June 2nd, 2008

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Tuality Health Care: Forest Grove, OR.

This is regarding our 15 month old daughter and our experience taking her to the Emergency Room yesterday afternoon:

Yesterday, Kairi had a fever of 104 and wasn't eating anything other than breast milk. We called up her doctor about what it could be, and he just said to take her to the emergency room. Tuality in Hillsboro, the times we've went there for emergencies, takes forever no matter how urgent the situation is, and it was mentioned that the THC in Forest Grove wasn't busy most of the time. So we took her there immediately, and were seen immediately as well- something that never happened at the Hillsboro hospital.

This whole time, Kairi was shaking, retained her high fever, and was crying most of the time because of how much pain she was in. The nurses checked her temperature several times, and then the doctor came in to see what was going on. The guy didn't introduce himself or say anything other than "I'll need to take a sample from her mouth". He took out a cotton swab and forced it down her mouth, making her gag instantly, then slowly walked out of the room. I couldn't even tell if he was a real doctor or not based on his actions and appearance. While more happened before this, we never saw him again except for maybe 2 hours later when he told us a few things that Kairi MIGHT have, never giving a real answer even when we were on our way out.

The nurses failed to draw blood from a "good vein" on her left arm, and kept trying to move the needle around for about a minute before finally deciding to try the other.

Another nurse, who again, didn't even seem like a professional, came in and told us that Kairi would need x-rays done on her chest. Right there, I got a weird feeling about it, and was wondering if this was some kind of sick trap by a group of serial killers or something because of how shady the tone of everything was. She took us back to the x-ray room, and told us to seat her on this table that had two holes for her legs on the bottom of it. On top of this table was a cylinder-like tube that seperated and closed around the child. This thing wasn't much wider than Kairi is, and her arms had to be up and over her head in order for it to close and get an x-ray done. If I had my camera while we were there, I would've gotten pictures, because it looks like an outdated device used in a third world country's hospital, or something used for torture in the Concentration Camps of WWII. Kairi was freaking out when the cylinder closed on her (it was glass or plastic, but still), and the "nurse" told us that we had to leave the room while she took x-rays. Making this situation seem even worse is the fact that the last time Kairi needed x-rays at this same hospital, her mom and grandma were allowed in there with her, and even held her as the x-rays were done. The cylinder device wasn't even there that time, and this was just a few months ago (early February). The nurse told us that we had to leave because it was state law and there was nothing cruel about the device. She closed the door on us and I immediately felt sick. Kairi was screaming the whole time, and the process was done in about a minute or two.

At this point, I wanted to just get out of there without any further hospital treatment, maybe even going to the Hillsboro ER and putting up with the wait. But I'm sure these people would've called in a warning or something to them about us wasting their time if we did.

After the x-rays came back showing that there wasn't anything wrong with her chest (which was obvious in the first place), only then did they put her on antibiotics through the IV. The put it on seemingly the slowest pace available, and it took at least 2 hours before she was done with 500ml or cc or whatever of the antibiotic. Later on, they took urine samples, which probably should've/could've been done in the first place, and THEN told us that she had a kind of stomach virus. The doctor himself never came back in- it was all nurses. There were only 3 other people being seen while we were there, and only one of them had a slightly severe case compared to Kairi's. This isn't a "my daughter is more important" thing, but it's true- the other patients had smaller reasons for why they were there, Emergency Room-status or not.

We got there at about 2, and left at around 7. In the last few minutes, a real doctor showed up and actually did the standard fare, like introduced herself and told us what her position was. She told us everything that Kairi had, what kind of medicine she'd be put on, and even gave her a pink teddy bear when we were leaving.

Needless to say, this was hell, and seeing things like this happen to a poor little girl makes me sick. That x-ray restraining device NEEDS to go.

Am I Overreacting?

We've just spent 3 nights in Reykjavik in a well known international chain hotel (I've left their name out at the moment till I get some views on this).  Rooms at this hotel start at about £130/$200 USD. 

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Interestingly enough we weren't asked if we enjoyed our stay when we checked out.

So am I right to be irked by this all?

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1/3 Less Salt!

I just remembered this and I think it qualifies as "bad service"? It's a bit different...usually these stories are about a bad experience with one or more individuals and the solution is typically to go to management or corporate. In this case the bad service is corporate being sneakily deceptive to the public in general.

Years ago I was stalking shelves at Walgreen when I noticed one of the brands of pretzels had new packaging loudly proclaiming that they now had 1/3 fewer calories and 1/3 less salt (really wish I could remember the brand!). We had some of the old packaging on the shelf and, being curious, I compared the two. The ingredients list was exactly the same so I looked at the nutrition information. Sure enough the new bag of pretzels had 1/3 fewer calories and salt per serving than the original packaging...they had reduced the serving size by 1/3!

So we have a package loudly advertising that if you are watching the calories or are on a reduced salt diet this is the one for you when in reality they were just telling you to eat less of their product in one sitting.
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I take my own canvas bags grocery shopping. They hold more, and the whole less waste thing.

It also helps me sort of budget what I buy, because I just fill those two bags for a trip, and thats my groceries for a week. sometimes 2.

Yesterday, I got my stuff picked out, then went through the line(had a few too many items for self-check). Hand my canvas bags to the bagger, who starts bagging in one of them. The cashier picks up my other bag between pinched fingers, making an "ewww" face, and says "i dont know whose or what THIS is" and starts bagging into plastic. The bagger and I both at the same time explain that I brought my own bags. The cashier then begins to ARGUE with me that there is no way everything I got will fit in just two bags(which it does. i do this every week). She just gives up, hands me part of my stuff in a plastic bag, and lets the bagger finish, then turns to the next customer to bitch about how stupid it is to bring your own bags into the store when you can get plastic ones for free. Wasn't worth getting a manger over, just really kind of rude to start talking about it while I was still standing there.

Though I can say its the first time it's happened, and the bagger is one I've had before(and always compliments my bags, because they're pretty fun looking, and she's amazed by just how much they hold)

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So I went to Applebees last night with my parents, sister, and brother-in-law. My Sister is SEVERELY allergic to peppers. And it's been a long time since she's eaten them so she doesn't really know what they taste like. (but we know she's still allergic) Anyway, so we understood that it was busy so we were understanding with our waitress. We all order salads, and when we did, my sister made sure to ask if there were peppers in it and then explained to our Waitress that she was highly allergic to them. Waitress said no problem and that there were no peppers in it. We also ordered our entrees. Still no problem, salads come out, no peppers. We finish our salad, and recieve our entrees. My sister cuts into her chicken and takes a bite and immediately asks the waitress if there's peppers in it. Waitress doesn't says she doesn't know and that she needed to check. My sister tells her she needs to hurry. Still no problem, up to that point.

Five minutes pass, my sister's lip starts to swell. Waitress had at that point been ignoring our table for the entire time since we had asked to her to find out and even goes so far as taking an order from another table. 5 more minutes pass my sister finally finds some allergy medicine in her purse. Her face is swollen. Waitress FINALLY came back and confirmed there were peppers in it. My sister tells her that next time someone tells her that they are allergic to something that she needs to run and not be taking orders from other tables. We ask for check. They tried to charge us for my sister's entree even though she couldn't eat it. We then talk to the manager who tried to tell us everything would be taken care of and that allergies were first priority. He wasn't very sincere.

All around bad service at Applebees.
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