June 10th, 2008

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Old, but possibly relevant

I am a long-standing customer with the wireless company that first bought and then was consumed by the company that wants you to reach out and touch someone.  This is fairly old, but it was brought to mind by a post in customers_suck about working in a phone repair shop.  In fact it happened before the whole buy-sell-buy thing happened, so it really is old, however I think it's still bad service.

For clairification:  It's _not_ the fault of the CS person.  She didn't set the policy.  This is aimed at the whole company.

I might have caused it to be a customers_suck, because I really got pissed about the whole thing and ended up yelling at the poor CS person, but, in my defense, the following things were true:

1) I worked outside in all weather conditions and told that bit of information to the sales person when trying to select a phone.

2) My phone's water damage came from being in my pocket while I was working in the rain. (No, there was no place to put it, things frequently were stolen from the location.)

3) I was paying extra every month for insurance in case things like that happened because I am admittedly hard on phones.

4) My provider had just decided to close all of their physical repair locations and insist that you had to mail in your phone.

5) The phone was completely dead and had no hope of repair and I just wanted to use the insurance to trade it in for one that worked (and hopefully stood up to being in my pocket in the rain better).

While I could see waiting 24 hours on a repair, I just wanted to swap out my phone because mine was hands down, no Jesus impersonations dead.   I just wanted the replacement phone that paying for the insurance was supposed to cover.  And, for the record, I'd managed to kill the phone before it too, and bought a "customer remorse" phone at discount to replace it at the store, which is when I was sold the insurance to cover the replacement in the future.

I was told, over the phone mind because no one in the store could handle this, that I could request the replacement I'd been paying for the last few months and it should get there in three days.  When I explained that it was the only way for my work to get in touch with me (I lived with my folks still then and thus didn't give out the house's land line number as a contact to avoid bothering them) and asked if I could go to the store to swap it out, I was told that wasn't possible and I'd have to wait at least three business days to get my phone replaced.

I was admittedly getting aggravated by this point as I'd been on the phone for nearly an hour by then trying to talk to the person.   I asked why I couldn't just take the dead phone in, swap it out for a "customer remorse" phone, and the store would send the dead one to wherever.  She told me that a) the stores no longer _had_ "customer remorse" phones and b) the insurance coverage only covered the mail-sent phone.  Oh, and I could pay _extra_ to have it shipped priority, but it'd still probably be two or three days.

At that point, I kind of lost it, turning it into a customers_suck.  -_-;;

I demanded to know what I was paying the insurance for if I had to know three days ahead of  time that my phone was going to die.  I wanted to know why you had to be psychic to get anything done, and why wasn't any of the things she was telling me listed in any of the information I had about the insurance.  It also would have been nice to know why the repair shops had to close and "customer remorse" phones went away, but then I've come to expect BS like that from the company (even though I'm still with them ^_^;).  In the end, I insisted the insurance be canceled immediately because I wasn't giving them money for free because I was going to have to go and _buy_ a new phone to deal with this. 

Does anyone else think this was bad_service?  Or was it just me being a bad customer and thus totally in the wrong place?
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