June 13th, 2008

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By request, here's what happened with this incident (for the new folk, the "Burglarz Stole My Interwebs" post):

I asked for a tech to be sent on Friday.

Instead, they sent a tech the next day and just by sheer luck happened to show up at a time when my significant other was actually both home and awake (I was at work; she works nights and also goes to school full time, so her schedule is pretty wonky).

Tech repaired the line damage and also did some tweaking to the modem, and Voila! we have had Interwebs ever since.

Apparently the burglars didn't do the job properly.


A few weeks later, I got the bill for that month - I was supposed to have received a credit of like $60 and one of the Customer Support people I had talked to in the middle of all this brouhaha had told me to only pay $30 for the month. I paid $40 just to make sure, and then I get this bill that says that I still owe them $60 OMGPAYNOW.

I call All-hell again in order to get the charges removed and speak to David, a real live American human being living within 50 miles of my current location who was actually the single most helpful person I talked to during this whole ordeal. Not only did he credit my account, but he also told me that there is apparently a DSL package that not only is $15 a month cheaper, but is also 6 times faster of a line speed. He also admitted when I asked him that the package has been in existence for more than a year, and naturally All-hell never bothered to tell me about it. He then said "while we're at it, I can save you $10 a month on your local phone service, too." So he switched my plan there - instead of $45 a month with limited extra features and no long distance I now pay $31 a month plus taxes for local phone service with all the extra features and 100 minutes of long distance.

So all's well that ends well, I guess. But All-tel/Windstream can still suck a dick.

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The hubby and I are in the process of painting a bright yellow wall to red, so we went to Lowes yesterday to get some primer. While we were browsing, I found a leaflet provided by Lowes that suggests getting white primer tinted to a light grey to maximize it's coverage. I'd seen this done on HGTV (I'm addicted, haha) so we decided to go that route. Cue us walking up to the paint counter with our bucket of white primer to an older, scowling employee...

H: Hi! I'd like to get this primer tinted gray, please.
Employee: You can't do that. That's primer.
H: Yes, I know what it is and yes, you can do that.
Employee: No. You. CAN'T. That's primer - it's SUPPOSED to be white.
H: Well, I want it tinted gray.
Employee: No.
H: I'm staring at a Lowes leaflet right here that suggests to get white primer tinted gray, and you're telling me you can't do it?
Employee: *blank stare*....so even though it's primer, you want to make it gray?
H: Yes, that's what I want.

At this point she either realizes that she's just misinformed or finally remembers that yes, you CAN tint primer so she gives in, all while sighing and visibly rolling her eyes while starting the tinting process. Husband and I look at each other like "WTF?". Now for a little customers_suck, in my opinion. Husband has very little patience for this sort of attitude, so he said to me just loud enough so she could hear, "I didn't know it was such an inconvenience to assume she knows what she's doing." I hit him on the arm, because despite her behavior I didn't think that was appropriate. Right as I'm about to tell him that you never know the kind of day someone has had, and to ask for a manager if he wants to make comments like that, she literally stormed over to him and snapped, "Uh, EXCUSE ME? I've been here for 11 years, I DO know what I'm doing!"

I sent husband off to look for something else while I waited on the primer because the two of them were about to seriously get in to it. The situation could have definitely gone without husbands commentary, but she didn't have to be such a hag about the primer - just admit you're wrong, apologize and laugh it off. Why keep arguing when you're obviously mistaken?

I know we all have our 'off' days but geez... I hope her customer service skills were better 11 years ago. :)

First time poster. whee!

Usually when bad service happens I forget about it before I get home, but this one happened yesterday to my mother, and it infuriated her so that she's still talking about it.

So, yesterday my mother and I went to the local liquor store to get rum for a party we're throwing tomorrow (unrelated rant: woo to us Pennsylvanian citizens, who have to buy our beer and liquor in different stores). My mother goes up to the cash register to pay, and we get in line behind a man buying stuff for his daughter's 21st birthday. As she's bagging his purchase, the cashier remarks to him "so, I bet I'll see you in here tomorrow, huh?"

The man reacts a little stunned, as the cashier basically just called him an alcoholic, and starts explaining about how he was buying this for his daughter, then leaves the store in a huff.

The cashier rings up our purchase and takes my mother's credit card. My mom has her picture on the card, and admittedly the picture is a little old. The cashier looks at it, looks up at my mother and goes "ha! How old is this picture lady?" And then proceeds to compare my mother to the 60 year old men who walk into the store with their college IDs.

My mom laughed it off, walked outside, and *edit as it was unclear* hasn't stoped complaining about it since.

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dear ex-friend who is apparently now a hairdressing apprentice,
i know you hate me with a passion and want to hurt me because of some OT bullshit involving your ex-boyfriend, but please to not be trying to crocodilesnap the titanium-plate hair straightener onto my metal lip ring, you violent psychopath skank. at best it'd conduct the heat and hurt like a mofo for a few minutes, at worst i could get severely burned or the straightener could blow up.

the first and second time you tried it.. okay. it could be an accident.whatever. but the third time, i'm not putting up with that shit.
denying it madly when i jump up and demand to see your manager isn't going to work: with this hair place being a haven for sixteen-year-olds who've taken a haircutting course, someone got smart and foresaw douchebaggery like this.. and installed cameras at every station.the manager agreed with me that it looked very deliberate, just from the tapes.and she also doesn't care that blahblah i apparently want to sleep with andrew.oh, and pulling an expression similar to (but a thousand times less disgustingly cute than) my icon.. it won't help you when it comes to dangerous bad_service.

i'm not a mean vicious bitch or anything, but: lol, you're screwed.

[edit for clarification:
i had absolutely no idea she was working there.
if it'd been a haircut or a dye or anything permanent, i wouldn't have let her anywhere near me. but since it was just a straighten and they were pretty busy, i decided to take the chance that she would hold back her failvendetta for all of fifteen minutes so as to keep the only job she can get. i didn't want to be a fussy customer_suck.]