June 26th, 2008

Mcdonalds new coffees

I've never posted here before, but I lurk and thought that I would share something that happened to me fairly recently.

It is about 85 degrees out. Muggy. Icky. Basically the epitome of why I hate Michigan weather (drastic shifts in temp, etc.)
I walk into McDonalds with my mother and sister, smile sweetly at the cashier, and order a medium sugar free vanilla iced coffee.
The woman then proceeds to make a vanilla latte, out of the machine. I look confused for a minute and mouth to my mom, "Is that mine?" but she just frowns at me and shakes her head and says, "It's probably for someone else." 
Meanwhile I am thinking, "Who in their right might would order a hot drink right now?"
The woman then calls our order number and sets the latte on the tray.

I walk up to the woman, and say very timidly (I'm a little shy) "Um...sorry...but I think you might have heard me wrong. I ordered a sugar free vanilla iced coffee." The woman looks at me. "No, you ordered a sugar free vanilla latte." 

I stare at her. "......."

"No I ordered an iced coffee."

"NO. You ordered a latte." 

I go and sit awkwardly at the table and stare at the latte. 

A few minutes later another worker comes to our table to give us some fries we ordered that were taking a little longer. My mom smiles at the woman and says, "My daughter ordered an iced coffee but they gave her a latte. Would it be possible for her to get the iced coffee instead?" The woman smiles and says, "Of course, follow me." I get up and follow her back to the counter, where she proceeds to hand the cup to the worker who originally gave me a latte and instructs her to make me an iced coffee. The woman looks at me for a minute then pours the latte over ice and hands it to me. 

Needless to say I ended up just throwing it away, since it was lukewarm and not really iced coffee at that point.

The water company has fucked up...big time!

To put it simply, yesterday afternoon, our city's ENTIRE water supply became contaminated with fecal colium...the bacteria that causes e.coli.

Yes, folks, somehow or another, shit got into our entire water supply.

Every resturant, pub, bar, cafe, and deli are shut down until further notice. I work in a coffee shop myself.

Needless to say, we won't be open today.

Talk about bad service. We're boiling the tap water and trying to wash our faces and use it for showers, drinking, etc.

Nearly all the drinking water has been bought, either by our local hospital or by people.

It's insane around here.

Telstra again

Okay, how many Telstra technicians does it take to install a phone?

Give up!

Well so far, we have had three. One to install from the underground cable on our land to the house outside. Another one two weeks later to dig a ditch about two feet long to connect from the cable at the edge of our land to the cables in the box. A week or so later one turned up and connected from the box outside the house to the inside of the house.

Funny thing is, Telstra know not of this man who came this morning, and are sending another one tomorrow.

For what .... we do not know...and it seems neither do Telstra.

BUT...we still have no phone, because there is either a faulty cable outside in the street...or no cable.

We are not sure which...and neither is Telstra.

Both the contractors, don't seem to have any direct contact with Telstra...and the actual telstra technician didn't even know how to connect the phone to the inside of the house.

Besides my case manager, I now have two order numbers, two complaint numbers...an ADSL order waiting to be set up...however, I do have a redirection now to my mobile phone...which it seems they could have done about six weeks ago, but neglected to advise me. Hence I have a huge mobile phone bill.

I am so confused, that all I can do is laugh.
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Ah, the life in New York City...

This happened in May, 2007. I sent a long and detailed e-mail to the company, though, and an earlier post about writing angry letters brought it back to me, so I thought I'd share.

Is there anyone who's ever had good service at a Duane Reade? I think it might be against city code for their employees to be competent or useful. (Duane Reade is a ubiquitous drugstore chain in New York City; they're two to a block like Starbuckses and it can be very difficult to find a non-DR pharmacy in some parts of the city.)

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The upside? When I used the store's web form to e-mail them my tale of woe, I heard back from three district / regional managers within 48 hours. For two months afterwards, the pharmacy staff at that store was almost competent! But as soon as my renewals ran out and it was a new prescription, I took it 40 blocks away to a CVS. That way it transferred out of the city when I moved, too.
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Buy.com doesn't care if you get what you buy

So I got an offer from Google to use my gmail account and sign up for Google checkout (their version of paypal) and get $10 off any $10 or more purchase from Buy.com. So I sign up, and thanks to a shipping offer I place a $0 cost order for a small tabletop tripod for my digital camera. I get confirm email and think no more of it. This is May 10th or so.
I totally forget about it and realize late last week that I never got it. Even with free shipping that's a bit long so I check my gmail and see a shipping confirm email with tracking info. So I follow the link to UPS's website and show it was delivered on May 30th. Except I never got it, and there's an option to see the signature when delivered. It's somebody else's name, not even remotely close to mine and definately no one I've ever heard of. So I fill out the form at Buy.com's site saying basically WTH?. Everything started fine but it slowly went downhill.

Collapse ) So yeah don't use Buy.com for anything you might need, since they don't seem to care if you actually receive it or not.
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Verizon make Rumor SMASH

So...my family just switched from Comcast cable and internet to Verizon, and it's caused nothing but trouble.

They came about three weeks ago to set up the cable, to do which they needed to disable the internet. Now, the guys who came knew how to *disable* the internet, but they apparently are strictly cable guys, so it was our problem to set up the new internet.

My mom asks if we could get someone out to set it up for us, but they assured us it was a simple process, and we would be fine on our own. Cut to four hours after being on the phone with tech. support just to have it end in "your signal seems too weak, we'll have someone out there next week to look at it"

The guy comes out and gets the internet working on one computer (we have like five), said he was done and left. Turns out the internet would only work on that ONE computer, and my mom spent another two hours on the phone getting it to work on the others.

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You really think they'd be more helpful in fixing that's THEIR guy screwed up.

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