June 3rd, 2008


Bad Hotel Service

My husband and I took a little weekend away for our 20th anniversary, and drove to the beach. Eschewing the chains, we headed for the smaller mom & pop places which were more likely to be quiet. The first one we stopped at had beautifully landscaped grounds which led onto the beach, though no pool. We decided that the lack of pool wasn't a stumbling block considering how quiet and pretty it was.

We went to the office to check in, and wound up leaving instead. Why? The receptionist - in the empty office - couldn't be bothered to get off her personal phone call to even greet us, let alone check us in. ("No! Did you see what she was wearing last night? I know! She was with that guy, too." Ad nauseum.) We stood there for at least five minutes listening to her totally-not-work-related chatter before we left, figuring that if the service was that bad up front, what was it going to be like when they had our money?

As we left, I said, "Well, I guess we know why it's so quiet."

(For the record, we went three or four hotels down and stayed at a wonderful place that we're planning to visit with our kids later in the summer.)
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Bad service from a Temp Agency - relayed to me

To start off, my boyfriend's experience with a temp agency has run contrary to mine. I just signed up a week ago, and while they haven't found anything, they've been nothing but professional, having me fill out tax forms, and take computer tests. They've also encouraged me to call nearly everyday, telling me to call again the next day if they don't have anything.
So I'm surprised by what he went through.

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I commute to school on public transit. Today, while I was waiting for a bus, I saw the following drama unfold:

A bus driver is getting ready to pull out. The front door is closed, and he's raising the front of the bus to get ready to go, when suddenly a woman comes running from the station. The driver watches her in his rear-view mirror. (I'm waiting at the bay in front of his, and I can see him through the front window.) He's clearly seen her.

Just as she reaches the back door, he slams them shut, then, laughing, drives off.

Classy. Reeeeeeeal classy.