May 30th, 2008

Weird electricians... wtf

This happened today... we had to have some electricians around to install an outdoor powerpoint at our house. When they arrived, only my brother and I were home. My brother is fourteen and I am nineteen - and whilst he is tall for his age, he doesn't really look any older than he is because he has a young face (and fairly young-sounding voice as well). He answered the door when the two electricians turned up and let them inside. I greeted them, and my brother and I showed them where the powerpoint was to go. From that point on, they completely ignored me. They had to come in several times and ask questions such as where the manhole is located (so they could climb through the roof), if it was okay to turn the power off, and to tell us a few things (such as whether or not the power was back on). For some reason, they only spoke to my brother the entire time they were there - even when it meant they had to walk right past me to find him (this happened almost every time they had something to say). As I am clearly older than him, I couldn't think of any other reason they'd do this other than the fact that they must be sexist (I'm female btw). Once they had left (again, telling my brother all the important things and acting as if I wasn't standing right next to him), we noticed that they had hadn't wiped their feet at the front door, and as such there were muddy footprints throughout the house. Also, strangely enough, when we went into the laundry (the outside laundry door leads to where they had been working) we noticed that they had taken the hand towel from the laundry sink and used it to wipe they muddy shoes on. Wtf? A hand towel?
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