May 28th, 2008

Did that hurted?

Okay, I will preface this by saying that, yes, I am visibly pierced and tattooed (one, about the size of my hand).  I understand the occasional question from onlookers or people who I am serving at work  (even though I generally cover 90% of my tattoo and flip up my septum, 5/8" ears still get poked at/questioned).

What I don't get is reactions like
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from people who are supposed to be giving ME service.

Say no, but please dont waste my time

Fairly Small (but possibly long winded):

So I used to play the MMORPG "Pirates of the Burning Sea". It is a fun good game but I have been unable to take the time to play in 2-3+ months. I have meant to play a number of times lately but it just hasn't happened. In liue of playing I decided i really should cancel but never remembered when i was at the computer

Over the weekend the next months subscription charge hit my bank account as "pending" and was yet one more reminder. Also as my summers are even more busy I always cancel all MMOs for the summer and then pick one up come fall. Fortunately Today i got a message from a friend asking "what game are you playing these days" which served as a reminder.

I logged onto the billing site (managed by SOE) and canceled. I then decided it may be worth an attempt to get refunded for paid time not used. It's a longshot but I have a better chance if I at least ask.

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Really, I expected to be turned down but figured that they current cycle would be a compromise they might be willing to make.  But not reading the request so i have restate, asking for the login name which was also part of the initial submittal, which all is technically not needed if its a flat policy denial.

Part of me would have also appreciated a more personal/human response but I am not sure I was talkking to a human :p

The game is still good and I have lots of love for Flying Labs and their devs, but just that seemed . . off the way [SOE] replied. I was given a name of someone else to follow up with so i sent the same request to them and will see how they respond.

Still not expecting anything that I will get more then the current month, if even that, just hoping that at least this time there is some comprehension and perhaps some empathy of at least why I am asking. 

Edit to Clarify: No, it is not that the refund was denied, it is the lack of ability to A) read the original submission, B) take down the information when respnded to, C) not scrolling up and instead asking the question again that was also in the original submission.

Bad Service from the Pediatrician

In February of this year we took my daughter-then almost 3, to the pediatrician due to a concern of a boil on her buttocks. I was concerned about CA-MRSA as I had developed in October last year and I knew how dangerous it could be and how quickly it can spread.

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So here is the thing, now that my hectic week from hell is over I have had time to think and I'm really pissed. I dont even know who I should speak to about this though. As a mother my mind races as to what might have happened if the antibitoics hadnt worked (I was on three different antibiotics before they found one that was effective). I'm just really shocked that this type of mistake could be made and would like to make sure it doesnt happen again with more serious consequences for someone else. So if anyone has any advice of who I should speak to first in the office, please let me know.

ETA: Thank you everyone for the advice. I am going to call the doctors office today and find out which particular system they have in place and try to get something done about this. Thanks again!
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Happened to my wife today

On her dinner break, she went to Taco Bell in the food court.

Wifey: I'd like *insert meal here* and a caramel empanada.
Cashier: We don't have any empanadas because the manager is too lazy.
Other Cashier: It's true.

Meanwhile, manager can be seen in the background, talking on his cell phone instead of making the food. Wife pays, ashier gives her change back, then both cashiers disappear into a back room and close the door, while nobody is making the (supposedly) fast food that has been paid for.

Yes, she did submit a complaint to the corporate website, so we'll have to see what happens with that.