June 18th, 2008


US Bank suck

i'm posting this on behalf of my boyfriend, who has been getting screwed over by US Bank for years and has finally had it with them.

last week, he was charged four (4) overdraft fees of $37.50 each for NO REASON. none. he had no pending transactions, and a positive balance. then bam bam bam bam. this brought his account negative.
so he calls asking why he was charged overdrafts on a positive balance. durrr, they dunno lulz. so they agree to reverse the charges "as a one time courtesy"!!!! gee thanks, how courteous of you.
last saturday he deposited his state tax rebate check.
then yesterday, 2 more overdraft fees! they took almost a week to reverse the first round of fees, then put a 3 day hold on his tax check. (ok, i am a teller and wtf are they smoking putting a 3 day hold on a government check?!?) so in the meantime, 2 debit card purchases for less than $10 each hit his account. shouldn't have been a problem since he had the money, right? nope. those transactions are what they charged the overdrafts for.
so he has been charged $225 in overdraft fees when he has never spend more money than he had in the account! and they refuse to reverse the last 2 charges because they already reversed the ones that shouldn't even have been there to begin with!
so i'm going with him to dispute this whole thing with a manager because i know a lot more about this than he does, being as these processes are what i do for a living >_< this is why i will never have a bank account, only credit union accounts. big banks just want to please their stockholders, credit unions want to please their shareholders (aka members!).
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Johnny Rockets: automatic gratuity for small party

The other night my friends and I went to a free promotional showing at Newport on the Levy, KY, a fancy development on the river in Newport, KY that was installed a few years ago to revitalize the area. Afterward we were hungry, and we decided to get something to eat. The Levy is prolific with expensive restaurants, and we're college students, so we figured Johnny Rockets would be a good bet for our wallets.

For anyone who's unfamiliar with the Johnny Rockets chain, it is a (typically) cheap place with a 1950s burger joint theme. Ugly paper hats, nickel jukeboxes on the tables, uniforms and all. The burgers are decent and the shakes are great, plus the price is cheap-to-average.

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Small but annoying case of bad service at Panera Bread

First post!

I went to Panera Bread yesterday, and I had a bit of difficulty counting my money. I thought I had it all sorted out, so I gave the woman what I thought was enough for my $9.37 sandwich and drink, and she counted the money and started just saying, "Nine thirty seven."
Me: "Um, yeah..."
Her: "Nine thirty-seven. Nine thirty-seven."
Me: "Um, er? Didn't I...?"
Her: "Nine thirty-seven."

So, rather than just saying that I'd only given her nine bucks, she decided to waste all sorts of time being snide about it. So then I gave her the 37 cents-- honestly, I think she kept three cents I should have gotten back, but I was too discombobulated and flustered to do anything. Like I said, small, but annoying.
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There's a woman at my mail center that has been absolutely driving me up the wall.

There is almost nothing, no matter how petty, that she won't try to step in and stir up drama about. It's getting to be ridiculous.

She's worked there for several years and for every question I've asked her, she gets this deer in the headlights look about her and has to call someone else over to answer. Which I don't mind. But it's a bit confusing as to why she hasn't been able to answer ONE yet after all these years.

But mostly she just gets pissed. Why, I have no clue. I've never been rude to her and I don't want to sink to her level of bitchiness.

If I have a stack of envelopes and UPS seems to be the best method she'll snap at me with, "OKAY BUT YOU'LL HAVE TO FILL OUT A MILLION FREAKING FORMS." Not once have I ever asked her to fill out the forms for me, I'll be doing the tedious busywork, so what does she care?

Another time she asked another employee to make a phone call to see how long it would take a package to arrive at its destination. He was on the phone for two minutes tops. When he got back, she started to ream him out saying, "IT'S ABOUT TIME I COULD HAVE SENT HER AWAY TWENTY MINUTES AGO." Ooooookay...I felt horrible for the guy because he's been nothing but helpful to me.

She'll argue with me about how far away one department in the building is from another. She'll glare at me when I'm making a request to another person working there. As in, she'll walk right up to the counter next to the employee I'm talking to and stare me down the entire time waiting to make some snide remark.

I'm going to contact her supervisor about this because I'm starting to feel like I can't walk down there without getting pounced on.
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Doctor Office Suck Update

I posted here a few weeks ago about a secretary at my doctor's office telling me my symptoms weren't important enough to warrant an emergency appointment.

After a few sessions with an RMT, and it turns out there's a very good chance I have a mild form of functional scoliosis. Well, more than a good chance, the RMT believes I do but wants me to take an X-Ray to prove it 100%. I'll be speaking with my doctor about getting an X-Ray and possible treatment options in a week.

The doctor was very upset at how I was treated by the secretary and she'll be looking into what happened.

The moral of the story? If you think something is wrong with your body, fight for an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.

Cosi Suck

The Panera post reminded me of a suck at Cosi last month.  Here's a copy of the e-mail I sent to Cosi's corporate office.  Names have been changed to protect the poor sods.

I am appalled at the atrocious service I received at this location on 5/28/08.  I'm used to waiting a bit for an order, but this was ridiculous.  It started as soon as I walked in the door.  There were two employees at the register area taking orders.  One lady and her two daughters were in front of me.  When they were done, the phone rang.  One employee answered the phone, the other walked away from the POS area, neither of them greeted me, acknowledged my presence or made eye contact.  After the second employee came back, only then was my order taken.  The first one was still on the phone. 
It just went downhill from there.  I ordered a hummus and veggie on whole grain and a shanghai chicken salad, both to go.  Not terribly complicated; nothing was to be heated or anything.  My check was timestamped at 3:13 PM. 
At 3:28 PM, four orders that had been placed WELL after mine had gone out, and my order wasn't even close to ready.  When it finally emerged at 3:34 PM, my bag of food was THROWN across the counter at me by Lola; it was then that I asked for a manager.  She huffed and puffed and snootily said that there were two around, and didn't bother pointing them out to me or calling one of them over until she realized that I seriously wanted to speak to a manager.  I spoke briefly with Adam, who didn't even introduce himself or bother to come out from behind the counter to speak with me.  He did not apologize and gave the excuse that there were only new people working that day.  I was told that I should be patient and understanding.  He didn't offer me anything in return for my experience.  I told him I would likely not be returning to this location.

The district manager followed up with me very quickly and apologized.  They sent me some coupons for free stuff.  Yay free stuff.  Good thing there are two Cosi's in my area, or else I'd be doomed to return.  Actually, I did return, only to find the same, slow, *not* customer oriented, unfriendly, unprofessional service.  

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