June 28th, 2008

well, I wanted it fix if it's not too much to ask

My toliet water won't stop running. It has been doing this since last week. Last week I called maintenance who told me they would be over that day, only they never show up. That was on Monday, and I waited till Thursday to call back. Again they promise they will be right over. Someone's toliet might be getting fixed, but it sure the hell isn't mine because they don't show up again.

Today, I skipped calling maintenance and called the landlord. I tell her that I have called twice, and that my toliet has been a slow running fountain since last week. I can only imagine the water bill they are going to get for my unit. Apparently, "water bill" was the magic words and today a maintenance man came out to fix the problem. Yay!
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lacuna coil

Apartment bad_service

I think this is a bad_service.. tell me if I'm wrong, and I'll stop complaining lol.

I live in an apartment complex. It was built, I believem in the mid-70's.

A quick back story: I live on the 1st floor. A few months ago, a large leak on the 3rd floor caused a leak in my bathroom and in the one a floor above mine. They "remudded" (thier term) my ceiling, and the maintenence guy said he would be back to repaint the ceiling, which he never did.

Last week. (On the 20th), I went to the office with the following reparis that needed to be done to the bathroom:

1. The grout (I believe that is the word) was half off the lining between the bathtub and the wall, and needed to be redone.
2. There is mold on the ceiling / wall of the bathroom, by the bathtub.
3. There is a crack in the ceiling, in the same spot where I had had a leak. This crack actually goes all the way through the ceiling tile.

It's been a week. I don't want to be too demanding, since I know this time last year they were understaffed, and I'm not sure if there staffing needs have been met. I know that there are more maintenance people than there were last year, I see them around. Also, when we filed the repair order, the main guy was there.. we told him the specifics that had to be done, before we filed the formal repair order. We let him know mainly for the crack in the ceiling - he's the one who fixed it originally, and he remembered the hole in the ceiling and where he repaired it, so he knew where the crack was. He asked us if it was anything drastic, because we filed it around the time that he was scheduled to go home on friday, and we said no, it wasn't anything life threatening, and he or someone else could come over during the next week to come fix it.

Him: So it can wait until Monday?
Me: Yea. It's not anything major.

He, in turn, explained what he could do to fix our mold problem (which I think is the most to be concerned of of the three). From my mom's house, I know how to get rid of mold in a bathroom - mix bleach and water in a spray bottle and spray in on the effected area - but I want to make sure that it isn't part of a bigger problem, which is why I want them to take a look at it.

It's been a week and no one has been here. We authorized entry if we weren't home, and we haven't had any repairs at all. I've been home all week, and no one has even been by the assess the damage to the bathroom

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Honestly, I like the head repair guy. He likes my scared-of-strangers dog, and he's a really nice person. He's always the one who seems to be doing the repairs. But I would think that after a week (and my apartment complex isn't that large) that I would get an evaluation, or a call saying that they won't be able to get to my apartment until XX date.

apartment sucks

In lieu of apartments sucking I ended up writing a letter to Kier management going over my apartment complex because they have not helped and Housing Authority because without my complex helping, they in turn can not help either.
So this is what I wrote Kier, just sent it off today. Copy and pasted minus my information obviously.

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I sent them pictures as well

Summary - Carpet and wall leak, mold has started to form on carpet and complex will not do anything. As well as tub and toilet leaking causing more mold.
And I Have pictures too if anyone is that interested =^_^=
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