June 29th, 2008


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Opinion time:

There's an Indian place in a town south of me that I go to every few weeks for their lunch buffet. I went a few days ago with my boyfriend, we ate, and got out check - total of 19.06. We paid, left a 3$ cash tip - slightly over 15%, even for a buffet.

I paid with my card, and when they handed me the customer copy of the receipt, I put it in my purse. When we got home, I pulled it out to balance my bank account, and noticed something typed on the bottom - "f you dont tip tip will be added". Hm.

That irritated me a bit, because while I do habitually tip, I'm not ok with the idea that they get to determine the amount I leave. But, I watch my bank account and see this morning that sure enough, they charged me for a tip - 19.06, plus 3.81, which I conclude is a standard 20% add on.

I'm ticked, not only because I left a cash tip at the table, but because they added on their own. No where posted did it say anything about an auto-grat or anything of that sort until AFTER I'd signed my receipt.

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Energy Provider Mini-Suck

We've had trouble with our old electricity/gas provider, N-Power, and so I've been calling them to try and resolve it. I don't like being on hold (on one instance for almost a hour) but it is something I can deal with.

However, when I FINALLY get through to a human being, and you ask for my name, and I give you it before asking for yours, don't say "Erm..." then put the phone down on me! Was it a hard question? I was not doing it to report you, I was doing it because I need to keep a record of who told me what. And I like to know who I'm talking to. Is that so bad? I'm sorry if asking for your name was offensive, most call-centre people are pretty okay with giving their names, some do it without prompting!

I don't think we lost the connection or there was a fault on the line either, considering the dial-tone and the fact we've never had a connection problem like that before on this landline.

I had to call again and sit on hold for another 20-odd minutes before I could talk to someone else, who was really helpful and polite! And she gave me her name without me having to ask for it!

I would have reported the guy for his bad service, but without his name, I didn't think there was much I could do...

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You will have rolls and you will like them!

This isn't a big bad service.

Went to Bob Evans for dinner. Ordered my food, and we'll go script from here.

Me: Me!
W: Waitress needing an ear cleaning

Me: Grilled chicken with carrots and dry mashed potatoes please.
W: Rolls with that?
Me: No, biscuits
W: Rolls...

(proceeds to get order from my mom who I took out to dinner)

W: I'll bring your rolls out in a moment.

(proceeds to bring out basket of rolls)

I don't have anything against their rolls. I just didn't want them tonight.

She got both orders right. I guess I just wish wait staff would completely listen. I did tip the normal amount, didn't cut anything for it. It's just a pet peeve of mine.