June 9th, 2008

[lust] Danger starts a sharp encline.

Somewhat bad service from my doctor.

At the end of May I went to my friendly local clinic to get my prescription for birth control renewed. The last time I had gone there, they told me that they also gave BC out for free or whatever you can pay, because they think that it should be available to everyone regardless of their financial condition- which was perfect since I'm a poor college student.

So after I got my scrip, I asked my doctor if I could have a pack, since I was on the placebos of my last one, and he said sure and gave me one. I started the pack he gave me on Tuesday, June 3rd.

Last night I happened to look at the pack while taking my pill and it said, "EXP 2008 05."

Now, I'm sure that the hormones in those pills don't go bad at midnight on the dot, May 31st, but still, it's not reassuring to discover that I've been taking expired medication for the past few days. Expired birth control, at that. When my boyfriend's sperm expires I'll be fine with taking years-old pills, but until then I kind of need them to be working at full capacity, you know?

I know that everybody makes mistakes, but you'd think a licensed medical professional would think to check expiration dates before blithely giving his patients their meds.

(I emailed the clinic last night, but they're closed on weekends, so I've not heard from my doctor yet.)
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More Doctor BS

Went to the doc a few weeks back.

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And that's when I learned the extent of my bad service. Doc gave me a useless prescription, as well as ignoring the nurses original notes. The nurses ignored doc's instructions in favor of carrying on their own conversation and then when they got around to it, decided not to do it at all. And to add insult to injury, doc decided to make fun of my name. Gotta love it. Thank goodness I have insurance and I was only out my $20 co-pay.

the happy ending? It took two nurses, a doctor and 2 different sized syringes, but I can hear now! And i will never ever use q-tips in my ear again!
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I HATE Freaking Pay Pal!

After reading so many stories of bad service, I should have known better than to use them.  However, I have had an account linked to my bank account for four years with no problems so I thought all would forever be well in paypal land.


I had two charges a week apart totally over $40 for a company called Lin..something (Cant remember right now and paperwork isn't in front of me).  Having no idea what that is, I googled it and it turns out to be a game called second life.  Some of you may have heard of it.  You all don't know me but I am a 43 year old woman and don't pay computer games and barely have time for my first life let alone having a second.  So I opened up a dispute and in my ignorance, thought they would remove the charge, credit my bank account and find out what the clerical mistake was on their end.  More the fool me.

I went on vacation, got back and checked the status.  It said "CLOSED".  Hmmm, I don't recall getting that money back.  I looked for details and basically my request was denied.

Umm, huh?

This is a charge I did not make that was to the same company twice in a week.  No one has my paypal information..not even my family.  Which means, I paid for someone elses game and they need to figure out whose and give me back my money.  Apparently their resolution is to say "tough shit".  I called and the rep said they would send the investigation details to me via mail.  Okeedookee but that still isn't going to get my money back.

I have closed my account which is a big hassle as I used it for ebay (and that was about it).  But I certainly can't have people going in to my bank, taking a few bucks and the company just shrugging it off.  I am just glad it was only a little over 40 bucks.  It could have been much worse.

Subway suck.

Today, my roomie/best friend went to get pedicures. Next door is a Subway that we frequent when in the area. We decided to grab some subs for lunch after our pedicures were done.

We walk over there, and theres kind of a long line. I don't understand why, no one seems to be talking or ordering or anything. My friend and I get up to the counter to order and the woman working barely spoke above a whisper. I had to ask "excuse me, what was that?" at least 5 times. I asked for double meat twice and she just looked at me like "huh?" And I had asked for ham and turkey and she had only put turkey. Okay whatever I'm over it.

Our sandwiches are done! Yes! I'm stoked to partake in the eating of a delicious turkey and ham sub. My roomie is in front of me and we had told them 3 seperate times that our sandwiches were different orders. I told them twice that I wanted to make mine into a meal. There was at least 5 people working at the time. We get to the counter and our sandwiches are in the same bag. I'm holding a bag of chips saying again "they aren't together. I would like to make mine into a meal." The woman ringing us up sighs loudly like we're making her day so hard. She gives my friend her total and she hands her her debit card. And here comes the suck.

"Oh we can't take cards today. The machines are broken." said with the most annoyed "I'm sick of saying this today" tone.

My friend only had her card and I had $9 in cash. We just stood there like "uhhhh."

My friend didn't get her food, my total was $9.10 and she just let me have it for $9. I said "You know, you should probably put up a sign or let people know before they order. You're wasting a lot of food." And as I say that, I hear the woman behind me say "What? You don't take CARDS? That's all I have! I've been standing in like for 15 minutes for this?" 2nd wasted sandwich of the day, at least when I was in there, and another person probably wasting a good portion of their lunch hour.

It's not a huge deal but ugh that pissed us off. My sub was pretty good, though.

How hard is it to hand write a sign that says "Sorry, NO ATMS today!" ?
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Ok...do you want me to pay you or not?

On April 26th, the husband and I bought a PT Cruiser.

About a week later, I get a phone call from Chrysler Financial verifying all the info we provided. The CSR tells me that I'll be receiving my payment coupon about 2 weeks before the payment is due, or I could pay it online. I take down the info I need to pay online because that's how I prefer to pay my payment. She also tells me that I might not receive the first payment coupon, so it would be best to pay it online if I could or over the phone.


So I go to the Chrysler Financial site, log in, and pay my bill. All my information comes up and it says the payment went through, so I assume everything is good.

Today I get my payment coupon in the mail......except it isn't from Chrysler Financial...Apparently CitiFinancial Auto took over our loan.

O...K..... So I call CitiFinancial to find out what the hell is going on. Apparently they took over our loan 2 weeks after we got the car....and didn't bother to tell us.

What the hell?!

At least the payment I made through on the Chrysler site went through, but what if it wouldn't have?!?

Erg. It isn't OMG Horrible Service...but transferring my loan without telling me, me paying the wrong people........it just doesn't sit right with me.