June 22nd, 2008

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Best Buy

I've been a reader for a while now, and this is my first post.  Back in december I was hospitalized for pre-eclampsia.  On January 2nd I had an emergency Csection which lead to our beautiful baby girl.  While I was in the hopsital my husband received a settlement to a class action lawsuit he was part of.  It was a fortune, but enough to help considering we couldn't really aford for me not to be working.  He decided to get me a late present and went to Best Buy to get me a laptop so I could not feel so isolated.  He went in and told them he had two requirements for a computer.  It had to be able to run a word processor and World of Warcraft.  Not a big deal right?  He was willing to spend up to 1000.  You figure he'd find something good.  Well he came back with this lovely little compact.  And honestly it does work great if it didn't run vista.  He also bought me Word 2007.  Btw he spent 800 total.  I was a little surprised the sold him a cheaper product when he was willing to pay more.  So I load that on there, not a problem.  WoW won't run.  So a friend said wait til i was home from the hospital and he'd look at it.  I tried loading a few other games or programs, no go.  all have the same problem.  Not compatable with Vista.  

So we get home with our little girl five days after she was born.  we were so lucky she didn't have any health problems despite being a preemie.  So our friend comes over.  he thinks its a compatibility issue.  I finally give up.  I hate vista.  won't run a thing.  can't run my camcorder thorugh it, webcam i had to fight, etc etc etc. 

Its june now.  and our tech friend is back from air force reserve tech school.  He decides randomly he's going to have a look at it, because so far as he knows vista runs wow.  so he sits down with it.  basically we were assured we had bought a computer that could run everything fine.  what we got was a laptop with a baseline video drive and something to do with the way vista runs.  it runs at 64 but we need it to be at 124 and its not capible.  He said anyone who knwos computers would not say that this can run WoW.  So he and my husband go down to Best Buy.  We know we cant return it or refund it because its been so long.  We'd just like a solution to the problem.  They come back an hour later saying the only thing that Best Buy was willing to do is IF  we gave them 30 dollars they'd try to install WoW for us, with no gaurentee it'll work.  They did say taht they looked at it at least, not just ask for more money. Now at this point three people have tried it with every trick they knew, so paying someone to do it again sees rediculus to me.  Then again, I'm not sure what I expected for a solution.

I was feeling rather upset so I wrote their corporate office stating what had happened and that I felt that my husband had been taken advantage because of his lack of knowledge and that their responce seemed to lack interest or care because we didn't and weren't willing to spend top dollars at their establishment.  I got a small email back the next day saying roughly they value all their customers and they are forwarding this on to all parties involved.  considering i never told them where this happened or exactly when i definately got the feeling of the generic email being sent out over a complaint.  No real interest or concern of an upset costumer.

Currently I am waiting to hear from a friend over a copy of windows 64 which apparently will run properly on the laptop and run WoW. I've never heard of it before but I trust my computer friends. They clearly are willing to work with me to fix the issue.
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Yesterday, my parents and I took a road trip to Fernandina Beach, Florida, to meet some other relatives and visit a grave. It's an annual trip we make. We visit, and tidy up the area, and then go eat lunch together while catching up on events.

We decided to eat at Sonny's BBQ. Collapse )

I dunno. She took my order off the check, so I guess I can't complain, but since it it was just not what I wanted to eat... here I am, complaining anyway.

Not really a bad service as a WTF service.

Ok... so today I went to a pastry place that makes these things called Kringles. Well apparently they are really big and I just wanted a single serving to try it. This really isn't a bad service as they were nice enough but more of a WTF.

I had asked them if htey had any smaller and had mentioned I had come in to try a Kringle. They said they only had the half sizes and said there was nothing smaller (I guess I should have worded it a slice of kringle rather than a smaller one). WEll they made very good pastries and I decided to take some home (after ordering something else since I couldn't get a slice of kringle).

I pointed at one asking what it was, and she goes, "IT's a cut up kringle." *head to face* I mean I know I said I was looking for a smaller kringle but I think they took me too literally. I would have thought they might figure I was looking for a small size I could eat there. I'm just kinda confused how they didn't think to mention they had sliced up ones when I asked about smaller ones and kept mentioning I had come in there cause I wanted to try one.
larten crepsley is here to offer you som

From Italy!

Hi all.  First time poster here.

This was a minor, yet rather grumble-worthy suck that happened to me while I was on a school trip to Italy.  There were some language barriers involved, but it doesn't make me feel much better about it.

So one day, my group goes for lunch in this cute panini shop.  I get to the front of the line, and choose my ingredients.  When the man building my sandwich hears I want zucchini and mushrooms, he looks extremely perplexed, as if I've asked for anchovies and peanut butter.  So me, being a worrywart, asks if there's actually something wrong with that, like if from his experience it tastes horrible, but he just sighs impatiently and says, in English, "I don't know."  (we didn't have much trouble communicating)

So, not too bad.  But the next day we were in the same part of town, so we went back to the same shop.  One of the guys in my group told me he got a panini with an omelet, mushrooms, and mozzarella the day before, and that sounded really yummy, so I decided I was going to order that.  I get to the front of the line again, and the same guy is waiting to take my order.  I order the ingredients I want in Italian, since they're not that difficult (the only one that sounds different is mushroom, which is funghi).  He puts the mozzarella and mushrooms on, but not the omelet, and puts the panini in the oven.  For a few seconds, I think he's still going to put the omelet on, and when I realize he isn't, I try to explain I wanted the omelet, thinking maybe he didn't hear me.

He holds up one of the omelet and makes a motion to ask, "This?"  And I confirm, yes, that's what I wanted.  He says something I can't really understand, so I'm trying to convey my message, and basically, he manages to get out that they somehow can't do that.  So I assume that he means they physically can't make a sandwich that way, even though my friend had it done that way the day before, which makes me try to make sure that really can't be done, since it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.  It didn't occur to me at the time that he meant the omelet couldn't be put on now that the sandwich was in the oven, but I said what I wanted (and pointed to the ingredients) the first time.  He then proceeds to say something really fast in Italian in a rather mocking tone, while holding the omelet up, and laughing and looking right at me.  I don't want to think he was making fun of me, but I really got that impression.

So I pay for my food and sit down, and as I'm eating, my friend sits down at another table, so I go over to him and asked what he got.  He says, "Same as the day before, omelet, mushroom, and mozzarella."

At this point, I don't really know what to say, and I know that somewhere, me and the guy got our wires crossed, but I'm still pretty peeved, because I must have said "omelet" like 20 times by the end of the transaction.  I really think I said it clearly the first time, too.  I know when you go to another country you have to work with the language differences, but I knew enough Italian to order in Italian, so I don't know what happened there.

The rest of Italy was wonderful though.  And the sandwich wasn't bad, it just didn't have the omelet on it, like I wanted.  So, like I said, not terrible.

Say what?

I was at the grocery store once and happened to spot some Weight Watchers muffins that looked mighty tasty, so I bought a pack. A couple months later, I went to the same grocery store, looking for said muffins. I looked all around and couldn't find them, so I asked someone who worked there. He might have been a manager, but in any case, he had worked there for awhile. Here is how the conversation ensued:

Me: Hi, do you know if you have Weight Watchers muffins?
Him: Weight Watchers muffins? I've never heard of them. I don't think we carry them.
Me: Oh, well, I could have sworn I had bought some here a few months ago.

I think at this point he asked another person who worked there about the muffins, but I don't entirely remember.

Him: Actually, we're not licensed to carry Weight Watchers products. Our [city that is three hours away] location carries them, but we're not allowed to carry the Weight Watchers brand.
Me: Uh...okay? I thought I got them here, but maybe it was at a different grocery store?
Him: Yes, it must have been somewhere else.

I remembered distinctly buying the muffins at this store, at this very location, so I asked him to direct me to the snack aisle just so I could be sure. They were nowhere to be found.

A few weeks later, I went back to the same grocery store and was walking down the frozen foods aisle when at the very end was an entire shelf of the Weight Watchers muffins.

This wasn't particularly bad service, I guess, I just don't understand how the guy could have been under the impression that not only did they not carry this particular product, but that they weren't allowed to carry Weight Watchers products at all, when they did all along?