June 20th, 2008

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Bad Service Trifecta!!!

I have spent this week in bad service hell!!! Maybe it’s tl;dr, you can kick me for that, but since it's three stories in one, I think you should cut me some slack. I did put it under a cut! Short story, Comcast sucks, AT&T sucks and FedEx can even lose a pink elephant. And, I get them all compressed into one short week!

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Oh Ronald, what hath you wraught?

I don't normally run into that many bad service experiences that I would deem post-worthy, so congratulations, McDonald's, on taking my Bad Service virginity.

On my way home from work, my roommate asks me to pick-up something for them from McDonald's, so into McDonald's I go. There are a few people waiting around to grab their orders, and one girl on register. I make eye contact with her, and expect her to say something like "Can I help the next person?", but she does not and just looks at me for a while, so I approach.

Me: *wave*
Girl: The cashier. I say girl, because she appeared to be quite young.

Me: Hello.
Girl: *silence. sustained silence, as I don't say anything for 10 - 15 seconds waiting for some kind of acknowledgment*
Me: I will have a Crispy Chicken Classic and large fries, no drink, please.
Girl: The meal?
Me: No. Just the sandwich and fries. Crispy Chicken Classic, large fries. No drink.
Girl: Medium fries?
Me: No. Large fries.
Girl: *looks at me*
Me: That's it.
Girl: $x.xx

I pay, and she wanders off to get the order. I mean, I guess she could have been new to the job and still kind of nervous about addressing customers, but I am pretty sure that she wasn't new to listening. The words that I am using? Yeah, they mean something.

And just to put a cherry on the top, I get home and hand the bag off to the roomie - It's not even the right thing. Somehow Crispy Chicken Classic got translated into Southwest Chicken Sandwich. But I will take the credit for that one for not checking before I left.
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Charter :/

I'd always read stories here about some pretty terrible experiences with Charter, but I never had any problems with them myself (other than a few minor ones which they corrected quickly), but now I come unfortunately bearing one of my own.

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The cable guy who came to pick up our cable box says he has instructions to take two items and decides to take our cable modem too, even though we owned it. Since we weren't in the apartment at the time and our apartment manager had let him in (with our permission), she didn't know he wasn't supposed to take it and so off he goes with our cable modem. We then get a lot of run-around and "not our problem attitude" from Charter until they finally give us a modem just like the one we had and we walk away deciding never to use Charter again.