June 17th, 2008

"Underliverable as adressed"

So I bought a game off Walmart.com, and I today I checked the tracking number for it - as of today, it was "undeliverable as addressed" and will be returned to the sender. I checked the address on the walmart invoice, and it's my address.

WTF? So, what happens to the package? Is there a chance I can pick it up at the post office, or has it been sent back immediately? AND WHY IS THERE NO INFO TELLING ME THAT ALREADY???

What pisses me off the most is there is like no information about what's going to happen next, on either the UPS site or Walmart. I'll call them tomorrow, but I have never had this happen before. I usually have no shipping issues at all! I know lots of you guys have had much worse experiences, but I thought I would share mine too!
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mod post: spam spam spam spam

spam spam spam spam
inmymoleskine banned for posting lovely spam (just imagine the vikings singing)

Please recall that one of the definitions of spam on the internet is a repeatedly posted message. (In fact, it's the strict, original definition.) X-posting to your personal journal and/or another related community is one thing, but feeding buck cake* to multiple communities because some other community has left you butt-hurt just isn't going to fly.

*edit: This definition should not be looked up at work or school.
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local pizza place

bad service is not charging me the proper amount because for some reason you split our tab when we didnt ask for it split. and then you come out and get me from my car, and im confused, i go all the way back into the restaurant and im waiting for you to charge me, i told you i was in a hurry earlier, thats why i brought my tab up to the front because no one was taking it and service was incredibly slow. then you took me to a billion different registers and i politely told you i was in a hurry and you said "well you DO have to pay for it" NO SHIT. do you think i would have come back in if i wasnt gonna pay for it?
does a place like that even have a legal right to approach someone once they are already in their car? i mean it isnt my fault they didnt charge me properly, and with that girls attitude and tone she had i should have taken her tip off the table, we left a nice tip too.

and when i called to alert the manager that i dont appreciate being accused of trying not to pay he is an idiot and says "well shes had it happen to her before" THAT IS NOT MY PROBLEM, and that doesnt make it okay for her to accuse people, she definately made me feel like it was my fault. i told him this and he has nothing to say, i guess anyone can be a manager these days.

to make it even better, the same restaurant two days before over charged me 30$, we payed part cash and part debit card and it all went onto my debit card. and do you think anyone told me they ran a transaction on my card and then hopefully voided it? nope. and when i called and told them they said it would be gone by the latest, monday. okay well its tuesday and i dont have my money.

i know ill probably get crap for this because i should have noticed i was charged incorrectly at first but, i just took my receipt and left, i was in a hurry.

summary, CHARGE ME THE CORRECT AMOUNTS THE FIRST TIME, PLEASE. and dont accuse customers of trying to skip out on their bills, especially a customer who comes in weekly.

I forgot all about this.

The recent post about United Airlines made me think of this.

A couple years ago I was an exchange student to Japan for a year. On the day of my departure I had to take a domestic flight from where I was staying to the Haneda Airport in Tokyo that deals with domestic flights. My flight was early in the morning. I believe it was around 10:00 a.m or so. My plane was delayed two hours but I was assured that I would have enough time to get from Haneda to the Narita International Airport, and still be able to make it through customs without any problems.

Cut for the tl; dr

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Tl;dr version: Guy at airport wouldn't let me board my flight unless I pay an ungodly amount of money I didn't have. Was rude and argumentative the entire time. Finally managed to get a new ticket and got home safely a day after my original arrival time.
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My first post here

Here where I live there are two restaurant delivery services that host menus from tons o places in the area. The suck isn't with them, it's with the restaurant itself. The delivery serivce did all they could to help straighten this out. So, background:

I come home from shopping and going to the bank,and decide to treat myself to lunch. I go to www.mealsdelivered.net and order from this Chinese place in the area. I order an appetizer platter(figured hubby would share) and a b1 lunch box(which was supposed to consist of General Tso's Chicken, a choice of beef,chicken, or shrimp with Broccoli, and chicken fried rice.) It asked if I wanted steamed or fried rice, and i assumed that this was in regards to my other two entrees. SInce this happened before(they left out the fried rice even though it was part of the box), in the note field I mentioned that the last time I ordered this combo, they left out the fried rice, so could the sevice tell the restaurant to be more careful. I didn't think this was out of line. The delivery service called me and said they told the restaurant to be careful because of the screwup the last time. Lo and behold, the delivery guy arrives, I pay him and get my food. I put it on the table, all is well with the appetizers. However, they again forgot the chicken fried rice. I called the delivery service and the woman was like,lets get to the bottom of this. She looked up the menu online and said, oh, they probably thought that since they asked if you wanted plain or fried with your entrees that you didn't want fried rice. But it was part of the plate. So she called the restaurant and said, "you guys screwed up. you owe her some fried rice." And told them that the menu was very confusing and to fix the problems.

and the real suck: I have actually also sat down to eat in this same restaurant and ordered the same combo, and got it correct that time. Don't see how it is so impossible to duplicate online. sigh. But at least the delivery service didn't screw up, the Chinese place did. In the end, they sent a driver to get my rice and I gave him an extra tip for the trouble, since it wasn't his fault. What would y'all have done?
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Was 'Dance Dance' really so awful?

So, this was a while ago, but...

I was buying a CD several months ago, and when I was standing at the counter, the guy who rang me up was chatting with a friend of his. That's not a problem, I just want to pay for my CD and go.

However, the cashier took forever. Why? Because he and his buddy kept making fun of the CD and the band it was from while I was being rung up. And then they started listing all the bands they believed that the CD ripped off.

Look. I don't care if you don't like the CD. Fall Out Boy's 'Under the Cork Tree' isn't Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band or anything, I know that. But don't hold me up because you want to talk about how stupid you think the band is. One, I was in a hurry. And two, I happen to like their music.

I have no idea whether or not they ripped off the Misfits or something. I don't really care. I just want to buy my CD without basically being called an idiot.

Insurance and Doctor suck

the last 2 days have been a little rough.  I am in Israel for 3 months, over the weekend I noticed I have a bit of an infection (I had a similar infection a few years ago and had to get surgery to remove it)right beside where my last infection like this was. 

Sunday night I call my mom in Canada just to talk and this infection comes up in the phone call, she tells me not to worry about it.  Monday morning she calls me and says she spoke with my insurance and they will be calling me shortly to discuss visiting a doctor.

about 5 minutes later my cell phone rings:me: hello?

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I wake up around 710, to prepare for the doctor visit at 730 and think all will be well, but we all know that is just too good.....
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tl;dr:  insurance guy wont listen to me even though i correct the on my name countless times, they also blame me for not answering my phone when my phone didnt ring or have any history of receiving a call.  doctor decides not to come to a 730 appointment because I never answered supposed phone call at 6am.  doctor that does come does some questionable things