July 2nd, 2008

Ghost Kaiba

I'm the proud owner of a crappy movie

I rented a movie from a large corporation a week and a half ago.  I know it was due on Wednesday, but I decided to keep it for a few more days, due to no late charges.  Apparently, they called my house on Friday demanding that I return it or they would charge me for the movie, and I would, in essence, have purchased it.  So, I called them and talked to a nice girl who said she would just renew it for me, and then I can have it until Friday.  I thought everything was good until today, when they called and left another message explaining that they have now had to charge it to my credit card, because I didn't return it in a timely manner.

This seems really shady and thugish to me, nevermind that it was supposed to be renewed.  I wasn't aware that companies could just up and force you to buy the product.  The library that I work at never does that, unless you lose the books.

EDIT: For clarification, my friend was charged this same way last month.  However, he had the movie for a month and a half to two months.  I didn't think they'd charge me that quickly.  Maybe it's my fault for not learning from his mistake?

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Either Bad Service or I'm just getting old...

The other night I had to stop on my way home from work and grab a few things from the supermarket. I go about and do my business, then find the checkout with the shortest line to line up in. 

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Is that bad service or am I just getting old? :P I didn't like that they were talking to each other while service people but then to throw in the language. I'm not opposed to swearing (I do so sometimes myself) but to do it in front of customers is not really acceptable.

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A Double Suck - Musician's Friend and Amazon

Back in March I decided to order for my boyfriend a pair of isolation, metronome headphones. He's a drummer and its something he really wanted so I figured it'd be the perfect one year gift. So, I go about searching online and find that Musician's Friend is selling a pair through Amazon which is perfect since I had a $25 gift certificate to the latter. I wasn't intending to be cheap by any means but they're $100+ headphones and I had bought him another gift already so I figured buying it this way would be the most economic.

Bad idea.

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Hospital ER Suckage

Hospitals in the US are INCREDIBLY AWFUL.  Let me tell you of an example that is very near and dear to my heart.  No it's not remarkably recently, but the recent post about the woman left to die on the floor triggered it.
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Bottom line.  You have life threatening emergencies come in your EMERGENCY ROOM, you treat them.  You call yourself a doctor, you damn well answer your pages.  They couldn't apparently even find a BED for him in that gawdawful excuse for a hospital.  Also... if there is multiple asking for a specific doctor to be called, please try and do that.  ESPECIALLY if the one you keep TRYING to page isn't answering his freaking pages!

At least the nurse, who was going off duty after six or seven hours of their being there, was extremely apologetic and kept trying to find the doctor.  That nurse?  Awesome.  The doctor though needs to be shot.

EDIT:  Sorry, realized I'd misspelled emergency twice.  ^_^;

Also, since I'm not trying to make a sweeping generalization... there are two hospitals in my parents area which we tended to patronize (there are more, but we really only use the two).  One of which, which was the one attended above, has a better gastro-intestinal department (or so we've been lead to believe).  The other of which, more local one, also has it's special share of WTF.  For example this:

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One of THOSE Days

Two things at two different places that happened to me today. Yay me! 

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So TL;DR: Car Inspection guy lets me sit there and wait 15 minutes before telling me he isnt doing any more inspections before lunch and then gives me attitude. Lady at the movie store gives me attitude and talks smack about me like I am not even there. The boiling point, I reached it.