June 14th, 2008


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New member posting. A few months ago, myself and a friend went out to lunch on a Sunday, just to catch up, talk, blah stuff people do when they go out to lunch.

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for the benefit of those about to say tl;dr: went out to lunch, got zero drink refills, were accused of trying to walk out on our meal.
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Complaining without retaliation?

In comments to posts in this community over the years, I've make remarks about our sometimes-fine, sometimes-horrid service from our local post office. Well, the sometimes-horrid service has recently become always-horrid service, but I'm worried that, given what we've experienced in the past, complaining will simply result in the always-horrid service actually becoming worse.

For the past two years, we've gone through periods in which we've received no mail (including advertising circulars) at all for chunks of time (3-5 days), followed by a huge stack of mail. I've gone to the post office during a couple of those times to inquire if our mail was being held for some reason, they've queried the carrier, and the carrier has responded that there's just been no mail. Then we get to the "end" of this period, we receive a huge stack of bills, and late advertising circulars.

The frequency of these periods of no mail has been increasing. Like, in the past two months, it's been every other week. This week, instead of no mail, we've been receiving other people's mail. (Which I've taken over to the correct people, and asked that they complain to the post office about the mis-delivery. But they've all been kind of "eh, it's usually good mail service, so whatever.")

As I've said, I've tried to complain in the past, and it seems that our local post office takes the carrier's explanation over our complaints. I have to wonder if our complaints in the past have lead to our current situation. So, I don't know how we can complain without further retaliation. So, I ask advice here . . . what I can do about this bad_service?
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Another post office gripe

I recently moved out of an apartment with a friend, to a small ranch about 20 miles north of my university. My friend has been forwarding my mail to me here, and when it's just one envelope where she scribbles out the old address and rewrites the new one and writes "PLEASE FORWARD" on it, there's no issue.

But she held on to a few to forward them all at once this time, and she & I have had nothing but problems since the day she bought the envelope.

First, she took the envelope in and did the computerized thing to get postage. Put the sticker on, dropped it in the box, and went about her day. We check in with each other daily, and after a week I hadn't gotten it. About 12 days after she dropped it in the box it came back to her apartment saying there wasn't enough postage on it. WTF? She takes it back to the PO and inquires about it. They say postage went up between the time the sticker printed and she dropped it in the box (all of what, 3 1/2 seconds??). She thinks it's strange and rediculous but gets him to put another postage on it. (Mind you, he didn't just charge her the difference she owed, but rather made her purchase a whole new postage mark, and didn't return the money from the other one).

So that was almost 3 weeks ago that she handed it to him. She also paid for a tracking service, and I reimbursed her for the quicker shipping. So we were expecting to get it by the end of that week, way back in May.

It is now June 14th, post has come and gone for the day and I still don't have my envelope. She's been arguing with the post office down there about how she paid for a tracking service (showed them the receipt) and they say they have no record she purchased it, and they have no way of tracking it.

My tax refund check is in there, as well as my stimulous check, and a forwarded check from my last week of work in New York. I'm very afraid someone stole the envelope (there was no way to tell from outside that money was inside, but that doesn't eliminate the possiblity that someone took it).

It's possible this is just a series of accidents and mishaps and they're not being douchebags on purpose but when estimated delivery was May 28, why do they not have a clue where it is by June 14th? If they lost it, fine. That's why she paid $30 for insurance. That covered the amount of money that was coming to me, so shouldn't they now reimburse me or something?

*EDIT TO ADD* I have changed my address, seven times. 5 online, and twice in person. They keep "losing track" of that record as well, and continue to send my mail to my friend. Sorry I didn't mention that.

Apparently it's spreading...

Coincidentally, another post office suck. This happened to me today.

I work early second shift--12pm-9--and I went out with friends last night after work due to this week sucking massively. I crashed at said friend's place, and drove home around seven am, where I went back to bed.

At noon, suddenly there's massive POUNDING on my apartment door in rapid succession. About a half dozen raps, a pause of about five seconds, and then another half dozen raps. I was still sleeping, and it freaked me the fuck out. I thought it was the police or a fire or an alien attack or something. I sit up and say I'm coming. By the time I've disentangled myself from the sheets, unlocked, and unchained the door, there's just a package on the floor outside my door with a disembodied "Thank you!" coming from up the stairs where I would presume my mail carrier was standing. Can't say for sure, because I never fucking see her.

I kicked the damn package inside and shut & relock, muttering "was that really necessary?" to myself.

She does this all the time. She's even thrown my package down the half-flight of stairs once or twice. I am literally the closest apartment to the mailbox, so it's not as out of her way as it could be.

I realize that I might get a lot more packages than most of the people in my complex (massive college student presence), but damn. They're usually just t-shirts. Nothing that urgent. (If it is urgent, I'll go UPS anyway. *snicker*)

Edit: All righty, bring on the snark. *waves at c_suck_snark*
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On gas station attendants

So this weekend has been made doubly special by a certain crazed and rude gas station attendant. Seriously, I'm ... pretty much speechless by some of the things he did and said.

Here's a little background: I was just going down to the local Mobil gas station to well, obviously, get gas and a car wash. First time I swipe my card: the screen said I should go inside to pay the cashier, then it returned to the main menu again. ...Even though my card went through with no problems and stuff and was approved and all that jazz.

SO okay. I went inside. The attendant guy asked me how much gas I want (40 bucks, 20 bucks, etc), and I told him that I needed the full tank, but not sure how much that would be, and explained to him that his uh, pump might be kinda wonky. Also told him that I need a code for the car wash (which needs a credit card or something). He told me that the pump should be working now, and to try again. OKAY, reasonable. So I went back to try again.

This time, the screen said that I needed to "SEE THE CASHIER FOR AUTHORIZATION," after I punched in all the info (you know, like, zip code, what kind of gas, etc etc). Not even "PLEASE PAY THE CASHIER INSIDE." The screen then changed to say "AUTHORIZATION NEEDED" or something like that. Then it completely froze. Problem = going back in to see the cashier. It's pretty clear by now that there's a problem with their pump.

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OH, but it does not end there, nono. I called 411 to get the number of the gas station, so I could call the next day to ask another attendant for the manager's name. Ended up talking to A manager of A Mobil gas station, and he was pretty pissed off at the behavior of the attendant (apparently, they have an attendant by the same name as the crazy one who I encountered, AND whenever this guy's on the job, stuff always goes missing), and said I should come in today in person to file a complaint and to sort things out. All seems well, and I revisit the scene of the crime, so to speak.

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Honestly, how did this guy get a job in the first place?