June 23rd, 2008

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minor suckage

A few months ago, I opened my door to find a water-filtering salesman at my door (kind of like Culligan but not a brand I'd ever heard of). Our conversation, as follows:

Man: I'm selling blahblah, would you be interested?
Me: Uh, no, I'm a poor college student.
Man: Well, are you sure? Do you have any kind of water-filtration system?
Me: Um...I have a Brita filter.
Man: ::scoffs: That's such a chick thing.

And then he stalks off. Not horrible, but insulting my choice in water-filtration isn't really a good way to get me to buy something! And I'm not a chick. :'(

not exactly a barrel of laughs...

I've read this community before, but never posted. I've had a few moments of bad service in the past, but I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Until last night, when I had a waitress so rude and condescending she actually made me cry. Thanks, Cracker Barrel. I read on your menu that you don't discriminate when you hire, which is a great thing, but maybe you should start discriminating against people who get their kicks from belittling customers, and not hire those people... just a thought.

I have social anxiety, which makes it pretty difficult to go anywhere and enjoy it. But I was having a pretty good day until then. I was out shopping with my mom and we decided to go for dinner... she picked Cracker Barrel, where we had never been. Well, we won't be going back there again. Our waitress was gruff and unpleasant from the beginning... not just to us, but to surrounding tables, where her sarcastic remarks and clipped tone left other customers looking a bit confused. But whatever, maybe she thought she was being funny. But then she got to us. 

I guess she doesn't like being asked simple questions such as "What kind of gravy is on that?", because everything I said seemed to irritate her (and I'm not one of those annoying types who asks 500 questions, I asked maybe three), and finally she actually shouted at me like I was an idiot. Well, needless to say, our dinner was ruined. I went off to the bathroom to cry, and my mom asked her to bring us boxes for our dinner... which took her about ten minutes (and I'm not exaggerating there.) Then we booked it out of there. I wish we hadn't left her a tip at all... I understand people having bad days, but I don't take my frustrations out on customers, and I didn't think it was too much to ask for a waitress to be polite. I guess it was. Oh, and I forgot the part where she spoke to my mother about me like I wasn't there... condescending much? I'm not four years old, I can answer simple questions, thanks. The food was fairly good, but better enjoyed at home away from the waitress from hell. I definitely won't be going back to Cracker Barrel anytime soon, and probably not ever again.
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It's not broken, it just doesn't work

My doctor's practice has this awesome feature where you can go onto their website after their normal office hours, fill out a quick little form asking for an appointment, and someone will call you the next morning letting you know when they can squeeze you in. I've used it three times before without any trouble, the last time being about two months ago. It's not for emergencies per se, but they do give you the option of requesting a next-day AM appointment on there so it's something that logic dictates they would have to check at least every morning.

So I did just that last night (Sunday, when they were closed). I wanted the appointment ASAP as it is for a current illness that's making me unable to go to work, and woke up this morning and waited for my call. The past three times, they've done these calls first thing in the morning. So I waited. And waited. And waited. No call, no e-mail. They've been open for four hours now, so I decided to call them myself.

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Macaroni Grill

I love Macaroni Grill but I don't eat there too often because rather poor right now. In fact, our original plan last night was to go to Moe's and get some inexpensive giant burritos. But for some reason Moe's in St. Louis closes at 8PM on a Sunday. So we went to the MG in the same strip mall. The hostess tries to sit us at one table and I overheard the server in that area tell her we were "too many" (we were a party of 6). She tried to take us elsewhere, but that area was full, so back we go to the original server who didn't want us. I don't think much of it, since most servers know you just have to suck it up and take a table you'd rather not have sometimes.

The server shows up and takes our drink order no problem. Then takes 10 minutes to bring our drinks. We didn't order anything complicated. Fountain drinks and a bottled beer. 3 of our drinks wind up missing and we have to repeat the missing drinks multiple times before he gets it. I'm starting to wonder of something's wrong with this guy. Like maybe he's overloaded and can't focus or something. After multiple attempts we all eventually get our drinks plus 1 extra Dr. Pepper. By this point we'd ordered our food and were waiting for that. Bear in mind this was just supposed to be a quick dinner/meeting. I start getting worried when the two appetizers we ordered don't show up. Sure enough, repeat the drink fiasco over with the food. We BARELY see our waiter during this period. When we do he is basically a dismissive jerk. Other servers are bringing us our food, but since the original server took it down incorrectly, it's pretty much a fiasco. Eventually we get almost all our food plus a mushroom ravioli that was brought by mistake. The manager offers us free dessert, which was nice. By the end of the night we find out from another waitress, who took over for our guy after he apparently just left, that it was this guy's last day and he apparently came in drunk.

I make sure the tip is going to the servers who spent their time covering this guy's ass and not our original server and enjoy my free 3 Berry Tiramisu. Overall, not bad service on the part of the whole restaurant who did their best without realizing one of their employees was drunk until it was too late.

Seriously, if you hate your job that much, just no show the last day.
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Dear receptionists,

if one is "too old" to attend a doctors office please tell them when they book the appointment and not when they show up for the appointment.

I have pink eye. Not fun. I got it from working with snotty little kids. Anyways, my mum calls my doctor (whose a pediatrician) and gets me an appointment for this morning. When I show up for the appointment the receptionist tells me I'm too old (I'm 18, but I know someone whose 19 and goes to a pediatrician because her insurance says she's not an 'adult' until 21) and I end up not getting treated.

Considering they had to have my information in front of them to schedule me for an appointment it would have been a lot better if they told me this before I had to rush out the house and take three busses to get there on time.

ugh, guess it's to the urgent-care clinic later tonight.

painter woes

Background: I live in a private rental unit in a strata corporation. Basically, I have no control over outdoor maintenance and slightly more indoors, because it's all controlled/decided by other people. There's a reason strata corporations are being phased out here, believe me.

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summary: painter climbs over fence to get into backyard without asking permission after having most of four days access to do whatever he needed.

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ugh, i got my nails done yesterday and it was 30$. usually its 25 but i didnt say anything and the girl previously mentioned shes the owner. she obviously didnt like me much since she made some of them uneven and when i asked for them more square after asking for them to be round she got kind of irritated. i wasnt satisfied with the job she did so i didnt tip, now i see instead of 30$ shes charged me 36$. what the hell?!
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Apparently, it's considered surgery when...

I recently went to get my annual eye exam.  I've had glasses since I was 6, and know how the procedure works.  They have a nurse look at my eyes and test my vision and test for glaucoma, and then the doctor comes in to double check it all and make sure my eyes are fine.  

On this particular day, when the doctor finally entered the room, she proceeds to check out my eyes, and tells me I have an eyelash sticking out, and says "Let me just get that for you."  She then whips out some tweezers, and yanks it off; I barely noticed she had done anything.

So, when my mom and I go up to pay, they hand us this bill for, like, 400$, and she said "What? We're supposed to have a 15 dollar co-pay only."  And the receptionist double checks the bill, and then says, "Well, it says an extra 400 dollars for emergency surgery."  It turns out that her removing my eyelash (without my permission, mind you) was going to cost me 400 dollars, something I cannot afford for a simple eye exam.  Luckily, I had my mother with me, and she nicely told the woman that we wouldn't be paying for it, because we weren't told in advance that it was considered surgery or that we'd be charged.  The woman wouldn't budge at first, but my mom was like, "Give me a break.  It took her two seconds.  Anyone could have done it, it wasn't surgery."  So, the receptionist gets her boss, and when it's finally explained what happened, the boss is all smiles and says that this time they'll wave the charges. 
THIS time!?  I can promise them that there will be no NEXT time!