June 15th, 2008


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One of my local librarians seems to hate me. To make a long, long story very short:

I checked a book out last fall and was reading it while waiting for the subway. A homeless guy came along and thought it would be funny to knock it out of my hands. Of course it landed in a puddle of God only knows what and obviously had to be replaced. I brought it back to the library to pay for it and the woman at the desk proceeded to yell at me for "desecrating a library book" and having "absolutely no respect" for their property. I told her it wasn't my fault and that what had happened to it had been beyond my control. She proceeded to respond with, "well then you shouldn't have brought it with you." I seriously thought about making a complaint right then, but chalked her behavior up to having a bad day and gave her the benefit of the doubt.

Two weeks later I'm back in the library and she checks me out. She greets me with, "So which one are you going to ruin this time?" I inquire as to what exactly her problem is and she tells me she's just kidding when she is obviously not. Of course the next time I see her, it happens again. And again and again every time I see her for months. Finally she said something nasty to me again yesterday ("Try not to drop it in anything disgusting") and I had had enough. I asked to see the director of the library and told her all about the other woman's attitude. And of course all she got was a slap on the wrist.

Now I really did not want to make a serious problem for the woman. I don't want to be the reason she gets fired, but I expected something a little more than the director telling her to "be a little nicer to the young lady." WTF is wrong with people?
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Paypal woes...

I sold two pairs of shirts on eBay and the bidder (from United Kingdom) sent me $ through PayPal. After the money cleared my bank account I mailed him the shirts. I had the custom form and tracking number. A week later he emails me asking where the shirts are. I told him since he was from the UK, it'll take about 2 weeks. After two weeks he emailed me saying he didn't get the shirts. I checked the tracking number and it said that items was in transit. I told him to be patient and that the items are in transit. Two days after that he filed a complaint with PayPal. I sent PayPal the tracking number and everything.

They said they will decide on the case once the buyer receives the items. Then a month later they said they decided in favor of the buyer because I did not reply to the email they sent asking for a reply. WTF? I did send a reply with the tracking number. And the "resolution center" on PayPal won't let me input anything in for the case for an appeal after I got that email saying the bidder won the case.

About two weeks later PayPal took out the money out of my PayPal account (which was zero) and now it is a negative balance. They keep sending me emails every two weeks asking me to put money in to restore the balance to a zero. I emailed them back saying I will not be paying for this because the buyer did receive my shirts (I checked the tracking number and it said the items arrived) and that I will be removing my bank account from the PayPal profile. They sent the common email in reply requesting money to be added to restore the balance to a zero. When I went to take my bank account off, it won't let me remove it because I have a negative balance.

What should I do? I'm new to this PayPal business. Thanks in advance.

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Yes, I failed and posted to c_s instead of here. Hello not reading :(

Witnessed suck @ video game store!


Insert 10-12 year old girl/Mum


Stupid cashier. (Male)
Some people might be slightly grossed out, and stuff.
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Cavalier Telephone...you suck.

over a month ago, Cavalier was supposed to move my account from the apartment to the house. it finally got done last week.

now, i discover that i'm getting a paltry 159k download speed. this is a mere fraction of the previous speed.

wtf, Cavalier? i didn't move to outer Mongolia - i moved THREE BLOCKS AWAY.

has anyone else used Cavalier for DSL, and had pisspoor service/internet speed? they had a spotless record before this but right now i'm entirely fed up with them.
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To save my Dad some father's time woe, me and my Mother go to Lowe's to pick up a few pieces of woods. Simple enough task, that I had done before at home depot with no issues. Only thing that caused a snag in our plans was the pieces of wood were too long, so we needed them to be cut.

We went and asked for assitance on getting someone to help cut the wood. We were told to bring the wood and "get it all ready" and someone will come. This was around 4:10 on a Saturday. We got the wood and dragged it over to the cutting area, it was 4:14 since my sister called, no one came so we pushed the button for assitance. We waited, I listened to two songs on my ipod, so we're clocking in around 4:23 for help. No one comes. I spy way down the aisel where the check out lanes, a older male watching us. Me and him, we make eye contact and figure, should I make the move or him?

I text a bit, it's 4:31, my Mom gets annoyed that I'm not making the move and just giving the man at the check out counter the eye, so I walk over, and tell him exactly this: "I don't know how it works here, but we were waiting for awhile and have had a few people tell us they were coming so ----" I get cut off, this man gets on the phone and waves me away.

I walk back to my Mother and insist that we leave, since this is clearly 'daddy stuff' and no one is going to help us. I clock in at 4:38, the man at the counter gives me the eye and I sit and angst at how odd it'd be if we cut the stuff ourselves since it clearly shows that the area and it's control box are unlocked, the lock is on the control box, but it's undone.

At 4:41 (!!!!) Some poor soul comes and attempts to cut our wood. It takes him four tries, and he tells us the guy who knows how to use the machine called in sick and overall they are short handed. He's Manuel or something, he clearly has a desk job, since another lady who asks for some help gets annoyed when he focus on us and she raises her voice and wants the attention, but it's like, LADY? Back off, I waited 30+ minutes for someone to acknowledge my existence at Lowe's. THIS IS MY TIME. Ahaha. So anyway, we get our wood and the guy is cool, talks a lot, doesn't know how to use the machine but he tries. It's the lame-o at the check out counter, who I WISH got his name, that sucked. Don't cut me off, don't roll your eyes and don't give me bedroom eyes...