June 27th, 2008


Usually nice clothing store has huffy saleslady

I had a saleslady be really huffy with me when I returned about 10 items that I'd bought online to a store. (They were suit separates in a variety of sizes and none of them happened to work.) This service is totally available and they say you should feel free to return it to a store, but the lady kept sighing and acting like I'd ruined her day because she didn't know how to process returns and it took a while. At one point she asked, "What's the reason for all these returns?" and I knew she meant were they the wrong color, wrong size, etc., but as far as her tone went I could have sworn she meant it was "What's the reason for you making my life difficult?"

Since there was nothing she said that was actually rude, just her tone, I found it difficult to want to complain, it just didn't make me want to stay there. But it's totally not going to stop me from ordering other things online and returning them in person.

Bad Service by Taxis


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edit:  I guess the first one is more of a wtf than bad service. Even so, it's still illegal and in Australia it's still a pretty big thing to do here. It's not like the mobile phone was in his belt or on his lap, it was on another seat so whilst driving he reached over to answer it. Even if the act itself isn't so bad, a cop could have pulled him over, taken his details etc and it would have delayed us to reach us destination.
I wanna bite someone in the face!

Freaking apartment management

Things are resolved now, but I need the internetz to validate my experience, so here we go. =P This spans a few months and I'm in a ranty mood, so the story is dang long.

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Extreme tl;dr version: Apartment complex doesn't fix sprinkler, and my room ends up with a buttload of mold. It takes two weeks to get maintenance to finish fixing things. When the sprinkler breaks again it takes four days, several phone calls, and pictures of the damage to get it fixed.
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Angry Zack

USPS Bad Service

I'm kind of mad at the USPS today.

This morning around 9:15. I hear someone honk their horn once. It woke me up so I peeked out the window and there is our mail carrier (she's not our normal one. She fills in for our regular guy).
She's sitting in front of the row of mail boxes. We have 6 mail boxes in front of our house.

I thought nothing of it and went back to bed. I come down a few hours later and get the mail and there is a notice that I have to re-schedule delivery for a package.

I guess I'm supposed to be psychic and know she is honking for me to come out to sign for a package. I knew I had a package on the way from Hong Kong, but I didn't know where it was since, you know their tracking number really doesn't track anything. Last I checked all it said was that it left Hong Kong. I didn't even know I had to sign for it.

I do what the notice says and I call up my local post office. Where they tell me they don't deal with mail deliveries. So I get the right number for the post office 4 towns over from me.

The lady wasn't very nice when I called. I told her I would like to re-schedule a delivery. She told me that I have to come and pick up the package. I said that that isn't possible. I don't drive and I'm not driving half an hour to go pick up a package that I paid to get delivered to my house.

After repeating my name and address a total of 5 times they say my package will be delivered tomorrow.

I also complained about the mail carrier. The lady pretty much told me that it was okay for this woman to just honk the horn. She said maybe the woman didn't know what door the package went to. To which I explained that not only is the address on our mail box, but the address is on our house right next to the front door.

So I'm getting up early tomorrow morning and my package better be here. And this woman better do more than just honk at me. My psychic abilities are in the shop right now.

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Bad pharmacy service

So my doctor called me after bloodwork to tell me that my thyroid levels were more than 3 times higher than what they should be. He needed to call in a new prescription for me--a higher dosage than what I now take--because I was wicked hormonal. It wasn't pretty. I was having hot flashes in 80 degree weather, and I seriously was going to attack anyone who pissed me off.

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Hi all! I have been lurking this community for a while, and have considered joining to post things before, but this just takes the cake. My family and I currently live in an ARC community, and it is absolutely horrible. Unfortunately, we are stuck for the time being simply because we cannot afford to go anywhere else. Let me start with a bit of a list....

+ While you have to pay extra to get a pass to the pools, they aren't open half of the time. When they are open, we have experienced them to be dirty, crowded [not really their fault] or full of kids of pretty much any age throwing... bikes, chairs, clothing, toys, etc etc etc. in to the pools. I know there is no lifeguard on duty but I do feel that it is their responsibility to keep them a safe place as much as possible, regardless, especially if we're paying to have access to a feature that used to be free. There have been many complaints about the swimming pools sent to the office, all most likely ignored, as nothing has changed. The biggest thing I think they need to do is get a taller fence. Right now, they're easy to get over, and when we finally DO get a nice day at the pool its usually crashed by said kids climbing over the fence. That electronic lock we paid to have access to doesn't do much good, apparently.

+ We were promised years ago that this community would become gated. It is my understanding that many people pitched in to see this happen aaaannnndd... nothing.

+ The roads are in terrible condition. When they DO get paved, they do not pave in to the driveways [well they do for some homes, not for others, although every time we are ALL promised to have our driveways done as well]. This creates a huge flooding problem in the driveways.

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Anyone know anything about ARC? What can I do about this situation? I have no idea who to talk to or how to approach it. I don't even know what to think about this place anymore. We are already planning on calling the office, ARC and perhaps local news tomorrow. I would give anything for my family to have the financial means to get out of here. I am not at all familiar with laws in relation to these kinds of things so if anyone knows anything about it, please let me know. Sorry if anything seems irrelevant or offensive. I really don't mean for anything to be. Thanks :]

Edit for clarification.

We rent [the lot at least, I am not sure about the home itself], and ARC is American Residential Communities. From my understanding they are all "manufactured homes", or, as most of us so lovingly call them, trailers. I am in the state of Florida.

Their website is here: http://www.aboutarc.com/.

Sorry for not including that to begin with. D'oh! :]
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hanson: 1440 hours in my day

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The last post about schools and their crappy financial departments reminded me of this one, from my freshman year of college.

I'll admit to a bit of stupidity on my part. I registered for an overload. Just one hour over what is covered by my scholarship. More than I could handle, but that's another story. At the time of registration, I was not informed that this would cost an extra $400. I also wasn't informed of that during confirmation (I'm not sure if all colleges do this, but this is basically move-in day plus a bunch of red tape), when I made sure my bill was paid in full.

I didn't learn about that extra $400 until nearly a month into the semester, when someone from the school's financial department began making constant phone calls to my parent's house, asking for $400. No reason was given as to why I owed the college this. So I went in to the financial department and was told that I needed to pay for my overload. I was a bit miffed to just be learning about that extra expense, but I happened to have just enough in my checking account to cover it.

Fast forward two weeks. Once again, my mother is receiving phone calls from our financial department, telling her that I owe $400 and must come in and pay it immediately or have a check mailed to the college in the full amount. My mother insists that I have paid the bill, and is told that I most certainly have not. I go into the office and I meet with a different woman than the one who has been making the phone calls. Guess what I'm told? The other woman didn't endorse my check before sending it off to the bank. And then she lied to my mother about it. Really mature and professional, eh?

I guess this could be worse, though. I've heard horror stories from others about the college's financial department refusing to print their work study checks because it's too late in the day and they don't feel like it. Yeah.