June 11th, 2008


AT&T sucks

I'd placed a call two weeks ago to AT&T to fix a billing issue for the third time. After the issue was fixed (again), when I asked that a confirmation letter be sent to me as this has been costing us money on every bill, the CSR responded "I fixed it!" and hung up on me. Thankfully, I'd selected that I'd answer the survey before I spoke with him, so I gladly left my opinions.

Needless to say, AT&T has been trying to reach me to discuss this CSR's rudeness. Unfortunately, they've been calling me at wacky hours from a number listed as "Unknown". I don't answer Unknowns or Private calls, sorry. Nor do they leave a call back number on the voicemail, just a "sorry we missed you again" message.

This morning's phone call to discuss the issue? 4:51 am.

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Not a huge suck but...

I used to work in "food services" so I always try to be nice to the cashiers. I've had some horrible customers in the past so I always try to say "Hi" to them and know my order before I reach the counter.

Me: me
EPL: el pollo loco lady (which also has a Fosters Freeze, which is like ice cream)

EPL:Hi, how can I help you?
Me: Hi can I please have a small butterfinger twister (it's like a DQ blizzard)
EPL: A what?
Me: *pointing to Foster Freeze Menu* A twister, small, butterfinger please.
ELP: A sundae?
Me: No a twister
EPL: chocolate or caramel
Me: No, a twister please, the one next to it on the menu
EPL: ooooooooooooooooooh, small or regular?
Me: Small...butter....
EPL: Oreo?
Me: Butterfinger please.

I ended up with a large oreo, good thing I like oreos. I was thinking of going to the counter and switching it, but it was a really hot day yesterday and they gave me one that was like almost twice the size as what I payed for so I really wasn't about to complain about that.
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McDonald's Bad Service

Howdy all, long time lurker, first time poster, blah blah, you get the gist.

I went to lunch at McDonald's today (I work out of state, so it's hard to not eat out). When I got there, it wasn't particularly busy. There were about 3 people in front of me, all getting their orders handed to them. I'll go into script format from here.

Me) "I'll have a grilled chicken club sandwich no tomatoes." *gives him a second to enter it*
Cashier) "We don't have tomatoes."
Me) "Um, ok... Either way I don't get tomatoes..."
Cashier) "Is that for here or to go?"
Me) "I'd also like a bottle of water, a parfait, and a sundae without topping."
Cashier) "Was that sundae hot fudge or caramel?"
Me) "No topping."
Cashier) "Is that for here or to go?"
Me) "For here, please."

The total came to $9 and some change. I paid for it, and then got to doing some math. Chicken Sandwich = $4 + $1 parfait + $1 sundae + $1.50ish bottle of water = $7.50 + tax <> $9 something.

I waited until they put the receipt on the tray to see if maybe I was wrong on my math, but instead they charged me for a full meal.

So when the manager was putting stuff on the counter, I mentioned that the cashier had rung me up incorrectly. She fixes it, yada yada, all is good.

They forget my parfait at first, but no big deal, I mention it, and they get it for me. I get to a seat, and open up my sandwich, and it's a crispy chicken instead of a grilled. So I went back up to the counter and got that fixed.

Not a huge bad service, but enough to think the cashier needs to work on their listening skills.
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