July 1st, 2008

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Last week six friends and I went to a bulk food store to get some junk food to sneak into a movie. It's not a very big store. I got a box of mints and my friend M got a bag of pretzels, and we went and paid for them right away. We let the cashier throw out the receipts. We hung out in the store waiting for everyone else for like five minutes, then decided to go wait in the car. It was absolutely pouring rain, so we put our candy in our pockets and made a run for it. We were halfway to the car when a worker called us back to the store. We tried to go back in but she blocked the doorway and wouldn't let us through. She said to M, "So did you decide not to buy those pretzels you were carrying around?" We explained, and since we didn't have receipts she called the cashier over to verify ... but the cashier was busy, and this took like a minute. And the entire time, she made us stand out in the heavy rain. Now as offended as I was I can see why she might think we were shoplifting ... but that is no excuse to make us stand in the rain for like two minutes! We were completely soaked for the movie.
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I have got to stop shopping at Krogers

So last night I go to my neighborhood Krogers to do grocery shopping for the week. I finish up and go to check out. There are two registers with lights on, but both of those are 15 items or less, and there is one register with no light on and an employee was finishing up with another customer.

I ask her if she's open, since her light is off and she says no. At this point, this leaves me with two options, and both of them are 15 items or less.

The cashier at the one I choose is leaning against the back of her register drinking a coke. I walk up, and she looks at me, points to the sign and says "Maam, this is 15 items or less", and turns away from me.

I say to her, "O.K., where do you suggest I go, all the other registers are closed" and she looks at all the other registers with their lights off and actually says to me, "I don't know, but this is an express line".

I kind of stand there for a moment completely dumbfounded at the exchange I just had. Luckily, the girl who was leaving for the day on the other register sees whats going on and goes ahead and tells me to come over and she checks me out and sends me on my way.

I got the lazy girl's name, and called the manager this morning. He said he would talk to her about customer service.

Oh, and I forgot to say above, there was no other customer besides me at the front of the store at the time!

Oh, that's brilliant

So you all might remember my toilet fun.

The maintenance guy came back out again today because I called the landlord about it, again. My nanny calls me around 12 to tell me the guy left, and now it's louder than ever! He left a work order though, it says he lowered the water level to fix the problem.

I get home, and now I can hear the running water from every room of my apartment, even with the bathroom door shut. I call the landlord and she tells me, "Oh we're just going to leave it until you move."
I am moving mid Sept so I don't have that much longer to wait. The thing is, SHE doesn't know I'm moving yet. I have lived in this complex for 3 years, what makes her so sure I wasn't going to be here for another three?

Whatever though, their water bill. I always wanted a fountain....


I'll be leaving some information out, since I don't know where this is headed legally.

My sister went away for a 5-day vacation last weekend. She went with a friend and her friend's daughter. While they were in this other state, they visited a theme park which had a roller coaster. One of those that zips you around like you're flying, on your stomach.

They went to get on the coaster and my sister was having trouble working the catch on her harness. The ride attendants came over to buckle it for her, shoving it further down another six inches or so. From what I've been told (through another family member at the time) she was in excruciating pain, and told the attendants she couldn't breathe. The attendant said "hold your breath for 3 minutes" and started the ride, despite her objections that she wanted to get off.

When they got off the ride my sister's friend took her to the medical station inside the park. They told her it seemed like she might have a cracked rib, handed her three free passes to the park, and sent her on her way. She called our mother, who told her she should go to the emergency room. There they did an x-ray and she did indeed have a fractured rib.

This is a pretty big theme park, owned by a damn big company. I don't know why they would open themselves up to trouble by hiring such asshats, but here we are.

Edit: She's not going to pursue a lawsuit, so it doesn't really matter now. From what she told me it sounds like the attendant was fired already.
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I've never really experienced b_s before, so this is new to me, but it still was as uncomfortable as hell.

Me and 4 friends are at a restaurant celebrating one friend going to uni. Keep in mind that she is graduating a year early, for various reasons, and we are all around 16/17 years old.

The waiters that evening had all been reasonably polite and quick, save for one man, who claimed to be 26 (we asked), who had been flirting with my friend D all evening. D is 16, but she has a... mature body, especially her chest. Anyway, this waiter had been flirting with her all evening. I think she sort of enjoyed the attention, but was also very embarrassed by his comments.

At the end of the evening, we got our waiter to take a photo of us together (just us girls), with our camera. He took a few, and then called a friend over to 'check out how photogenic we were.' They then handed us back the camera and went off.

We were looking back through the photos he'd taken, and realised he'd been taking multiple shots of D's chest. Obviously, we immediately asked for the bill and left.