chemist/sanitary/makeup/that sorta crap needs. You have to expect it. And when the next customer comes up with her (presumably) husband with a bunch of straight-sex-related items, you didn't say anything about it. Funny, that.


Exhibit B: Just.. staring!
I don't know why you're staring at me while my friend is ordering her coffee. Just.. stop it! D: I don't like it. Okay. You took the hint when I looked back at you with a :| face. Thankyou. ..Wait....No, moving from staring at my face to staring at my chest is not an improvement. Why me and not my friend? I'm an A-cup. Nothing terribly impressive. Tell your eyes to GTFO.

People need shock collars that hit them when they look at something for more than ten seconds. Seriously.
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