June 1st, 2008


Here's another one.

This one was from several years ago, but I was reminded when I read in the paper that the place closed up.

This was at A&W in the food court of a nearby mall. The girl taking orders & money was messing with her hair the whole time (tucking an errant lock over her ear.) Her hair wasn't long, and it was pinned up (other than the errant lock.) No big deal. Until an order came down the slide to be served. Without having washed her hands, and using the same hand that was constantly playing with her hair, she lifted the top bun off of someone's sandwich, to see what was on it. As soon as my wife saw that, she said, "That's disgusting. I'll take my money back NOW, since I've lost my appetite." (The word "now" wasn't yelled or anything, but was emphasized.) The girl got the manager from the back. The manager came through the door from the kitchen area, and her waist-length hair was unrestrained. Granted - she may have been in an office instead of the kitchen, but it does still look bad. The manager was less than friendly, and not at all apologetic as she gave us our refund.

I can't say for certain if their service ever improved, since we never went to that location again, but with our (admittedly, one-time) experience, I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.

Pizza Hut Delivery....

I have never received bad service from my local Pizza Hut...but then again I always order carry out and go and get it.

Last night the husband and I decided to order delivery. We had a coupon for a large 1 topping, regular order of cheese bread sticks, and a 2 liter for $14.99.

I called at 9:30 pm, was on hold until 9:40, and finally got to place my order. She told me 45 minutes, which is what I expected.

So we wait...and wait...and wait....in the meantime, a small, brief, storm rolls in. I'd say 10-15 minutes tops. Not a whole lot of rain, mostly lightening.

11:00 rolls around. No pizza. My husband calls. The first time he gets hung up on. The second time he finally gets to speak with someone. He tells her what's going on and she said that her delivery driver just got back and she'll send him out with our order. She said that he said law enforcement had set up detours and road blocks because of flooding...(What?! Uh..no? It didn't rain nearly enough for that....that and law enforcement in our town has never done that, even when it has flooded pretty bad)...She also said she was going to comp our order.

11:40....here comes the pizza guy. Food is ice cold. Instead of our 2 liter, we get a 20 ounce. On top of all that, the delivery driver tries to charge us for our food. We explained to him what his manager said, but he responded with, well she gave me the receipt. My husband told him to take it up with her because she said we didn't have to pay and we weren't going to.

This morning I called the restaurant and explained what happened. The manager said he'd talk to the delivery driver. That's it.

I expected a little more. I'm honestly a really loyal customer there. That's the only pizza place I go to in our town. They all know me. I don't even have to tell them what I want when I go inside to eat. They already know.

So yeah, I e-mailed corporate earlier. We'll see how this turns out...and in the mean time..I think I'll call Dominoes for awhile.
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Due to a recent and very severe episode of clinical depression, I ended up in a private psychiatric clinic in North Sydney and was a patient there for one month. This clinic has a reputation as the best psychiatric hospital in New South Wales and I would wholeheartedly agree with this assertion as I received excellent treatment and the nursing staff were generally fantastic except for two night nurses I encountered during my stay in the Intensive Care Unit...

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Both of these nurses were not the regular nurses and I only saw a grand total of 3 nights and didn't by any means reflect the general standard of the nursing care at the hospital. I didn't make a complaint about them because:

  1. I didn't (and still don't) know their names
  2. At the time, I didn't know who to complain to; I had only been in hospital a week and I didn't know who the Nursing Unit Manager was.

Despite these incidence, I would still recommend the hospital and still call it one of the best psychiatric hospitals in NSW.

Hotel service.

I need to know if this is worthy calling and complaining to someone higher than the manager on duty at this hotel chain:

My husband and I fly down to Florida (from Michigan) for his grandfathers funeral. We stayed at a chain hotel that my family's husband always stays at. We check in Thursday night...

On Friday (around 3) my husband and I were in our room. There was a knock on our door. (mind you we had a do not disturb sign on the handle) "House keeping." "we're in here" *knock knock knock* "WE'RE IN HERE" *OPENS DOOR!!!!* just to give us towels. Luckily we had the chain on, so it could barely get open. But, WTF you can't just open the door!!! We hadn't asked for the towels, but, I guess they take all used towels away to wash, nevermind if they were hanging to be used AGAIN. I didn't know we were missing towels, because I didn't even look, but our room was already cleaned. EXCUSE ME? You have NO RIGHT to walk into our room!

Ok, So, whatever, I didn't say anything. i was pissed, but whatever.

Saturday comes around and then we were going to get into the pool we asked for pool towels. They had none, a little odd, but whatever. They promised to bring them out. 3 hours later NO POOL TOWELS. So I go in half wet asking for some, they have none. I asked when, they have no idea. (mind you he gave me a little attitude like "We will have them when they are done DRYING." Okay... so I decide to go into my hotel room to take a shower and get ready for dinner.

The room is made up BUT WE HAVE NO TOWELS!!!!! Excuse me??!?!?!?! How am I supposed to shower? IN the past 3 years that I've been in hotels there is a sign saying "If you'd like to have a new towel, leave your old towel on the floor. If you'd like to save on water and help the environment hang your towel to dry to use again." WE didn't have this sign, but I still hung my towel hoping to save it (because I think it's a waste). Well, they took them (we only had 2 anyway) and now we have none. WTF. Even if they take the towels they REPLACE THEM while they are still cleaning the room! So I sit there pissed, my hair DRYING with chlorine in it. I call and they don't have any towels. I piss and moan (to myself) and then call an hour later. They will send some towels right up. GOOD I'm going to be an HOUR late to dinner now.

So, Sunday morning as we're checking out I asked the manager of the hotel about the towels. I hate to wait, because I didn't want to lose my cool the night before. I bring up the fact that every hotel I've been to wants to help SAVE the environment and save in money for hot water by not washing EVERY TOWEL EVERY DAY. He said they don't have that policy (fine, but odd, because Florida has water shortages a lot, they are in drought a lot).

He said they had been short on towels yesterday, which is why we didn't have pool towels or shower towels. Well, if they let me KEEP my towel I would've had one. He said they only had the shortage yesterday. But, why then, I asked him, did 4 hours go by before we got towels on friday too. "Oh, we were short that day too." Then I mentioned about the roomservice girl entering our room and he said "Yea, to give you towels". I'd understand more if I had called down for towels, but no, I hadn't. It was a SURPRISE to be given towels! So I said "you still can't enter our room." And he said "But she was giving you towels." SO?!?!

Ugh. I am calling someone higher. Or am I crazy?