May 29th, 2008

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Today, while taking a break from studying, I walked into an upscale sushi place. I've gotten food from them before, usually at night, and always loved it. These people know their raw fish very well. I walked in, saw lots of customers in window seats, and a few staff members at the bar a few feet away. I picked up a menu, begin to browse through it. About two minutes later, I hear something yelled at me from the bar by a waitress who is eating.

"We're closed, leave."

I shut my menu (I was standing by a pile) as another staff member shouted, this time really loudly across the entire place although I was pretty close to them, "Lady, we're closed currently."

Feeling embarrassed, I put the menu down in its pile and noticed it said "11:00a-3:00p; 3:30p-11:00p." I was a little miffed they didn't tell people that (a thirty minute lunch break where it officially closes is something I hadn't seen before in this city), but whatever. I turned to walk out and that's when the bad service began.

I was already feeling embarrassed so I walk away but before I can actually exit the restaurant, I hear the staff (at the bar) laughing. Another one of them shouts, while laughing, "Yo, we're STILL closed," and another guy just adds on in a really sarcastic voice, "In case you didn't realize it..." I turned around in the doorway and, while my back was turned, they had all gathered up and were looking at me, laughing amongst themselves as I walked out. There was an entire kitchen staff now just staring me down as I walked out. They were whispering, too.

I ended up getting some really great Thai food down the street, for about half the price, so I guess the joke's on them, but I seriously don't get what I did wrong. I felt awful for walking in on their lunch break, but when I got outside I doublechecked. There was not a WORD saying they were closed, and no menu posted outside to show the time gap. The store hours were naturally obscured as they were in the door which was open and unreadable.

It just really turned me off from them, because they could have had a sign up or simply said nicely, "Sorry, we're on our lunch break, come back in thirty minutes." I really felt like I'd a) pissed all of them off and b) was an idiot.

I've been having a lot of bad customer service stories since I found this community. I usually have smooth sailing. I'm scared it's cursed!

A week of bad service with one particularly annoying story.

I've had a week of really horrible service, which is kind of random considering that I've always had wonderful service in the area in which I live (I live on the "friendly" side of my state). I had a Dunkin Donuts employee get into a screaming match with me the other day because I asked for chocolate syrup and she gave me blueberry syrup in my iced coffee (her manager even, kind of disgustingly, tried my drink when I returned it and ended the argument when she announced that it was clearly blueberry and not chocolate). I was also delivered an entirely wrong meal by my favorite Japanese restaurant and I couldn't convince them to come back and deliver me the right thing, so all I got was credit on my account for the meal (and we ended up throwing out $15 worth of food because neither myself or my boyfriend or any of our friends could stand eel sushi).

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Can I just say that I love the concept of this community after the week I've had?
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I hate when this happens

Just in general, because this happened to me for the fifth time this week and it really annoys the loving heck out of me...Cashiers, if you are the reg, please do not look at your customer, then turn around to talk to your fellow's rude. And especially when you look at me again then turn around AGAIN to talk to your co-worker about real life drama without saying, I'm open or next, please and just ignoring me. And when I go up and ask if you're open don't sigh and ask me what I would like to order...if you don't want to do your job at Popeye's then give it to someone who really needs it, please. Thank you.