June 7th, 2008

Promises, promises

I'm a receptionist in a plumbing fixtures showroom. This is important. Basically the way things work: customer comes in, orders product. We send PO off to the Manufacturer and/or warehouse. They send us confirmation along with ETA. Product arrives, customer picks up. So we had one of our big clients come in and order a drain from Lacava. Lacava warned us that they were completely out of this drain so it would be awhile. When asked for an EST, they said it would be available at the beginning of May. This was on the 17th of April. The customer is ok with this.

The 5th of May rolls around and the customer calls about the drain. I call Lacava who tells me it should be in by the end of the week.  A week goes by, no drain. Customer calls again. Lacava tells me that now the drain will ship on the 15th of May with an aprox, delivery date of the 19th. By now the customer is getting irritated, but the manager at Lacava promises me that the drain will be there. The 19th rolls around, no drain. I call Lacava AGAIN. This time they pinky swear it will be in by the next week. Guess what? No drain. Customer calls me yesterday justifyibly pissed. I call Lacava. They have promised me that it wil be in next Monday or Tuesday. Gentleman, place your bets.

This really ticks me off because it makes us look like we're the ones dropping the ball. Plus this is the second time in the past few months Lacava has done this to me. Last time a customer had to wait two months for a sink that was promised to be here within one week. 

If you're remodeling your house I don't reccomend Lacava, unless you want to wait forever. 

Oh and with fuel costs, the shipping charges are into the hundreds of dollars.

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I think I really am a sucker for punishment. Even though I have complained about them in this community in the past, I continue to get medical care through Planned Parenthood. I work non-stop during the week, and often go into the office on the weekends, so Saturday appointments work out well for me. It is hard to find girly-doctors who have appointment availability on Saturdays, so I keep going back to PP.

First I schedule an appointment online. Since I am at work the hours that their appointment line is open, and I don't relish the idea of booking an appointment over the phone when my CEO could swoop into my cubicle at any minute -- I thought that would be a good alternative. I got back an appointment confirmation, and all was well.

Except an hour later I receive a voicemail that the appointment they scheduled for me online wouldn't work because they would be in a staff meeting at that time. I had to call in to change the appointment to this Saturday morning.

So this morning, I am about to walk out the door to go to my appointment. This is partially my fault, but I guess my phone has been wonky lately and as I was going out the door I found out that I had a voicemail from yesterday. My appointment for this morning was canceled. No explanation given. Part of the appointment was for my depo shot, and today is absolutely the last day in my two-week window to get it. I would have gotten it earlier, but see above about my first appointment getting canceled.

I call the scheduling line, frantic, and they say another facility has walk-in hours. I rushed over and was able to get my depo shot, but I had to wait over an hour and a half to get it. And I also wasn't able to get my annual exam because they were too busy. The staff was only vaguely sympathetic to my plight.

Unfortunately this isn't the first, or second time they have canceled appointments on me. I am pretty fed up with dealing with them, but I can't seem to find anyone else that has appointments on Saturdays. I really don't want to use any of my vacation time from work to do stupid medical stuff, because I am saving up my time off for a trip to Japan this fall.

I think I will have to suck it up and find a different provider because the promise of Saturday appointments aren't much good if they are consistently canceled at the last minute.
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one time's a freak occurrence, twice is annoying and three times is...

This isn't huge in the suck category but it is kind of annoying

On Memorial Day, I was home alone and not really in the mood for cooking so I took a quick trip to the store. I'm a loyal Kroger shopper, so that's where I went. Got something microwavable and a donut. and wandered over to the first cash out lane. Well, it was obviously open-- the lane light was lit, and a bagger was standing by the bags. Except that the cashier was standing against the magazine rack at the end of the lane, reading a magazine. I stood perhaps four feet from her and she didn't notice me AT ALL. I looked back and forth from the bagger to the cashier for a bit and he just looked back, so after a little while, I asked if the lane was open or not. The cashier jerked back to Earth and apologized and ran back to her space and rang me up. I thought "Eh one time thing, alright."

Today, I went shopping for both my mother and I. When I do that, I split the order so her and my groceries don't get mixed up and I get asked weird questions about what I buy (She still has trouble believing I actually cook for myself now and again :P). I went to the first cash out lane (yes, same as the one above) and watched as the cashier (Not the same as above) who's standing with her back to me rambles on about random things to the bagger, who's staring at me. Finally he motions to me and the cashier turns around and apologizes, and starts ringing me up. I hand over my Kroger card and tell her I have two separate orders here so she keeps it. She finishes ringing me up, I pay and wait for her to start ringing in my second order. And now there's two people behind me waiting to get their stuff rang up too. She turns and starts talking to the bagger again. Usually I try to be patient but um, no. So I interrupted her and said, "Uh, my second order?" then she's like, "OH yeah..." and rang that up too.

It's nice to know what Kroger's paying their workers to do.